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  1. I'm kinda ass at ksp, but this looked sick so I downloaded it and figured it can't be that hard. I was able to get it into orbit but it took like 15 tries, and when i landed I couldn't get the nose up enough and it crashed. I looked at the tutorial drawings but they don't really help. can anyone give me tips to fly this thing?
  2. Alright I'll try that, thanks. Although now that I think about it I can't even get to Duna so other stars may be a little out of my reach Ah okay, that makes sense. KSP still runs pretty well with 4gb, I just can't do all of the mods that make the game look beautiful or big planet packs like this one
  3. Oh wow ok, I only have 4 so that's probably why it kept crashing haha
  4. Yea I chose the option to run it in x64 when launching it on steam
  5. Does this mod impact performance in any way? I tried to use it with and without the visual fix and both times my game crashed on the main menu
  6. other then what fireblade said it seems to work fine
  7. I just want to report a bug I'm experiencing. Upon opening the final frontier tab, I am no longer able to hire kerbals and I can't see my hired guys in the astronaut complex. This pretty much makes career mode unplayable unless you start with a ton of money
  8. Sorry to keep bugging you, but I just landed on harvest and my kerbal cant walk, he'll just act as if the ground was a part of a ship and slide on it with his jetpack. Is this a glitch or can you not walk on planets?
  9. I just watched a mod review on this, and the guy had craft files he said he downloaded, is there any way to get them?
  10. how exactly do i put ribbons on my signature? I cant find it anywhere.
  11. I got it to work also just a question about science, can we still take surface samples and eva reports on the K+ planets or do we not have the option?
  12. damn, huge wave son laythe like that scene in interstellar would be awesome.