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  1. I prefer the first one. (With the disclaimer that I am just from viewing the full scale images. I'm not sure whether/how much the rescale to 50x50 would affect that). But ultimately it is your project Arrowstar, so pick whichever one you think is better.
  2. Atm there is some discussion on the Kopernicus thread about recent Kopernicus versions breaking BG surface features.
  3. I'm not associated with restock development, but the tutorials tend to break with mods, so don't use mods until after you have done the tutorials.
  4. Is Kerbin still the same distance form the Sun? I wonder if that is calculated automatically to keep a Kerbin year at the same number of days? (Is it 400 days for a stock Kerbin year? I'm not sure. I almost never play stock).
  5. I'm fairly sure that sputnik is a science core. That mean it only allows partial control. It can stage, turn the engine throttle on or off, activate things like science instruments etc, but it cannot control craft attitude and has no SAS support. Think of it as following a crude level of pre-programming and/or radio control. For fully controllable avionics use procedural avionics, and choose near earth avionics, and set the controllable mass appropriately. Whilst near the earth they will give you full SAS control. (Often players use multiple avionics units, so they can drop heavy first stage avionics when they drop the stage). As you research new techs, you will be able to unlock higher avionic tech levels and build lighter avionics units, and deep space avionics, which give full control even when you aren't near the earth and can hibernate to save EC. If you want to use Sputnik for you final stage, then typically you will point in the appropriate direction, then spin up the rocket before decoupling the last controllable avionics unit and activating the final stage engine.
  6. My standard comment about games crashing Windows, is that nothing a non-privileged game or application does should be able to crash the operating system. So that suggests an operating system/driver bug or a hardware issue. Assuming you aren't running KSP with elevated privileges, then Linux should be the same. Modulo operating system bugs/hardware issues, nothing a regular program does should be capable of crashing the PC.
  7. I'm excited for the new colony career mode.
  8. One thing I don't recall mentioned anywhere is robotic parts (servos, hinges etc). Are those on the roadmap anywhere? Or does it look like they might be reserved for future dlc?
  9. @king of nowhere Assuming you are installing manually, https://github.com/Kerbalism/Kerbalism lists the required dependencies, and even includes links to download them. But in general I recommend using ckan to install mods, as that will automatically install the dependencies for you. Regarding the first post, Sir Mortimer hasn't logged into the forums for over a year, so probably isn't around to update the first post.
  10. Real Antennas and Kerbalism are used together in RO/RP-1. However I have no idea if that needs additional configs over what the Real Antennas and Kerbalism include.
  11. Any idea why it is heavier? Or is it simply heavier than an incomplete booster? (Also was a dual lift always the plan, or did SpaceX somehow underestimate how much a booster would weigh?)
  12. I generally play an RP-1 career (which has custom contracts and is different and more challenging that a normal stock career). other people prefer to play around in sandbox, some of them build historical re-creations. There is a number of wiki articles on getting started in RO/RP-1 on the wiki. (Some of the individual mods also have wiki pages).
  13. The recommended way to install RO https://github.com/KSP-RO/RP-0/wiki/RO-&-RP-1-Express-Installation-for-1.12.3 . Those instructions probably still apply to Macs, although details of how to do individual steps might be slightly different. There is also at least one Mac user active on discord, so you might be able to get better answers for Mac specific questions there. https://discord.gg/VdsxK9p7QC
  14. That image looks off to me, (and those orbit lines also did when I watched the video). That is still true even if you assume the rocket is orbiting in a plane inclined relative to the camera lens.
  15. The launcher still does not work to launch the game for me, on either Steam or Epic. Almost certainly because my firewall doesn't allow it network access. I see no reason to add an exception to my firewall rules to allow the launcher of a single player game access to the internet. (For modded games, I normally copy the game outside of the Steam folders anyway, and create a shortcut to the exe to launch the game). "Cannot download updates Please try again later and contact us if the error persists" However this is better than the previous launcher version. At least the error message is clear, and I would know what the problem was if I hadn't already guessed.
  16. @John12 1.12.4 from EGS worked for me in very brief testing, so 1.12.5 is probably also fine. I needed to tell ckan to consider 1.12.x as compatible, other than that I just followed the normal install instructions. (Note I recommend copying the KSP folder outside of the Epic or steam folders, and modding the copied version. Also I always start KSP by either double clicking ksp.exe, or by creating a shortcut to ksp.exe, and not through the launcher). https://github.com/KSP-RO/RP-0/wiki/RO-&-RP-1-Express-Installation-for-1.12.3 . Also, in general you will get faster/better support on the KSP RO/RP-1 discord https://discord.gg/VdsxK9p7QC .
  17. Either that or get one of those old drilling rigs they purchased as while ago fitted out with a landing pad and a crane. (I'm assuming there is somewhere suitable in the gulf to locate the drilling rigs that puts the dangerous parts of re-entry offshore).
  18. I would expect that they would want to demonstrate that they have adequate control, and that the vehicle behaves as expected before they attempt a catch. I doubt they want to risk damage to the launch tower and other ground infrastructure if something doesn't work as expected.
  19. From memory if not playing From memory when playing RO without career mode, you need to enable "Part Upgrades Enabled" or similar in the saves difficulty options.
  20. That is a pretty old version of KSP. The latest version of RO is for ksp 1.12.3. https://github.com/KSP-RO/RP-0/wiki/RO-&-RP-1-Express-Installation-for-1.12.3
  21. Upgrading the VAB gets an extra production line. (You also need to spend KCT points to level up its build rate).
  22. From memory, the science core prograde/retrograde bit now requires a particular level of avionics, so early probes won't be able to do that, whilst later ones will. Real antennas is built on top of comnet, so that is why comnet needs to be on.
  23. Every week Epic Games gives away a free game or two. Next week they are giving away Kerbal Space Program. So that is a chance to pick up the game for free. https://store.epicgames.com/en-US/
  24. From memory, there is a difficulty option to disable training. What are suggesting is functionally equivalent as turning that option off. Some people would consider your work-around as a form of cheating. But RP-1 is a single player game, so you can play however you want. Do note that you can start capsule training as soon as you add the capsule to the research queue. If you do that then training is typically finished in plenty of time.
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