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  1. Thanks! Well it runs just fine now but i get this wierd purple hue close to the ground, any clue what that is all about?
  2. Hello! For someone that is pretty new to all this and would be really thankfull for all the help i can get i have a few questions. I dragged the stuff included in the SpaceDock download to the GameData forlder just like all my other mods (made a backup before all this though) and everything seems to work fine, i knew about the oceanshaders bug since before so no suprise there, but when i get in game as suspected the game looks gorgeous, BUT it runs at 35 or less FPS, i was expecting a FPS loss ofc but not this huge, i have lost well over a hundred fps since the install. I have no idea if i run some settings one would need a supercomputer for (not changed any of the defaults) or if it's my specs or whatever. If anyone knows how to increase FPS or if someone can just tell me if my computer is unable to run most of it please let me know, i'll paste specs below here. Regards, Axel. Specs: GPU: GTX1070 8GB CPU: i7 4790k 4,0GHz RAM: 16GB