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  1. Nevermind - figured it out. It was just a couple of engines from another mod, not the whole thing.
  2. Failing that, Stick a docking port to the front of the construction port and de-couple it when you want to use that post to expand. It's a bit parts inefficient... and you need to be careful when decoupling. Though, to be fair, I keep separate docking / expansion sections on most of my stations.
  3. This mod has gotten me back playing KSP. Looking forward to properly exploring!
  4. Take your time. I'm sure we're all keen to see an update... but not at the cost of burning out your sanity doing it!
  5. KSP crashed and took my PC with it, had to crash out and got some corruption on both the PC and the game. Logged back in and my save was missing. Tried taking out old save games until I got a working one but, with this being the holidays, they and my back up were both something like 40hrs of game time back. I could re-build but it was mostly ticking over until NH came out anyway.
  6. Welp, KSP just ate my current save game so i think I shall wait for NH to update and then start again when it does!
  7. Are you using Kerbal Atomics or Cryogenic Engines? And if so are you using the most up to date version? There was a bug in these mods that was causing this. If you are, get the latest version of the mods. If not... then there's another issue out there somewhere!
  8. Will the 1.2 release when it comes have an inbuilt fix / patch for the kerbin re-parent bug?
  9. Kerbal Atomics did it for me too, his latest patch for that stopped it. IT was the cryo tanks for some reason.
  10. Well, what ever it was, it's stopped it from deleting contracts when you swap buildings!
  11. There was an old docking issue where sometimes ports would lock up as though something was attached to them already. Check your logs to see if the ports are incorrectly set as in use?
  12. Woo! Then my weekend is set for starting my 1.2 1st career play though!
  13. Looking forward to trying this out and making myself some orbital jump gates!
  14. Its a known issue with Kopernicus. I recommend you read the discussion starting about half way down page 75 of this thread to get the information and a couple of suggested fixes.
  15. That's the kind of background stuff i thrive on in games! Can't wait to see the results.
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