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  1. I'm back. And I got a bunch of books that I haven't read.

    Surely you're joking Mr. Feynman!
    Sky people (the 1st one)
    Last 3 books in the Worldwar series (then I have the last 4 overall after this)
    And the Foundation trilogy

  2. Just got the three-body problem!! Can't wait to read it.

  3. So I found out today there's a Robin Hood 2058 in production.


    I actually want to see it, even though there's a 99.99% chance it's going to be bad. I just hope it's the "so bad it's good" side of things.

    1. Piatzin


      I haven't found the budget though. If they're going for a full-blown futuristic setting, they'll need more than a few tens of millions to make things look nice :D

  4. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!!

  5. Avenger's Endgame comes out the day after my birthday!

  6. Still several days before a weekly update on the main post, but I've recently hit over 10,000 words on The Children Between Worlds. Less than a week in as well :) Maybe I'll get to 12k tomorrow.

  7. Anyone doing NaNoWriMo tomorrow? I'm reviving The Children Between Worlds :) Yes, that one.

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    2. Spaceception


      My book? Just the first draft. I can't expect to get it all in a month :) 30 days for at least 50k words, gonna be tough :D

    3. daniel l.

      daniel l.

      I imagine so. :)

      As for myself, I'm getting a new laptop soon, and I'm gonna install a command-line variant of Linux on it. Distraction-free writing!

    4. Piatzin


      Oh no that thing

      I've always wanted to do it but, ah, this thing called school...

  8. Looks like I'll be Newt Scamander for Halloween.

    1. NSEP



      I will be myself for halloween, but with an unshaved and uneven proto-beard.

  9. Youtube is down for everyone, nooooo. I wanted to watch some Isaac Arthur videos before I wrap up ;.;

  10. Worked out some values for a civilization in a book that may be familiar to you... (Hint. It's on the forums)

    Parent star (Unnamed): K2-type. 0.85x the mass and 0.88x the radii of the Sun. With 0.61x the luminosity (Values from "How to build a star" by Artifexian) Inner HZ limit ~0.74 AU, outer HZ limit ~1.07 AU.

    Main planet (Unnamed): Temperate Terra. 0.37x the mass, and 0.66x the radius. With ~1.22x the density of Earth, and ~0.85 g on the surface. Semi-major axis: 0.75 AU, orbital period: 278.9 days. (Values from "Terrestrial worlds: physical characteristics" also by Artifexian)
    Speculative/Random values: Day/Night cycle, 19 hours, 13 minutes. Axial tilt: 33 degrees (Within the range of a habitable planet, from "Seasonbuilding 101"). Atmospheric pressure, 1.6 atm. Gases and temperature are subject to change. (From "Designing Earth-like atmospheres") 10.8 Celsius. Atm gases, 68.5% N2, 27.6% O2, 2.5% Ar, 1% CO2, 0.4% trace gases. (You can see why it's subject to change. I don't know of calculators/calculations that can give me a quick and dirty temperature value based on CO2 concentration, albedo, and atm pressure).

    Moon (Unnamed): Temperate Selena: 0.00227x the mass, and 0.1476 the radii of Earth. giving it a surface gravity of 0.104 g. It orbits 's 30 planetary radii (Based on the above planet) out from the planet, giving it an orbital period of 15.88 days. (From "terrestrial Moons")

    Now I need to find the geostationary height of the planet, think of tectonics, albedo, and of some interesting aliens. Finally, filling in the gaps for the rest of the solar system. Whew :) 

    1. Spaceception


      Changes to the planet: Day/Night cycle ~19 hrs 9 minutes. Geostationary height, ~21846 km. Atm. comp. 68.5% N2, 27.6% O2, 2.8% Ar, ).042 CO2, 0.000006 SO2. Unbreathable. Albedo 39.92%, Temp, ~10 Celsius.


      B: Hot Selena. 0.07x the mass, 0.44x the radius of Earth. 0.36g. Temp: 456K with 0.12 Albedo. 61.68 day orbit. Tidally locked.

      C: Warm desert. 0.23 x the mass, 0.68x the radius. 0.497 g. Temp: 314K With 0.16 Albedo. 181 day orbit. Thin atmosphere, no water, weak magnetosphere.

      E: Icy world. 0.029 x the mass, 0.31 x the radius of Earth. 0.31 g. Temp: 211K with 0.44 Albedo. 452 day orbit. Thin atmosphere, small subsurface lakes, no life.

      E1: Icy world (Moon): 0.0014 x the mass, and 0.1022x the radius. (Will probably change. The gravity seems a bit high). Temp: 220K with 0.32 Albedo. Orbits its primary every 37.2 days. No atmosphere, tidally locked, small subsurface seas, no life?

      Pretty compact system for a K type star :) There's an asteroid belt of course, but the entire system has <4 AU radius. Reason will be explained at some point in the future... I have a premise and all, but no real conflicts or suitable ending for the story yet.

  11. I know a lot of people are tired of reboots/remakes/live-action versions but damn I'm excited for this. One of my favorite shows. I've wanted to see these battles and characters in live action for a long time. The best part is that the original creators are a part of it. :)


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    2. Spaceception


      We do not speak of that.

    3. Piatzin


      Speak of what? What are we talking about?

      By the way what do you think of this dog meme:

      Image result for dog meme


    4. Spaceception



      Cute dog :D

  12. It's embarrassing to say this, but I haven't read Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy yet. On the plus side, I just got it today, so that will change :)

    1. The Minmus Derp
    2. Piatzin


      I haven't read it yet either.

      And I'm 17...  :P

    3. The Minmus Derp
  13. I got Revelation Space by Alastair Reynolds yesterday!!

  14. Sorry for my absence, I was at Dolly wood with my family, and I got back yesterday. It was a lot of fun, we were also with my aunt and uncle, and we went on rollercoasters, looked at the glass shops, did the forbidden caverns, and a lot more.

  15. I was going to post this in the SpaceX thread, but I didn't want to throw it off. But it has over a quarter million views!!! I wonder how long it'll take to reach a million. A few more years?


    Yeah, yeah. This is a excrementspost, so here's something a bit more serious.
    A video about designing Earthlike atmospheres!


  16. We're seeing Infinity war this afternoon! Super excited for it xD I heard it was really, really dark too, so that sounds really good.

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    2. GDJ


      Watching it tonight at 10PM. Late night but why the hell not?

    3. GDJ


      Okay, lets just say that this was an awesome movie, but the ending was completely unexpected.

    4. Spaceception


      Yes. Yes it was



      Peter's and Gamora's deaths were the most emotional. And the fact Peter was the only one freaking out was probably because of his spidey senses going haywire ;.;

      Obviously, at least some of the people killed by the snap could come back, but not all of them, and those who do will probably have PTSD I guess.
      Anyway, really dark movie, I wonder how dark Avenger's 4 will be.



  17. Hey guys :)


    Do you think I should make a thread for this?


    Anyway, 1 week until I'm a legal adult! :o

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    2. Spaceception


      I'd like to work in the Aerospace industry (Like SpaceX or something), so I'm thinking either a Mechanical or Aerospace degree would be good.

      Thanks :) I'm kinda nervous tbh.

    3. Dman979


      Be careful about letting people know your date of birth online. All sorts of bad things can happen.

    4. Piatzin


      @Dman979 Yes

      Like congratulatory spam

  18. The new infinity war trailer has me shook

    1. Piatzin


      Image result for panic gif
      Excitement Overload
    2. Atlas2342


      Haven’t seen Black Panther yet. :(

    3. Spaceception


      It's really good. Spotty CGI in some places admittedly, but still much better than Justice league's CGI. The story is great, soundtrack is really unique, and Wakanda is amazing.

  19. I'm taking a look at some of my early posts trying to jog my memory of one of them... sorry for being an idiot. :P:confused:

    1. daniel l.

      daniel l.

      Forgiven. :)

      I have some pretty silly posts from my newbie days as well.

    2. NSEP


      My early posts are embarrassing too.

      But look who we are now!

  20. I know this is more than half an hour late, but happy New years!!

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    2. Piatzin


      Yeh. 2016 was personally a bad year lol :D

    3. NSEP


      2017 and 2016 where ok years for me.

    4. ProtoJeb21


      2016: not the best for the rest of the world, but it was pretty good for me!

      2017: very bad year for the world and had some terrible things I had to go through, but otherwise I found it to personally be a good year. 

      2018: *apocalypse*

  21. I've been playing stellaris all day.

    No, I do not regret it.


    Anyway, I have 9 planets, and terraforming another. But there were practically NONE tundra, artic, or alpine worlds near me, which stunted my growth, and let my neighbors box me in. So I'm pretty clustered. Thankfully they like me.

    And because of me needing frontier outposts to keep territory, my influence dropped, so when my scientists and leaders started to die, research went slow, and I couldn't get new ones.

    Ascension perks are good, should be able to get megastructures at some point, and my tech level is ok, but everyone is superior or overwhelming (again, crap planets at the start). I think I'll increase the hab planet percentage and play in a small galaxy next time (I'm in a tiny one).

    I think it's picking up again though, mineral/energy production are around 50-65 right now, unity is really high too 70 something I think, my food limit is still 200, but I'm making more than enough, and I have a 4.4k fleet. I also have 400-500 influence, somewhere around there.

    1. Spaceception


      Well that was fun while it lasted.

      Freaking AI contingency got me while I was still stunted, add to that I had just ended a war with a fallen empire (I won by waiting and going back and forth)

      So I started a new game,  similar traits, except militarist instead of zenophile. Growing better, but everyone is still bigger... gonna need to build up a fleet. 

  22. Hey everyone!

    So.............. writing.

    I have some pretty good ideas for Infinitum, I think you'll like them :) And I think the storyline will be infinitely better honestly. I'll release a brief overview of the plot on the main thread before Christmas.

    My friend and I are busy with our Urban/Science fantasy novel Nathan Frost Exousia Project.
    And lemme tell you, it's probably the coolest thing I've ever worked on, Harry Potter? Heh, we're gonna blow it out of the water.


    I really really want to finish Infinitum and The Children Between Worlds, so I'll probably be doing those simultaneously while my friend and I are planning it out.

    But, er, I'm starting Calculus soon. Any tips please? I really suck at math :( Once it clicks, it's great! But it takes so. long. to get to that point. :/
    I don't need a step by step guide, just important rules, general stuff, and things to remember, etc

    1. LordOfMinecraft99


      I love math sooooo much. My simple rules are just treat it like a puzzle. It makes it infinitly more enjoyable.


      Oh, have you read Artemis, the new Andy Weir book? What did you think?

    2. Spaceception


      Oh, no. But I want to soo bad. How is it?

    3. LordOfMinecraft99


      The book is pretty good but not as good as The Martian. There were a couple of loose ends and charecter development is not as good.

  23. According to the calculator here; the potentially habitable world K2-18b has a surface gravity of 14.9 m/s^2, or 1.52x the gravity of Earth. Not bad in all honesty; considering it's almost 2.3x the radius of Earth. But it's probably a super water-world. Could be fun for JWST to check out :)

  24. Oh my God, I'm so hyped right now!!


  25. Theorize all you want, but I'm not replying, nor confirming anything :)


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    2. NSEP


      Are you going to start a nuclear weapons program? Are you going to join the illuminati?

    3. cratercracker


      *pulls out his makarov*

      You are going to tell me EVERYTHING!

    4. Abstract_Kerman


      Woah hey don't shoot

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