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  1. Ayyy, I think it's that time once again for a Spaceception isn't dead status :D

    Remember when I said in November I'll be doing a co-op writing session with a friend of mine for both our novels? Well, with that same person, we'll be writing an urban fantasy series, think magic crossed with tech. On our outline doc, we've already finished over 30k words, for just ideas!!! 

    I also have an idea for a time travel book where a couple guys go back in medieval times and brings humanity up with steampunk. 

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      Also, I got 42 followers :wink:

    2. cratercracker


      That is pretty niftym i would say.

  2. Hey guys, snip the posts before you post so it's not super long Great finds!! The Moon from hell sounds cool!
  3. Hurricane Irma

    Holy crap. At least no one is hurt there so far.. right?
  4. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    The rule of cool man, the rule of cool. Something SpaceX clearly takes to heart.
  5. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Much future, such wow. But seriously, I can't wait for these to fly into space xD
  6. Let's Talk About Near-Lightspeed Travel

    @quasarrgames Yeah, but if you had a very theoretical drive (Maybe one that sapped energy from another universe, though, haha, that probably wouldn't work), and were able to constantly accelerate at 1g forever, you could get to the Andromeda galaxy in 25 years, and the other side of the galaxy in a human lifetime. Although billions upon billions of years would pass outside the ship.
  7. TRAPPIST-1 now has seven planets. (Possible life?)

    Oooh, can you elaborate?
  8. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Irma maybe? IDK, haven't taken a look at it, but it seems like a logical reason.
  9. Weather Chat Megathread

    Holy crap, Harvey, and Irma in quick succession, I hope the people affected get as much help as possible, they'll need it. Any idea how badly Puerto Rico will be affected? Where will they evacuate?
  10. Let's Talk About Near-Lightspeed Travel

    Black hole starships could work too, using miniature black holes could propel a starship to .1c in 20 days. I don't know if they could get to relativistic velocities, but you could always tweak the rules, it is sci-fi Antimatter may be your only way to reach relativistic velocities without having to bend anything too much, but it would require a lot of it. Below are 2 pictures, tell me if they don't show, but they should. The mass:ratio one shows you how much antimatter/matter you would need for every kilogram of payload. For example, if you had a mass ratio of 1.2, you would need .6 kilos of antimatter, and .6 kilos of matter to get 1 kilo of payload to .18c. The gamma factor one, shows how much time would pass depending on your velocity, so traveling at .6c means time will pass 1.25x faster relative to the universe. Pics are from the book Wizards, aliens, and starships. (Did I get anything wrong?)
  11. Weather Chat Megathread

    I'm not in Florida anymore, I'm in Pennsylvania But Just Jim, good luck.
  12. TRAPPIST-1 now has seven planets. (Possible life?)

    Nah, from 1/5 the speed of light? You'd have to have a laser array on the other side to have a chance. Plus it'd take around 200 years, so there's that.
  13. TRAPPIST-1 now has seven planets. (Possible life?)

    @ProtoJeb21True, but it may also lead to a false positive on our end. But it is really cool.
  14. Okay! I know I've had several planet pack or part pack ideas floating around, but I've now decided what I want to do. Drumro- actually, it's in the title, so.... nvmnd.... Pic anyway: Now, I know there's a book all about it, but I'm not going to recreate the system (Sorry) Here's my plan, so far, only 7 bodies, may change in the future. Unknown star name: (Haven't come up with names yet, @ProtoJeb21 is pretty good at it though), this will be a star orbiting however far is 5-20x the distance from the furthest planet in OPM (Because I know you guys like that mod, and I'd like to make it compatible ) and is about 2/3 the size of Kerbol with around 1/3 its brightness. Unknown planet name b: This planet orbits its parent star very closely with an orbit more eccentric and inclined than Moho, and is hotter than Eve, it has a thin atmosphere (0.05-.15x probably) and about 3/4 the gravity of Kerbin, there is a stream of asteroids across the planets surface, with a massive impact basin almost half as wide as the planet, extending down to the mantle (Is this possible in KSP?) from a dwarf planet impact tens of millions of years ago, the remnants of which orbit in a highly inclined and eccentric orbit, both of which are very rich in ore, and I mean swimming, incentive to build a mining outpost? You'd need a buttload of radiators though. Protoplanet impactee name c: This world is very small, with about 5% of Kerbins gravity, and a very extreme orbit, it's very hard to get to, but once you do, you'll be rewarded with rich ore deposits. Rocheworld d (Will be renamed): These planets will be based on the ones featured in the book (Except the rest of the system of course), one side will be an ocean world, with over 90% of its surface being water, the other 9 percent is a large island on the opposite end of the planet, and archipelagos along the rim of the planet, and towards the other lobe caused by tidal effects, apparently in the book, it had less gravity than the moon, which probably isn't very realistic, but I'll settle for about 1/4 the gravity of Kerbin. The other lobe will be mostly a desert, with small lakes under the oceanic lobe, and will be very mountainous, with huge canyons, large slopes, and huge mountain ranges, there will be plenty of places to take a pretty screenshot. Both lobes will have atmospheres with oxygen, but the oceanic one will have more, the oceanic lobe will have an atmosphere extending about 65 km, and the desert lobe will have one extending 48 km, they will be close enough you can theoretically fly from one lobe to the other using only jet engines. Rotation? Dunno, I don't know which inclination they'll orbit each other at, but it'll be a short (And interesting) day/night, I'll tell you that, probably much shorter than Kerbins Unknown planet e: This will be a binary system between two gas giants about half and 2/3 the size of Jool, neither will have rings, and they share one moon which will orbit in a figure 8 pattern (At least, that's how I imagine it in my head) Unknown moon name 1b: This moon will be small and have about 1/3 the gravity of Kerbin with an atmosphere about half that of Kerbin's, it'll be volcanic and have large mountain ranges due to tidal effects, there will be small seas dotting the equator, and large poles, with extensive snow capped mountains, because of its odd orbit and small SOI, it'll be difficult to get an encounter, but the views will (Hopefully) be worth it. Go down 5 posts. What do you guys think? And please, I need all the suggestions/tips I can get, I'm very new at this, but I do have Notepad++ and GIMP installed, and I'm watching turtorials by @The White Guardian but I also need to know how possible some of these bodies are, because of their complexity, and I don't know if KSP will simulate it very well.
  15. Rocheworld system (In planning)

    We weren't able to get somewhere with 100% totality. Back on topic, the project has stalled since I have GEDs approaching, same with my writing, sadly But it hasn't been dropped, I promise you.
  16. Don't worry, still alive, just been really busy.

    Novel ideas are flourishing, but I haven't been able to write anything for awhile ;.;

    I'll be doing a co-OP writing thing with a friend of mine during NanoWriMo, watch out Marvel/DC, we're coming.

    Found out it's more likely I'll be doing GEDs around the end of September, early October, still need quick study tips though :P (Is it easier to learn harder stuff first, and work your way down? Maybe for science topics?)

    I have a lot of revision ideas for Infinitum, and I'm starting to look for agents so I can get published. 

    So, what's up with you guys? And general GED related help would be greatly appreciated :)

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    2. Spaceception


      Oh, and by co-op, I'll be writing my own superhero novel, and they'll be writing their superhero novel,  and we'll be helping each other out the entire time :)

    3. cratercracker


      Sounds pretty cool! 

    4. Spaceception


      I hope! Mine will have Daredevil vibes, he'll be a street level vigilante. 

  17. So I'm currently writing WIP science fiction novels (Links in my sig), and I know some of you guys are too, So what scifi do you guys write? Post here, and we can get something of an archive going maybe, like the fan works library
  18. Science fiction authors of the KSP forums, UNITE!

    Just went to Google, you're right
  19. GED testing

    Hey guys, I know this isn't my typical thread, but have any of you taken the GED? And how did you study for it? What can I expect from questions? A few days ago, my parents dropped a bombshell on me, and I found out I have less than 2 months to prep. I could really use all the studying and focusing tips you guys have! I'm also really nervous about it, and I'm afraid I might have a mental breakdown near the test (And I've never had to deal with anything like that before) so anything you guys have to deal with stress would help as well. This also means I won't be able to work on my novels. Thanks guys
  20. Rocheworld system (In planning)

    None. I saw 80% totality.
  21. Science fiction authors of the KSP forums, UNITE!

    Ehh, it has sci-fi elements. At most it's Spec fiction, which I believe is a sub genre of sci-fi.
  22. So this is a redo of the "Habitable Exoplanets" post, which was in "The Lounge" (My mistake:/) Information about Potentially Habitable exoplanets: And Exomoons: And KOI planets (You'll have to scroll down): Some news of a new "Earthlike exoplanet" discovered today (16/12/15): A large picture of 31 (Soon to be 32) Potentially habitable exoplanets: Gas giants in the habitable zone: Could red dwarfs be good places for life? What about Orange dwarfs? So lets talk about Potentially Habitable exoplanets; Again:D EDIT: The previous "Habitable exoplanet" thread has been closed, here's the link if you want to read the posts.
  23. Everything space sails

    Hey guys, I'm planning on writing an in depth blog post about solar sails, and their derivatives (That includes sails pushed by an energy source, i.e. lasers, microwaves, solar wind etc, not antimatter sails or anything like that). So give me your pdf's, articles, YouTube videos, and everything else that's accurate, I want it to be as good as possible, and I have a lot of sources already, but I don't want to get anything wrong. I'll begin to write it later this fall if I graduate high school, so I can focus on it. Otherwise, what do you guys think? Anything I should focus about most? Power efficiency of lasers, how reflective the sails have to be so they don't vaporize, misconceptions, etc.
  24. Don't remember when, but I'm quite sure I said something about this in relation about a past article
  25. GED testing

    What were the questions like? Was it stressful going through it, or was it relatively calm?