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  1. If you'd like any help, let me know... I code, work with (visual) basic a lot, but have used other 4gl basics before, and am trying to broaden my procgen horizons for a game I'm developing. Besides, this mod seems cool, and random planet textures on top of everything else would just be... sploosh.
  2. Just found this mod, got about 15 pages in, before I tl;dr'd (36 pages... ), and will just ask now: Did anybody ever implement procedural planet textures?
  3. Understood, but I did manage to take some screenshots. I'm guessing an issue with reparenting as well, at least one of the planet packs seems to be putting things down at distances from Kerbin's sun as it stands now, rather than at the Galactic Core. It isn't until I zoom out all the way to where the planets/systems SHOULD be in the GN, that the parenting issue corrects itself. Like I said, it's not exactly a game breaker, just something I noticed upon starting a new science career, that is easily worked around. I'd love to test it in 32 bit Windows, but at a 7-11 gig memory loadout right now, that's frankly impossible to exactly duplicate with all the mods being used, etc. Anyways. Take a look at the images at least, and see if you agree, or maybe there IS a minor issue handling one of the planet packs that nobody else had noticed yet? Don't kill yourself over it though, I understand you've probably got bigger fish to fry, and I'm hoping a newer version of Kopernicus manages to alleviate the various reparenting issues that arise at is. Being able to get solar from ANY star would be amazing. EDIT: It seems to be focused on bodies from Sido's Urania Planet Pack
  4. It looks a lot like this one from a few pages back, except a star is on the horizon. I think the first time it might have been Helios? I've been trying to load up KSP, but I think I need a reboot. I'll post screenshots/a link to video tomorrow afternoon.
  5. Yes, I also use KSP-AVC, better than nothing, I'm just lazy and CKAN panders to that, lol I'm fine waiting on CKAN until things get more stable, though. Ok, so I've noticed a couple things here. One: Are you sure the Kerbin system isn't moved around at all? I'm noticing the KSC doesn't have a transmitter now when using RemoteTech, so I'm guessing the coordinates are off. Minor inconvenience, but I see no other reason for satellites without RemoteTech In the interim I'll probably just remove the probe control necessity from RemoteTech as a work around. Two: Another positioning thing. When starting a new career (science), there are several stars RIGHT next to Kerbin (I can probably figure out specifically which ones in which planet packs if you like). Again, a minor inconvenience, if you hit Mission Control, and scroll way the heck out, they eventually fall into their real orbits around the galactic core, and if you exit from Mission Control, problem fixed. If you try to zoom back in, they sometimes drop back in next to Kerbin. I'm not sure if anybody else has noticed this yet or not, like I said, I'm lazy. These MIGHT be 64 bit problems, as I'm peaking out at 11.7gigs of memory in use, but the RT was working right before the Galactic Neighborhood / Planet Packs installs. If they are, I understand of course that can't be your concern. EDIT: Just noticed "This post about OtherWorlds", saw my foldering for OtherWorlds was wrong as well (My Kronkus defaulted correctly). Changed it, will reload KSP tomorrow and let you know if that fixed the system positioning problem. KSP now takes about 10 minutes to load, and I need to sleeeeeeep.
  6. It's never the installation that bothers me, it's the ease of keeping up with updates. Ah well, starting a new science career today, time to throw this in. Though, I have to admit I'm also kinda wanting to see K+ in here as well, fingers crossed!
  7. Any plans to add this to CKAN, like your other wonderful mods?