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  1. I can hardly see any detail on the craft, so it's just a black shape. That makes it hard for me to make up my mind whether or not I like it, because anyone can just take wings and make a shape, but seeing the detail is what makes a craft good.
  2. I love these video's! Absolutely a great watch.
  3. Try making them white for the screenshots though, I can hardly ever see any of your craft.
  4. Kim is their surname, like American's last name, His first name would be Un or Jong or something. Explains why he didn't hear the first time!
  5. I understand this, I was just releasing it since it was currently functional at the end of my livestream, I've been building it on there, I'll do some work on it again this saturday for sure, if not sooner. I'm not familiar with the acronyms you used, so if you could explain "NCS" that would be great, TVC = thrust vectoring? NCS = NCS adapter? linked? Not sure.
  6. Should I do a craft catalog for my upcoming cars and aircraft replica's, etc? I've been wanting to do something like that for a while, and I've tried and "failed" as in not many people had come along and liked the page, or appreciated the craft based on the downloads and views I was getting, but I feel like it was the way I presented them. I was wondering what you guys prefer when seeing a list of craft, and how they are displayed? Do you guys like @Raptor9's catalog layout? etc?
  7. Tried to show this to Scott Manley on his stream and got #roasted because he didn't look at craft links in his stream, he suggested twitter and then went on to say he probably won't ever look at it though. #feelsbadman I can't get no--- dun nununnnn I can't get no!..... Anyone? No? ......
  8. I PRESENT THE YF-23 BLACK WIDOW My first "large scale" replica of an aircraft (part count) https://kerbalx.com/He_162/162--YF-23-v04 This is the first flight capable version of my YF-23 replica, the plan for development is as follows: Stage 1 (this): Make a flight worthy YF-23 that has the shape and design of the real one Stage 2 (next): Smooth out the edges, and aerodynamics, make it fly like the real thing (POSSIBLE) Stage 3 (later): Add custom cockpit, make a few body changes to lower part count THESE STAGES WILL NOT BE MADE WITH EVERY NEW VERSION (i.e. v0.5 may not be Stage 2) At the moment it flies like a brick, control group 1 turns on afterburners.
  9. I thought this was Raptor9's stuff until I noticed he commented under it... lol!
  10. OPERATION - COMMUNITY SERVER I have decided to occasionally host a whitelisted server for kerbal space program using the dark multiplayer mod. I will use this server when I stream, and on weekends or specific days requested, and eventually move it to a system that is dedicated for the job. The main reasoning for my doing this is as follows, I had a group of friends on the War Thunder forum that use KSP, and we had a pinned topic just for it on there, we had monthly challenges, and other fun stuff, but it soon died out due to the lack of good communication, and when the forum was updated, no one got updates for the post, and it died soon after. It very rarely gets posts, and I wish my friends and I could get together and form a new community using discord, and a private server, those I trust will gain whitelisting, while those I don't (yet, it must be earned) will be able to talk and hang out, and when we do trust them, we will give them whitelist status. That discord server is here: https://discord.gg/mAT85UU (Sending invites via forum, and other means, so it may be a while before we get many people) Staff (subject to change) Owner: Ultron (162) -After notes- Keep in mind this is very nostalgic for me, I had a lot of fun when I was younger playing with kerbal space program, I remember my first forum posts, and all the good times I had with friends, it was enjoyable, and I wish to recreate that feeling, and create another community, like the one I inadvertently created over 2 - 3 years ago on the war thunder live page, and on that forum, and I wish to include this community I joined over a year ago when I started posting replica's of my favorite aircraft, the He-162.
  11. I love it! I have not seen such a nice looking jet in a long time, well, a nice jet under 150 parts anyway
  12. Day 2, redesigning the rear so it uses less than 300 parts! lol! Stream in 5 minutes.
  13. @Servo Try using fuel cells, their drag in numbers is immense, I am seeing 650+ kN worth of drag when using 150 fuel cells or so. consider a fuel cell (at mach 1) a engine pushing the opposite direction of the momentum with a force of 4kN.
  14. I noticed this issue with performance as well, today's stream had me starting a YF-23 replica. Day 1 progress on the YF-23: (next planned stream is saturday at 7pm central, possibly earlier) Oh, and that's 204 parts right here so far.
  15. A fully stock YF-23 replica in the process of being made, and you can watch! If enough people join, I may start up a dark multiplayer server so you guys can join. https://www.twitch.tv/he_162 progress: