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  1. The Kurburgring Lap

    I got a 48 second run on a track with flags placed at all the corners with his craft, so it's not exaggerated, he just doesn't have a great PC, so his game is wayyyy slowed down, and he has to speed the footage up to real time.
  2. Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    It's not too late to go back and teach it to yourself in a way that you understand it better with a proper modern math book. And by modern, I mean any math book that explains things in the most detailed way possible as to show you WHY it's necessary to learn, etc.
  3. The Kurburgring Lap

    It's a unfixable game glitch (unfixable without a game patch) The lines separating the biomes of the KSC break wheels.
  4. The Kurburgring Lap

    It explodes when you pass over the lines connecting the different "biomes" of the KSC. Nice run! -edit- I added your run as the Toyota AE86 <--- That's what I assume you built?! The previous name was too long for me to put it in the scoreboard properly.
  5. The Kurburgring Lap

    Can't wait!
  6. Corvette has been updated! It looks much more like a corvette, and handles much much much better. It's a quality build from me now, and it should have been upon release, but it was rushed out into public eye too early.
  7. Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    Work in progress on the Corvette I released this weekend. (Top is new remodel, bottom is old model) I'll be using some tips from @Azimech to improve the handling characteristics, and propulsion methodology.
  8. Every time I stop by here, I find better, and more beautiful creations. This is how it should be, and I hope you never stop making these amazing creations! (If you put one craft per reply, I can give them all a like, rather than one like for a column of new craft!)
  9. Awesome! Thanks, I'll be testing this out!
  10. This is entirely stock, and can you tell me what use any rover has in KSP? Because this can fulfill all of them with minor modifications. Haha, beat me too it.
  11. The 1968 - 1982 Corvette Stingray (this one is kind of a mix-up of all of them.) Let me know if there is something I can change, or modify to make it look better! (Full album in the KerbalX link, or here) https://kerbalx.com/He_162/162-Corvette-v12 Build log *old photos in the spoiler below. -v1.2: Redesigned body, boost flaps, and propulsion system. Better handling. -v1.0: Release. And what should I make next?
  12. [STOCK] US Army Jeep

    Haha, I think he wanted you to recreate the photo ingame with a BTD replica.
  13. [STOCK] US Army Jeep

    I've also disliked kerpaint, or other forms of painting the stock game. Well done @selfish_meme BTD is the name of the aircraft in the OP.
  14. The Kurburgring Lap

    A test track is just what we needed!
  15. Dodge Charger R/T 1969 v4.0

    I love it! You have a vert unique aesthetic with the ailerons that I just couldn't pull off. Had to make up my own!