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  1. Excited! Most of Korean Kerbals have been posting in Naver KSP forum, maybe NEARLY NONE of 'em know KSP official forum.
  2. 话说那些不明真相的老外看到这个就习惯性点一下谷歌翻译,然后出现的是某个酒吧挂了 想想也是醉了,不过这破forum就服这个楼主
  3. 你搞得这个工作室啊,一颗赛艇!
  4. 教程有,不过KSP只有二体问题,想要拉格朗日点什么的你可以上Principia #滑稽
  5. 如果坎吧被锑度攻陷了,还好有这里
  6. Can you make a brief introduction video to explain how it works and difference between MJ & MW?
  7. @Kottabos has made a detailed video to introduce these science instruments! He ALWAYS is a good YouTuber to introduce mods to us!
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