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  1. Excited! Most of Korean Kerbals have been posting in Naver KSP forum, maybe NEARLY NONE of 'em know KSP official forum.
  2. 话说那些不明真相的老外看到这个就习惯性点一下谷歌翻译,然后出现的是某个酒吧挂了 想想也是醉了,不过这破forum就服这个楼主
  3. 你搞得这个工作室啊,一颗赛艇!
  4. 教程有,不过KSP只有二体问题,想要拉格朗日点什么的你可以上Principia #滑稽
  5. 如果坎吧被锑度攻陷了,还好有这里
  6. Can you make a brief introduction video to explain how it works and difference between MJ & MW?
  7. @Kottabos has made a detailed video to introduce these science instruments! He ALWAYS is a good YouTuber to introduce mods to us!
  8. It's finally available on 1.1.3! I'll use it for cinematics in summer vacation.
  9. I make a simple MM patch (I hope you don't mind) to make your antennas work with Toadicus' AntennaRange because I use AR rather than RT. Download available on SpaceDock. Link ModuleManager is required! Currently no pics.
  10. Each key for a single animation, but I don't know what will happen if you make more than 10 animations.
  11. Press alpha1 to alpha9 (not on numpad!), tested on 1.0.5 --EDIT-- Mod+alpha1 to alpha9 also works
  12. I can't play animation without opening the windows just like this. Do you know how to make this stuff? (The animation is a preset, but I can't make my kerbal wave arms while walking.)
  13. 然而連線模式服務器大多數都是原版+MechJeb+BDA
  14. The countdown voice of Girls' Generation - Find your Soul "10, 9, 8..."reminds me of rocket launch countdown. After I started to play Kerbal Space Program, I was inspired to make an MV while playing it. It just a combination of video clips loosely based on the rhythm of the song. But there's one thing you should know, it just an MV, NOT A FILM! I have used 60+ mods to enhance my flight experiance and for cinematics. It's my first time to make a video COMPLETELY BY MYSELF. If someone wants craft files or further explanation, drop me a line or send a PM to me. List of mods is
  15. I think using MechJeb is NOT cheating! All probes in REALITY are remote controlled to complete complex maneuvers. Sometimes I use Vessel Mover for cinematics. HyperEdit and Debug is used for performance tests. If you think you CAN'T be a cheater, you CAN'T even use maneuver nodes!
  16. I wish someone can make something on 1.1 continuation of this mod.
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