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  1. You don't decide what people can and can not talk about. This isn't Shimmy's stream
  2. I highly doubt the removal of those rockets is due to conflicts with ULA I've been following this mod intensely for ages and as far as I know, the only reason for rockets like Delta II and Atlas no longer being available is simply due to Kartoffelkuchen updating all the parts/models. If Sketchfab is any indication, every single part of the "removed" rockets have been re-done and are probably going to be re-released shortly after 1.1 hits.
  3. Yes I believe it flew with a 9.3(ish) meter fairing on the first two flights, then the standard 10.5m on the last flight. The stretched fairing was basically the same as the one flown on Delta IV medium+ (4.2), only 15cm shorter. With Delta III basically being an intermediate test vehicle, it flew a with quite a few components that would later fly on Delta IV. Delta III was initially intended to be a joint venture between Boeing and JAXA. They wanted to use the H-IIA upper stage on the D3, hence why they had to change the shape of the EELTT.
  4. Awesome! A welcome surprise indeed Would it be possible to get the actual D3 fairing? The shape of your fairing there is a bit off from what the fairing actually looked like. Delta III was supposed to have two fairing sizes, one standard 4m x 10.5m and one streched 4m x 11.6m.
  5. Fantastic! I live in Europe UTC+1 which means the stream will be live at 3.am my time. Looking forward to watching the VOD tomorrow
  6. I kind of agree with @crberus, there is really no point in making more of what already excists (Soyuz, Proton, Zenit). Personally I'd much rather see you use your talent to make evolved versions of the R7 family such as Soyuz 2.3v, Onega or Yamal.
  7. I apologize if this is not the place to ask, but how do I get multiple launch sites to work? Regex is not maintaining KSCSwitcher anymore and the download link does not work due to Kerbalstuff shutting down. Is KSCSwitcher a part of Realism Overhaul now, or is it possible to get it to work without RO?
  8. So what are the criteria for getting access through Steam and how does one apply?
  9. It is not clear to me what exactly your issue is. In any case, this is how I set up my solar panel(s). MODULE { name = ModuleDeployableSolarPanel animationName = Extend raycastTransformName = suncatcher resourceName = ElectricCharge chargeRate = 24.4 } How you set up the hierarchy for the part is also important. I recommend parenting all the moving parts to the "sunPivot" and also parent the "suncatcher" under the "sunPivot".
  10. Sorry for asking, but is this mod dead? I see there are a few work in progress models on Sketchfab but other than that there doesnt seem to be much activity going on By the looks of it this mod has some of the best looking launch vehicles ever. Sad to not see it come to life.
  11. I have not had the chance to test out this glorious piece of work yet, but with the addition of Soyuz I think I need to install it asap Question though, are the RD-0124 and/or RD-0110 engines included? I have not seen any images of them on the thread and a Soyuz is not really complete without them
  12. Wow, that came out of nowhere Awesome man! Glad to see the Orbiter and KSP communities working together to get a high-quality shuttle into our games
  13. Oh right, that makes a lot more sence than what I was doing. I just tried the "default" settings you recommended above and the engine sounds sound normal now. Thank you for helping
  14. I have some experience in audio engineering and I have made a few custom engine sounds, but the sounds doesn't sound the same when using them in the game. I've tried figuring out what the different parameters does, but I'm not coding wizz so I don't really know which parameter does what. What basically seems to happen is that the engine sounds are being played at twice the speed compared to the original sound files. Is there a "standard" way of setting up these parameters in order to have the game play the sounds like whey were originally made? If someone can explain each parameter in a simple way, I would be very appreciative. To clarify, I'm talking about this section: AUDIO { channel = Ship clip = foldername/sounds/filename volume = 0.0 0.0 volume = 0.0 0.0 pitch = 0.0 0.0 pitch = 0.0 0.0 loop = true }
  15. The simple solution would be to just add a tweakscale module to each part in the .cfg files. No need for official tweakscale integration or separate .cfg files.