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  1. Check out my channel because I got a lot more cool highlights and I am starting a new series of KSP realism overhaul rp-0.
  2. Check out new series I have on my youtube channel where I do my career in RSS RP-0.
  3. Hi everyone, I need help. I managed to get everything working except for the water. The ocean does not appear until I get into space. Also, whenever I move my camera to a certain position the screen goes white like my camera is positioned inside a cloud. If anyone can help me with these problems it would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Has anyone been able to get this to work on 1.1.3 ive been trying and had no luck.
  5. Hmm my sun still looks like kerbol. I have scatter and rve any idea what's wrong?
  6. @Epoxide the rve scatter configs or just the configs that come with scatter?
  7. I got it working on win 64 on 1.1.2 while in space but when at the cape all the way up to 139.99km I have no ocean. Anybody know why?
  8. I am on windows 8.1 64 bit, and sorry about missing that on the front page. I have watched other people on YouTube use it and it looks beautiful, but I have been struggling to get it to work. I know their is a lot of fixes to be made that have been posted on the front page so I can not wait to see this get mod get finished cause I have seen the potential it has on YouTube, but the Sun and textures are not really working for me. Sun for me did not change at all and textures and clouds work on my first launch than usually stop when I go back to space center or change crafts it seems.
  9. Thanks I did go into the cfg. And change the ranges and now I can go to other planets. Looking forward to update tho to get it working like it should
  10. So I just got this mod and works for earth on the most part but was wondering why my Sun hasn't changed at all. I put the shared assets file in ksp data why hasn't my Sun changed. Also is this mod supposed to change apeerance of other planets too because earth is the only one that has changed on mine. Thanks for making this mod I can tell it will be awesome when it is finished
  11. Plz if anybody can help it would be appreciated. It seems realism overhaul is not adjusting the communication ranges of remote tech.
  12. Can anyone tell me why my dish and antenna range has not extended while using realism overhaul and real solar system? The pioneer dish says it should be able to connect to Juipter, yet I can not even connect to Venus.
  13. Ok thanks I'll try again. I didn't know there was an included craft I'll look for it.
  14. I just downloaded this mod and it won't let me attach the middle engine to the first stage. Is it because it's not updated or am I doing something wrong?