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  1. To answer the original posters question... From what I've seen and read from events like GDC the controls work well and don't take too long to get the hang of. As a console player I should have no problem, but for our PC players here who don't use a controller it might take a bit longer to get the feel for it. Same could be said for me if you gave me a keyboard and mouse. Also. I'll just drop this here too...
  2. Thank you! There is no point in being a ***hole because you think your platform is better. We all want to play the same game. Who cares who plays it on what.
  3. For those of us that are excited, I say hell yes! As a PS4 gamer I can't wait. I know I'll have a un-modded version but that's okay. Extra sales will help you PC players in the long run and we will get some fun play time just like you.
  4. PS4 has PC/Mac remote play feature coming. So that might make it easy for PC users who don't like controllers.