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  1. [1.3.0] Procedural Parts - Starwaster Branch

    This is fairly trivial, but... I'm having some confusion regarding the way the procedural liquid fuel tank works with Liquid Hydrogen + Oxidizer. Other fuel tanks from stock and different mods using InterstellarFuelSwitch (currently installed) tend to create a much longer stage, usually around twice the size in volume, when Hydrogen is used. It seems that somehow the procedural LH2+Ox tank remains about the same in volume, yet holds much more fuel despite that. I have SMURFF installed, so that be incorrectly scaling something. Basically, is this the intended behaviour of the fuel tank? Thanks for keeping this mod going.
  2. Congrats on the update! It's been a few months but I knew it would reach stable build. This is going to be epic flying in 6.4x rescale.
  3. I see. I'll remember that whenever I change mod versions in career. I was using the master zip since the current release version of BDB gives me 10 errors in MM caused by using this mod and KScale64.
  4. Hello again, I have downloaded the latest GitHub master zip as of today. There is an interesting problem I've noticed over the last master. Where has the Leo Nose Docking Module gone? When I installed the new mod files and loaded up my previous craft designed for the Gemini 8, I get an error saying I can't launch because the docking mechanism is locked, despite the fact I had purchased the part earlier. I've searched for it in the VAB menus and in R&D, and its completely gone.
  5. I have downloaded the archive from your Github repository and I will be using it now. I was wondering, what should my SMURFF levers be set to for this BlueSmurff.cfg to work properly? I currently have them at tanklever = 1.0, enginelever = 0.8, podlever = 0.8. Should I reset all to = 1.0?
  6. I haven't tried any GitHub versions. I'm using v1.01 of BDB currently.
  7. The issue is that I'm not sure sure if that part is safe to use or will it affect the rest of the mod? Yes, the latest version of Sigma Dimensions (v0.60), Kopernicus (1.2.1-1), and KScale64 v1.302. I just flew a sort of Saturn V cargo lifter version with the 5.6m parts, like how Skylab was launched. There was some interesting effects with the engine mount reported as having an error in my KSP.log. After decoupling the S-IC from the SII, the ullage fired on the S-II and the retro rockets on the engine mount. Then I noticed about 30 seconds later the S-IC had exploded with lots of debris. The g-force tolerance was exceeded on the S-IC main tank by about 1000/50g and 110/50g on the 5.6m decoupler as the in-flight log wrote. The launch was otherwise successful. What is the intended delta-v of the S-IC + S-II + S-IVB with the cargo in the fairing? I managed 7,940 m/s with 33,000 kg of cargo. The whole Saturn V system had a LEO payload capacity of well over 100,000 kg, so this seems some what low.
  8. Now that Sigma Dimensions and Kopernicus are up to date, I thought I would try Kscale64 again. It seems I have an error and I was wondering if it is necessarily important or if this mod was actual cause. From my KSP.log [LOG 14:54:40.974] [ModuleManager] Applying node Bluedog_DB/Compatibility/Rescale/64K/Saturn/@PART[bluedog_Saturn_S1C_Tankage] to Bluedog_DB/Parts/Saturn/bluedog_Saturn_S1C_Tankage/bluedog_Saturn_S1C_Tankage [LOG 14:54:41.005] [ModuleManager] Applying node Bluedog_DB/Compatibility/Rescale/64K/Saturn/@PART[bluedog_Saturn_S1_EngineMount,bluedog_Saturn_S1C_EngineMount,bluedog_Saturn_S2_EngineMount,bluedog_Saturn_S4_EngineMount,bluedog_Saturn_S4B_EngineMount] to Bluedog_DB/Parts/Saturn/bluedog_Saturn_S1C_EngineMount/bluedog_Saturn_S1C_EngineMount [LOG 14:54:41.007] [ModuleManager] Error - Cannot parse variable search when editing key mass = #$RESOURCE[LiquidFuel]/maxAmount$ [LOG 14:54:41.008] [ModuleManager] Error - Cannot parse variable search when editing key mass = #$RESOURCE[Oxidizer]/maxAmount$ [LOG 14:54:41.008] [ModuleManager] Applying node Bluedog_DB/Compatibility/Rescale/64K/Saturn/@PART[bluedog_Saturn_S1_EngineMount,bluedog_Saturn_S1C_EngineMount,bluedog_Saturn_S2_EngineMount,bluedog_Saturn_S4_EngineMount,bluedog_Saturn_S4B_EngineMount] to Bluedog_DB/Parts/Saturn/bluedog_Saturn_S1_EngineMount/bluedog_Saturn_S1_EngineMount [LOG 14:54:41.009] [ModuleManager] Error - Cannot parse variable search when editing key mass = #$RESOURCE[LiquidFuel]/maxAmount$ [LOG 14:54:41.010] [ModuleManager] Error - Cannot parse variable search when editing key mass = #$RESOURCE[Oxidizer]/maxAmount$ [LOG 14:54:41.010] [ModuleManager] Applying node Bluedog_DB/Compatibility/Rescale/64K/Saturn/@PART[bluedog_Saturn_S1_EngineMount,bluedog_Saturn_S1C_EngineMount,bluedog_Saturn_S2_EngineMount,bluedog_Saturn_S4_EngineMount,bluedog_Saturn_S4B_EngineMount] to Bluedog_DB/Parts/Saturn/bluedog_Saturn_S2_EngineMount/bluedog_Saturn_S2_EngineMount [LOG 14:54:41.011] [ModuleManager] Error - Cannot parse variable search when editing key mass = #$RESOURCE[LiquidFuel]/maxAmount$ [LOG 14:54:41.012] [ModuleManager] Error - Cannot parse variable search when editing key mass = #$RESOURCE[Oxidizer]/maxAmount$ [LOG 14:54:41.012] [ModuleManager] Applying node Bluedog_DB/Compatibility/Rescale/64K/Saturn/@PART[bluedog_Saturn_S1_EngineMount,bluedog_Saturn_S1C_EngineMount,bluedog_Saturn_S2_EngineMount,bluedog_Saturn_S4_EngineMount,bluedog_Saturn_S4B_EngineMount] to Bluedog_DB/Parts/Saturn/bluedog_Saturn_S4B_EngineMount/bluedog_Saturn_S4B_EngineMount [LOG 14:54:41.013] [ModuleManager] Error - Cannot parse variable search when editing key mass = #$RESOURCE[LiquidFuel]/maxAmount$ [LOG 14:54:41.014] [ModuleManager] Error - Cannot parse variable search when editing key mass = #$RESOURCE[Oxidizer]/maxAmount$ [LOG 14:54:41.014] [ModuleManager] Applying node Bluedog_DB/Compatibility/Rescale/64K/Saturn/@PART[bluedog_Saturn_S1_EngineMount,bluedog_Saturn_S1C_EngineMount,bluedog_Saturn_S2_EngineMount,bluedog_Saturn_S4_EngineMount,bluedog_Saturn_S4B_EngineMount] to Bluedog_DB/Parts/Saturn/bluedog_Saturn_S4_EngineMount/bluedog_Saturn_S4_EngineMount [LOG 14:54:41.015] [ModuleManager] Error - Cannot parse variable search when editing key mass = #$RESOURCE[LiquidFuel]/maxAmount$ [LOG 14:54:41.016] [ModuleManager] Error - Cannot parse variable search when editing key mass = #$RESOURCE[Oxidizer]/maxAmount$ [LOG 14:54:41.031] [ModuleManager] Applying node Bluedog_DB/Compatibility/Rescale/64K/Solids/@PART[bluedog_Delta_GEM*,bluedog_Diamant_*,bluedog_castorSRB,bluedog_alcyone,bluedog_Castor*,bluedog_star*,bluedog_Soltan_*,bluedog_Titan_SRB*]:HAS[@RESOURCE[SolidFuel]] to Bluedog_DB/Parts/Delta/bluedog_Delta_GEM40/bluedog_Delta_GEM40 Any ideas? Thanks
  9. Is it necessary to install the RN_Proton folder to use the rest of the pack? Thanks for making the mod!
  10. KScale64 v1.2.2 16th April 2017

    Did anyone try using this with Kopernicus before the 1.1.1 patch? With 1.1, I had problems with the stock heatshields exploding under normal conditions, was I missing a mod to make it work?
  11. It looks like this works fine with the latest Kopernicus (1.01 yesterday when I tested), and re-entry is survivable in Mk1 Command Pod with the stock 1.25m heatshield unlike the fiery death in 64k.
  12. Has anyone tested this in 1.1? I had some re-entry difficulties in 64K, hopefully not the same here too? EDIT: I should add that these issues are likely because of Kopernicus being updated.
  13. KScale64 v1.2.2 16th April 2017

    Except for the re-entry, RIP Jeb, your heatshield failed you (Mk1 pod with parachute+1.25m heatshield)... even MechJeb (radial attached part) barely survived. Might be a bug. Jeb's spacecraft exploded before it crossed 50km descending from 120km x 60km, low AoA (almost matching surface retrograde).
  14. KScale64 v1.2.2 16th April 2017

    I can confirm the above solution by @Sandworm works as expected so far, as I haven't tested celestial bodies beyond Kerbin. Yay for 6 km/s low orbit velocity!
  15. [1.3] Kerbal Joint Reinforcement v3.3.3 7/24/17

    Watch out below! Is the a hose from a fire truck? Is that a Mainsail...? I couldn't fly my SSTO spaceplane into orbit because it thought it was a bird and tried to flap its way up.