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  1. Indeed? This demo claims to be "Version 0.90.0 Beta" and there's a currently empty folder named plugins. I was thinking of the plugins described in this rather long thread: I had long known about KSP and was admittedly some what interested in it. The fellow on that other forum has an idea as I said before to do the same as the one listed there. He's of course having problems with the code for that platform to translate it into the chosen platform. For software these days I need to think deep when it comes to making those decisions for buying the full feature one. And incidentally the only mods I'm interested in is that of using the available ship parts to construct one to test that plugin and then see what it does.
  2. Hello! A fellow I am acquainted with in a different forum is working on constructing a mod that makes use of a different development platform then the Arduino. I'll spare everyone the details about that one, but it inspired me to download the demo after going to the main site and requesting the link to be sent to me. So... Does that demo allow plugins such as the one written for the Arduino to communicate with the regular full feature KSP system? If it helps I downloaded the one for Windows and its installed on the system that helped me register today. As it happens so far I'm impressed and just might spend the money to obtain the full feature one and would then facilitate sending our hosts to their satellite or even another planet or three in their solar system. ----- Doctor Smith