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  1. If I wanted to add a radar module to an existing part (in this case a cockpit from AOA Tech) would this be the correct way to do so?
  2. Thank you, yeah my Firespitter was out of date. Thanks for the help as BD is my most used mod!
  3. Hello, I'm having a problem on load with BDArmory. Every time it gets to the 50 cal ammo it crashes. It crashes on compiling the Universal Ammo Box. Here is my crash report if it helps at all. I have replicated it using just BD and Firespitter as well if it helps.
  4. This looks neat, time to download! And I would get your carrier mod too, however, my loading times are already slow enough lol
  5. I saw the AFV mod, and went to download it... then saw the 404. I then read through all of this, and am now wondering, is there an ETA for a new link? I love your other work with BDA as well, you made some parts I didn't think I needed/wanted, keep up the good work!
  6. May I suggest BD Armory for your turrets? It will increase aesthetics and usability in general. Otherwise, very neat craft, I haven't experimented much with subs since the new update, but the buoyancy is much better.
  7. Very cool designs! The first one was odd, yet slightly appealing! Very good work!
  8. Hey this is my first time posting on the forums, so I thought why not post some craft. Here are some of my planes that use BD Armory, P.E.W. + North Kerbin Dynamics. Give feedback if you want! Thank you! The X-1 Large isn't amazingly maneuverable, and the X-1 has a tendency to flatspin when it yaws, so be careful with those, the rest should be fine! P.E.W. and North Kerbin Dynamics MUST be installed!
  9. Hey is there any way you can make a radar system similar to that of the F-14 which can track and lock onto multiple targets simultaneously? If so let me know! Nice mod and keep up the good work!
  10. Is there any way you can make a radar like the F-14 Tomcat's that can track and lock onto multiple targets at a time?