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  1. [quote name='seanth']Not sure this helps, but the BioMass mod has a part that convert liquid oxygen to oxygen and that works fine with TAC-LS. Having re-read your post, are you trying to get the kerbals to breath liquid oxygen? That seems...bad.[/QUOTE] LOL... Thx Seanth... I will certainly look at that mod... I have to say though, that oxy is always in liquid form when sent skyward.... Actually I just want Jeb to stir the tanks and see if they blow up.... :)
  2. [quote name='StahnAileron']Sounds like the mod is (hard)coded to convert O2 to CO2. If it can't find the input resource, then no output resource. You probably need an intermediary conversion of LO2 >> O2 so the O2 >> CO2 conversion will work.[/QUOTE] Thx Stahn.. let me play with that
  3. I've been toying around with converting from oxygen to LqdOxygen... and everything works perfect except one thing. Suddenly my Kerb's don't seem to produce CO2 .... Anyone know how changing oxygenresource=oxygen to oxygenresource=LqdOxygen might affect the CO2 creation algorithim? Everything else from Tac's dll works great. I get waste and waste water production, food, LqdOxy and water are being consumed... I just don't see any CO2 production.... I tried bumping up the default consumption (in this case production) of CO2 to crazy large numbers just to see if it just
  4. [quote name='NotAgain']Where do you get solar sails anyway?[/QUOTE] Along with Solar Sail Navigator found at the top of this forum page, you'll need the SM-Solar-Sail-MK2 part which comes in the [URL="http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/133735-WIP-1-0-5-PersistentThrust-v1-0-4-alpha"]Persitant Thrust Mod[/URL]
  5. Hey Solar, thx for the reply. Yes, I have the lock attitude button and I can engage it. What I don't understand is that if after I lock the attitude, as I adjust the cone and clock angles, should I be seeing the sail move about the cone/clock in real time? If so, I am not. I can manually move the sail with SAS manuevers but not with the sail gui. I can also see the sail responding to solar wind over time, so I can fly her, just not with the command sequence. When I input a command sequence, lock the attitude and then hit the set to now button... when I preview I do not see any of th
  6. [quote name='EnigmaG']@ Kreole 1. Do the rcs5block work mounted on the hydrazine tank? 2. You can try to add "fuelCrossFeed = True" to the parts. [/QUOTE] Works great mounted to any fuel tank that can hold hydrazine except the x11. The x11 part definition already has fuelcrossfeed = true. If I remember correctly, the default is fcf = true if not over-ridden anyway which has me scratching my head unless something in 1.0.5 broke that. For now I'm just gonna re-design my station to simply use sphere tanks for water and o2... which is a hell of a lot of work... ugh.
  7. [quote name='Nansuchao']Can you post a picture of your ship?[/QUOTE] Not sure it's worth it given the size and stuff... my problem is in the basic design where I'm using octogirders (from NearFuture Const) to attach X11 sphere's radially. In testing, the only resource that I can get to fuelcrossfeed when using the X11 is liquid CO2, no matter where or what I attach the X11 to. Nothing else will. In my design, the only resource I use in the X11's are hydrazine and oxygen. Both resources show totaled accurately in IVA. Whether or not oxygen actually would flow from them I d
  8. As I'm still learning how modding works in KSP, pls forgive my ignorance. I've tried every combination of mounting a hydrazine tank such that any resisto-jet would have access to the fuel, verified that every port has cross-feed enabled... and no joy. I went ahead and modified the persistent (after quitting the game of course) setting fuelmodename to Hydrazine. After restarting, it had switched back to mono-propellant. Additionally I cannot select alternate fuels for the resisto's even if I have that fuel on board.... I checked the ship craft file and as it sits in the hangar, t
  9. [quote name='EnigmaG']You can only use Hydrazine if the part where the NBrcs5block is mounted has cross feed. Only monoprop is universal cross feed. The option to switch fuel types while launched/orbiting only let you select between available fuel types.[/QUOTE] I'll double check that I have cross-feed enabled in any/all ports between the fuel and the thrusters and report back. I'm pretty sure I do, as I have my hydrazine tanks co-located with my liq fuel/ox and I'm getting fuel to my verniers co-located with the 5-way rcs. Maybe there is a mod that will graphically show fue
  10. I'm having an issue with the NBrcs5block ... I'm setting the fuel to Hydrazine for each thruster individually, but when launching it's defaulting to monoprop. I take a quick look at each thruster in persistant.sfs during the flight and sure enough fuelmodename for each block has changed back to monoprop. I'm sure I could edit persistent in mid flight... but that bugs me! Also, I see the option to switch fuel types while launched/orbiting but it has no effect live.. is it supposed to? KSPI FTW... ~K
  11. [quote name='Galenmacil']Another suggestion that work great for me: Use only the core of TAC LS (remove all parts) and use Universal Storage part instead.[/QUOTE] I wish TAC core could see food/water resource types that are in KIS containers. That may be possible and I've just missed it. I have my owned crewed modules with dry food storage since i can't seem to find a way to draw from inventory... I just don't want cans on my station because it has multiple spinning hubs and those cans are a pain to balance. However, I love using them on resupply missions and put my Kerbs to wor
  12. Thanks Charfa! Mostly because I am ignorant lol... I hadn't know that de-clutter piece was out there. As I've been going thru this process, I've already starting planing my own de-clutter script. I probably need only 1/3 of the total parts that load and I'm still identifying them.... TACLS De-clutter works great...
  13. Phineas, Yeah now I understand the method behind the madness and concur, as my installation runs around the 4.5 gig range and the less clutter the better. The problem is that I'm not seeing it work this way. I do see the "combined" canisters, but with only MFT installed I cannot select/change the resources in the cans you mention above. The RF page says use either MFT or RF but not both. Since I don't really care for the realism complication, at least atm, MFT is the only other option unless I just want to deal have the extra canisters (and overhead... ugh). I guess I could build another sand
  14. Thanks Truthquark... I had read something similar about what you were saying and then lo and behold I got lucky and found my issue... Tac Life and Modular Fuel Tanks (and Real Fuels by extension) do not get along. I have my complete setup running fine with Tac Life. As soon as I install Mod Fuel Tanks it breaks. I'm still learning how modding works for KSP, but going thru some of the configs for Tac canisters, some of them are requesting Mod Fuel Tanks which led me to find the conflict. I'm not savvy enough yet to offer a complete (clean) solution, but it seems to me the issue might lay in MM
  15. I've just started having issues with TAC Life and 1.0.5 Still researching but basically what happens is the food canisters (all 3 sizes) will not show up as an available item. It's almost like it's being filtered out (removed all filter mods) OR it's a tech level that I haven't reached yet even though I play sandbox. I've even created a little supply ship with food cans in another instance and then imported that ship into the 1.0.5 install. Works great, I see the cans and and manipulate them, I even see them suddenly available in the part tree to build with, but when they are attached to a cre
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