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  1. Just for information, since I'm not using asset bundles, I downloaded it anyway and was able to successfully export models to KSP using Part Tools 1.1.2 -- so if you're not doing anything too fancy, it seems to work fine.
  2. Quick question: am I likely to run into any problems if I upgrade Unity to the latest version? I'm currently running Unity 5.2.4f1, but one of the plugins I've been using to import models into Unity now annoyingly requires 5.3.4.
  3. masses are looking good. fuel sliders don't update until you dismiss the properties window and recreate it. if you drag the sliders around before dismissing and recreating the properties window you get:
  4. in PP 1.2.3, a 2m long tank masses half as much (dry and wet) as a 1m long tank, and contains the same amount of fuel. *scratches head* perhaps it is made of Unobtainium? ;-) ,
  5. CoolRockets/Smokescreen effects are working fine on the launchpad, but in the VAB the "show in editor" buttons do nothing, and if debug=true, the editable values appear in the properties menu but the sliders don't work.
  6. looks like it's gone in 1.1.2 parttools, so i suppose that answers my question!
  7. standard_bumped looks pretty nice in Unity (but doesn't make it through PartTools yet). any update on when it might be enabled?
  8. about a billion of these errors in ksp.log: [EXC 17:24:33.477] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object KRASH.Hyperedit.OrbitEditor.Simple (.OrbitDriver currentlyEditing, Double altitude, .CelestialBody body) KRASH.SimulationPauseMenu.DrawGUI () KRASH.SimulationPauseMenu.OnGUI () [EXC 17:24:33.526] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object KSP.UI.Screens.AltimeterSliderButtons.LateUpdate ()
  9. it's up to ShotgunNinja to tell RemoteTech to disable communication for the duration of his blackout. it's not RemoteTech's job, nor is it possible since RT has no way of telling when another mod has decided that a coronal ejection is occurring unless that mod tells it. Luckily, RemoteTech provides a software API for other mods to easily do this. for instance, Kerbalism (or any other mod) could set RemoteTech.API.HasAnyConnection for the vessel to false, and RemoteTech would dutifully disable the vessel's communication channel; then set it to true again after the blackout has run its course.
  10. after watching Bob Fitch's History of Spaceflight in RSS, which dovetails with your pack rather nicely (for obvious reasons), I feel the lack of a vanilla Redstone sounding rocket mission in your pack, to sit between the Blossom and the Juno I (which was an uprated Redstone). just a thought!
  11. it was working normally before the update which added the choice of two dependencies. until the problem gets fixed, you can simply tell CKAN to uninstall scatterer, then reinstall it. a clean install doesn't throw the error, only an upgrade to an existing install. EDIT: just noticed @Steveo has already posted this workaround.
  12. many thanks. since i accepted the R-1V and V-2N20 at the same time, would this have anything to do with it? CONTRACT_FINISHED { guid = 56bbe9a4-8bd1-4ad6-976c-e5106022de69 <snip> subtype = R-1V title = R-1V <snip> REQUIREMENT <snip> PARAM { <snip> PARAM { name = IsNotVessel id = IsNotVessel state = Complete disableOnStateChange = False values = ,,,, ContractIdentifier = HistoricMissions.R-1V title = Must be a new vessel upon accepting this contract. notes = completedMessage = fakeFailures = True allowStateReset = True failWhenUnmet = True vesselKey = V-2N20 // <---- was active at the same time, or possibly before, because i also accepted the blossom-1 mission <snip> persistent.sls is here.
  13. @Whitecat106: sorry to pester but further to my sequential missions question above, i'm now all the way up to the early Pioneer Program and have been offered only US missions in a steady stream, one after another. the Soviet mission tree is stalled at R-1V (which I completed), never offering me R-2A or later. is this expected behaviour?
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