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  1. fixed my own problem. BDarmory was somehow outdated (even though i uninstalled and reinstalled many different times....)
  2. So I recently decided to get myself a better computer. After I got my PC up and running I reinstalled all my steam games. so I went and tested them everything worked fine, went and installed mods for ksp and all of a sudden mono.dll is causing the game to crash before the menu screen. here is what the log says The mods I have installed are BDarmory, 5Dim military contract pack, Contract Configurator, Hyperedit, and MechJeb 2 (yes i know kerbal engineer exists I just prefer mechjeb) Every place I have looked for a fix on this says to upgrade your ram. But I have 12GB of ram to spare so that shouldn't really be a problem. People also say to delete the file causing the problem but mono.dll is a core file of ksp so that's not an option. Im using ksp 64bit version if you are wondering. If anyone can help me fix this problem I will be extremely grateful.
  3. Quick someone use infernal robotics on this thing!!!!!
  4. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED (landing a kerbal with the jetpack IS EXTREMELY EASY, as well as everything else)
  5. that is easy to avoid in 1.0.5 just use ore tanks...
  6. going to try to release a craft download, somehow.
  8. so i finally decided to do my own challenge properly... here is the end result http://imgur.com/gallery/dP47O/new i used empty ore tanks instead of the normal liquid fuel tanks people seam to use for boats because of how the ore tanks give off a slight bounce instead of just be something that floats. besides that it look a lot like a hydroplane except for the fact that it isn't propeller driven
  9. it falls apart without the struts at supersonic speeds...
  10. Its innovative, It cant make orbit, Its very maneuverable, Its a VTOL, Its the E-35 Starbreaker, a craft that has been in development for about 2 months... (i had to figure out how to make it maneuverable and make it a vtol... still trying to figure out a way to give it more fuel...) http://imgur.com/a/qyuyu. there is a interstellar variant but that one is still in development so it may be awhile before its ready for combat...
  11. why is it people want to make hydrofoils when the challenge is to make a HYDROPLANE!!!!
  12. its not really a question its a poll... also no you have to make a hydroplane. that is the point of the challenge you have to make something that works like a hydroplane and looks like a hydroplane =D (remember you can use mods)
  13. so no one else wants to try to send one of these to another planet and try it... ok then...