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  1. Is it intended behaviour that (some) single ignition engines can ignite multiple times? Situation: LR105-NA-5 sustainer with two LR89 (LR43-NA-3) boosters on the launchpad held together by clamps. LR89's have one unit of the TEATEB igniter, and promptly refuse to light up a second time. LR105 doesn't have the igniter, and lights up multiple times despite the ignitions remaining readout clearly showing zero. Is this a specific design of the real engine that allows it to be reignited on the launchpad on the spot? Edit: I should clarify that I cut thrust with X and the LR89's did not reignite the second time. However, shutting down the engine entirely, setting throttle to 100%, and then manually activating the engine again does reignite it despite not having TEATEB or ignitions remaining left. An engine that failed to ignite due to TestFlight completely removes its activate/shutdown button and as such cannot be replicated. KSP 1.3.1, mods mostly from the spreadsheet.
  2. Is there a way to disable or reduce the impact of tooling in terms money and build time penalty?
  3. KSP in its form is and has been a barebones physics engine with minimal and illogical (from realism standpoint) content. Mods add actual mechanics, gameplay, content and (for shame!) UI into it. I thank modders for making KSP a playable and enjoyable game.
  4. @EXPERIMENT_DEFINITION[*]:HAS[#id[crewReport]] { @biomeMask = 31 } @EXPERIMENT_DEFINITION[*]:HAS[#id[evaReport]] { @biomeMask = 3 } That makes Crew Reports biome specific in low orbit and EVA Reports biome specific only when Landed or Splashed.
  5. The GCMonitor.cfg is no longer created and stored, resulting in default font size and position on each game launch regardless of applied settings in a game session. Copying over a config from previous version works fine. 1.1.3, RP-0 suite, output log.
  6. Everything's fine in that department. Interplanetary maneuvers also seem to work fine. Maybe it's a thing with only hyperbolic orbits.
  7. In 1.1.2 every left click on the window or outside of it closes Precise Node and deletes the node. Only input fields can be clicked on safely. Numpad and right click work fine. I've ntoiced this behavior in my 1.1.2 RP-0 playthrough. It works fine when I'm orbiting Earth and do a TLI but when I try to create a maneuver while on hyperbolic orbit around Moon, the aforementioned things happen. A complete game restart seems to fix this. There are no exceptions from Precise Node in the logs. Anyone had this one?
  8. Nerd Force. Because very narrow specialization of technology which delivers a force. I'm not great with names
  9. Eh, KER just doesn't show stage dV if it's currently firing. At least the only thing I've noticed, not that big of a deal; I should know what stage is what and how much by the time I completed the design. Besides, MJ's UI is horrible to my taste. What's wrong with toolbar? I haven't noticed anything weird with it and it certainly not going anywhere. Screen real estate is pretty valuable for me Also experience the "can't click on some buildings" every once in a while. I jsut click the buttons on the left side.
  10. Is there anything more permanent than rebuilding ocean every time to fix this glitch? I tried the scatterer.dll posted a few pages back but it just reduced FPS to <1 while throwing NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at scatterer.Core.Update () each second. RSS @ 1.1.2
  11. Not really. The only thing you can do is preemptively copy your working setup to have something to play while waiting for the mods to update to new KSP version. Or, you know, YARR.
  12. So yeah, something like this still happens in my RSS/RO/RP-0 save. All my craft use a single clamp from the side and more often than not it shifts the whole contraption (launch clamp included) up to 15 degrees to the side upon physics unpacking on the launchpad. It's a small inconvenience with gimballed engine designs but with sounding rockets it renders them much less efficient (and with KCT the issue is rather irritating). Do I have to use four clamps? I don't know why it procs only sometimes; output log is silent about KJR. Are there any known conflicts between KJR and mods from the RO suite? KSP 1.1.2.
  13. I think I also have an issue with KSCSwitcher in my RSS/RO/RP-0 career. I've been launching from Kourou from the start and switched to Plesetsk to test a polar orbit launch. The thing is that simulation does not work properly: I don't have any control from the keyboard (WASDEQ, staging, etc.). Only mouse clicks on parts work. I don't know if non-simulation flights work though. Switched back to Kourou - simulation is still not working. Reloaded the game, seems to be working again. Started a simulation in orbit - again no keyboard controls. It started to happen just today, for no apparent reason.
  14. I spent an hour manually installing the RO suite only to come here and find that the fight's over (at least for now). Mixed feelings. But thank you all.