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  1. Hi Nate, you've said, that the current game has a much bigger scope than the planned release in 2020. How much does the game differ to the originally planned version? And what are the differences? Thanks to all of you! You've done an amazing job and the great first patch proves it.
  2. The landing gear deployed sideways, after a suborbital flight from the KSC to the eastern continent. After i reload the savegame it was normal again. It was not only a visual bug, the landing gear also caused a lateral movement and swung the plane around. KSP Version: Operating System: Windows 11 CPU: Ryzen 7 3700x GPU: Nvidia GTX 1070 RAM: 32GB DDR4
  3. The Orbit changes dramatically around the mun, without any input. I've turned SAS and RCS off and ensured, that all engines are deactivated, but my periapsis decreased about 3km in 1 minute. This was in an 11km circular orbit. At higher altitudes the effect becomes less significant changing only by a few meters.
  4. First of all, beside of many problems, i have a great first experience with KSP 2. I like the concept of workspaces, but i have some problems and suggestions for the current workspace system: Autosaves clutter the workspace ui First of all, everytime an autosave is created, it will be saved as a new workspace, which gets very annoying. Maybe autosaves could be shown in a dropdown menu to declutter the ui. Saving system inconsistent When saving a vehicle name and a workspace name, you see all your vehicles, but not the workspaces. And if you save another vehicle in the same workspace, the previous vehicle will be overridden. Also you can't load those vehicles shown in the saving ui, but only the workspaces. I don't know, if this is intended or a bug, but it feels very inconsistent. Edit: Clarification: While saving, you see vehicles listed by their vehicle name. For all workspaces, but only one from each. While loading, you see only workspaces with their respective names. Loading: Workspace takes up a lot of space I'm not 100% sure how i will use the workspace system, but for now i'm likely to save many crafts in seperate workspace files. Because of this it would be nice, if they get much more compact. The idea of an image from the workspace is nice, but i think it would be fine, if it's smaller. Also there is a lot of dead space. There are many playstyles. Maybe some have only a few workspaces, which works for them more like folders, collecting all vehicles of the same type. Other ones might use them only for big projects and want to save normal vehicles in separate files. The system should support both playstyles. Subassemblies I know the workspace concept is a replacement for subassemblies and you can merge two workspaces together. But is there a way to copy only one vessel from one assembly to another? Let's say i have a workspace with all my launch vehicles and a workspace with all my probes. How do i copy a probe to the launch vehicle workspace, to launch it into space? I'm very excited to see how the game develops in the coming months.
  5. I'm excited about to see how this game will develop over the coming years.
  6. It seems like, there could be an editor in the game. At least there was a menu point "Create Planets" in the debug menu shown by EJ_SA.
  7. Point for you. I hope they will implement it. It was a suggestion, because the rockets in the current footage are a bit too wobbly for me. I wouldn't expect much wobble for three stages stacked on top of each other. The engineers at Kerbin would design decouplers to withstand those loads.
  8. For me the challenge was never making my rockets unwobbly, but to bring my kerbals safe to difficult planets/moons and back, also using life support. This makes ships way bigger, so i used Joint Reinforcement and added struts only to critical sections of my motherships. It makes smaller rockets also prettier for me, without all those struts. That is my playstyle. Adding a setting, that could do this, wouldn't hurt and if you don't want to change this, you can leave it as it is.
  9. Maybe there should be a Noodly Setting in the Difficulty Settings, so everyone can adjust it, how they want. Or more serious: Joint Strength
  10. I will buy it, even if my GTX 1070 detonates on launching the game.
  11. Seems like the atmospheric scattering and the clouds are hiding them. Especially the new maneuvering system. And i'm very excited to see, how much bigger the ships can be performance wise.
  12. Nate Simpson said in an interview, that KSP 2 will be as challenging as the original. They only add new elements, such as the animated tutorials, which make it easier for new players to get into the game.
  13. And i the biggest improvement will be the new architecture of the game, which should allow us to build structures as big as the ones shown in the trailer. At least Nate Simpson said that they will work fine with an average pc. This will enable new possibilities for players and for modders. Imagine trying to build the interstellar ship with the shipyard in KSP 1. Edit: You actually don't need to imagine that. ShadowZone tried that in his trailer remake and it didn't work at all.
  14. I used to put three even spaced in an orbit. But more recently i built a satellite centrifuge, where i put a bunch of relay satellites on, rotate it fast enough and decouple them. The chaos does the rest. You only need enough satellites, so the chance is high enough, that there will always be a relay in sight. Doing this with a resonant orbit is much more time consuming. (at least for me, because i can't sleep well, if the orbits are not within a tolerance of 10m) Edit: Then, in the most cases the spent stages with relay antennas thing is enough for moons.
  15. I think it will be more like minecraft multiplayer. You can host a multiplayer game locally, or host a server. And all with your own rules.
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