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  1. Oh thanks, this is what i didn't understand till now. This continues the first message.
  2. Nice, i tried it myself, but i never found the right bitstring. I thought the left audio was for example 1 and the right 0 so i got something like this: 111111110111111111011111111111110... But never got the alternating: 10101010101010101010101 for calibration... https://imgur.com/a/Ka8XWU7
  3. It would be nice to see some pictures or video more frequently. Even if they are only pictures of duna, a kerbal x around kerbin or only a smiling Kerbal.
  4. Could you change my name to Gurkonier please? (Because i hate numbers in usernames ) and using it anywhere else. Thanks
  5. How about adding custom "staging action groups". A custom "Action Group" only triggered by staging, where you can add actions like disable engine (Saturn V middle engine), deploying solar panels or triggering breaking ground mechanics. That are things i won't control by action groups, because is use them for different things and will only be triggered once (in some cases).
  6. For me(PC) it's Ctrl+Alt+F12 and then press on cheats directly. Not on the arrow
  7. Try to think simple. You don't need to add 200 boosters to your rocket to get into interplanetary space.
  8. Put your Apoapsis only slightly above the atmosphere And pointing the capsule retrograde on reentry, otherwise you have way too less drag.
  9. Thank you very much for all the hard work you did! I'm playing this game for almost 5 years and it never get boring! PS: "Do not go gentle into that good night"
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