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  1. Stock resource scan and map view use two different coordinate schema - I'm sure this is a known bug. But 412° is a second level of annoyance on top of that. Good temperature to cook pizza. Bad location on a sphere. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/NiJAxBw.png[/IMG]
  2. [quote name='Octa']I rarely ablate 15 of 200 units of the heatshield :confused: The amount of ablator is totally overkill for capsule re-entries. May be different for return vehicles or other bodies like Eve.[/QUOTE] That's probably a half ton of pointless mass then. Bring down the mass by tweaking ablator, the ship density will go down, and you'll use even less ablator aerobraking. Energy to dissipate is proportional to m * v²
  3. Tweak the heat shield ablator down a bit. Unused ablator is unnecessary craft density and higher terminal velocity. I usually tweak it to 25-50%. Any re-entry that uses over 50% ablator has proven utterly suicidal anyway.
  4. It wouldn't cultivate goodwill to quit development now. Though the game is nominally not a beta, it still feels like a beta. The community is supportive, but expects a fully working final product.
  5. This is a 1.05 regression. Steam overlay remains off, changing resolution does not fix. http://imgur.com/a/kb4L2 It's not a 100% graphics bug either. You can see that between one zoom level and the next, the orbits and bodies re-align.
  6. Heat shields will blow up in easy-setting (50% heating) 1.0.4 on a Mun return if you aren't careful. Billy Bobton died stress testing one on a 90 degree reentry from Mun orbit. I doubt a Mun return could be done without one unless you do several aerobraking passes.
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