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  1. These are more brutal on frame rates when stowed in atmo than any other three-digit part count contraption I've ever made. The game seems to simulate full aero effects even when they are stowed and in a fairing. This is arguably an extreme edge case as long distance antennas are only in atmo an infinitesimal percentage of total mission time, but JX2 launches are the only slideshow I find myself dealing with since autostruts and multicore.
  2. Elon denies existence of aliens. Therefore Elon is an alien.
  3. I do think it has become somewhat common for minor inter-version tweaks to not make it into the changelog. It is pretty normal for those of us who play with re-entry heat set to full difficulty to need to redesign our barely-capable eve landers between versions. Can't speak for the rapiers though.
  4. Using a very low altitude solar slingshot and ion engines, this contraption is still going 48 km/s at 56 billion km in my career save. This equals a bit over 4000 AU. Solar light takes 24 days to reach it. Zero glitches used. Some value is so large that it mucks up the game if you switch to it and return to KSC:
  5. We've all seen the bugs where ships end up traveling multiple times speed of light and end up causing a cascade of further bugs. But you can actually do this with a normal mission that skims the sun. Build an ion probe with 20 km/s deltaV and good heat tolerance with side-facing heat shields, send it on a jool -- low solar orbit trajectory, and then burn all remaining deltaV at the low solar periapsis. It will be on a severe hyperbolic trajectory. It won't take that long in game for the "altitude" of that ship to start causing bugs when you switch to it and return to KSC.
  6. Possibly because ckan filters based on game version, and this is three versions back. Would be nice if ckan had an advanced version filter that lets pure parts mods slip through while allowing more strict filtering for mods that hook into core functions.
  7. It's 426 Kerbin days. Where in the game are you finding a reference to an Earth day? I don't know of any, and the concept is irrelevant unless you plan to not use timewarp ever.
  8. It's a bit trifling, but de-orbited debris should self-terminate from Kerbin orbit. Kerbin is a small enough body that Kessler syndrome ought to be a legitimate plausible concern on career games, but instead it's just broken. The fact that some random part can come shooting out from deep within the atmosphere means I just turn off debris tracking as long as it fails to simulate orbital debris. I suppose this falls more under "fix bugs" than a feature request, but a change in play style from "do whatever with stage planning" to "avoid littering in space" is somewhat strategy-changing. Now if an orbital debris fix was combined with changing the collision detection system to be somehow vector-based rather than the position-based method that fails to detect collisions at orbital velocities... good times with Kessler.
  9. I sort of like it. It's not like it's a "delete windows" button -- it's a cutaway view button. There's no immersion to be broken by it unless you use it with the HUD turned off.
  10. This could easily be a Roller Coaster Tycoon scenario. Probably more people play RCT2/OpenRCT2 than RCT3 because it's more polished with better compatibility and community involvement, and they are willing to overlook slightly worse graphics.
  11. One of the most difficult things about Eve is that you need to change strategies every few KSP versions if you play with 100% atmospheric heating difficulty. The margins for success are very low. Once you've gone to the trouble of making a working Eve land+return craft, if a KSP update breaks it, it's tempting to just give up. And the trick to Moho is to never attempt direct Hohmann transfers. It's not that hard to incorporate most of the plane change into your initial launch if you launch at AN/DN. Just launch towards the NE/SE from KSC and aim to already have an Eve transfer by the time you hit 60km altitude. Just got finished sending a whole ~900 ton mining colony and refueling station to Moho low orbit and surface.
  12. It's far from game-breaking. Solutions would be to budget the deltaV for a fast transfer, have ships already staged at the target body, or just know not to accept these contracts.
  13. Top node is always either a docking port or parachute. I would definitely use the LES if it attached without needing the node.
  14. I figured it could be an oversight. Honestly, OPM is supposed to be a bit of a difficulty boost in a number of ways, so the idea that you need inefficient high-dV transfers to complete some contracts is not especially far fetched.
  15. I'm noticing a number of contracts to the outer three bodies spawn with duration shorter than an instantaneous optimal Hohmann transfer would take. Is KSP doomed to scale this linearly when it isn't supposed to, or is the expectation that inefficient transfers are used?
  16. Given the commitment to use of Unity and the presence of serious bugs on the KSP1 bug tracker attributed to Unity, is the new team set up to delegate some of their coding efforts to upstream Unity?
  17. Not to mention a lot of the most serious long-term bugs in the bug tracker are blamed on Unity. I'm hoping DLCs sell well enough to support engine upgrades until those bugs are resolved.
  18. Got a Pol rescue contract recently that required completion in less time than the two Jool Hohmann transfers took. Was thinking "Wonder what that little red icon means..." The failure penalty was offset by the fact that once you have staffed bases around the solar system, kerbonauts start to get pretty expensive.
  19. A lot of using-moon-to-capture assists are helpful for a sort of messy reason. The games use of SOI physics instead of N Body physics means that a nice little chunk of potential energy above the target planet is wiped out because you spent time crossing a secondary SOI. Obviously this is bad physics, but it is not hard to use this to your advantage even without doing traditional gravity assists.
  20. Literally the only biology references found in KSP are fundamentally bad biology. So you can really make up anything you feel like here.
  21. This is one case where nautical miles would come in handy.
  22. A TWR of 2 on Gilly results in 0.1 m/s/s acceleration though. Still sadistic.
  23. Radially mounted engines that are vertically close to the Center of Mass are more annoying than useful when they attempt to control heading with the gimbal. A problem with some designs of rovers and mines.
  24. A lot of features were introduced in 1.7.3. Might be worth waiting a couple more versions until the next pure bugfix KSP release happens to update Kopernicus. You should properly fork and name your work, Dragon. Git/github is easier than any VS stuff. It would benefit the people who absolutely need the functionality, and it would benefit this thread by drawing those people away when there are problems. I assume the license is forkable.
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