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  1. Use 1.7.1 And if you're new to modding, it's basically mandatory to clone your game directory so that KSP doesn't auto update and break mods.
  2. It's slower to get things done in unmodded KSP because the max timewarp rules are extra strict on Gilly. Also, the best part of a manned interplanetary mission is doing horribly inefficient transfers back to Kerbin with any left over fuel and plowing irresponsibly into the atmosphere at 6000 m/s.
  3. The majority of my save's persistent debris on rails would impact ground in less than one full orbit due to aerodynamic losses. Regardless of the scientific definition of "deep", it's hard to argue that this adds to the simulation.
  4. It's intriguing to see how many people here are skilled/experienced enough at KSP that they can benefit from mod planet packs, while being inexperienced enough that they let the game auto-update. I wouldn't have expected those demographics to overlap. "Play modded ksp from a cloned directory" used to be common knowledge.
  5. Regularly get a little stutter during launch and realize it's something unwelcome loading into physics range. The problem with actual collisions... collision courses with closing velocities above a few hundred m/s are likely to just pass through each other at default physics settings. I do wish there was a mod or setting to terminate debris with the periapsis deep in an atmosphere. The majority of my debris in "stable" orbits have orbits that would immediately re-enter if simulated.
  6. It's not surprising they got some attention before robotics dlc. Obviously the first robots everyone's going to build are walking robots, and walking robots that fall apart and spontaneously fling themselves onto their backs make for poor gameplay footage.
  7. I suspect the reason so many are ok with the current leg/wheel issues is that we played in the Unity 4 days, and remember how miserable the core stability and performance was, and happily traded that for borked landing gear.
  8. My assumption is that they will need/get a fair amount of work before the robotics dlc releases. Unless the robotics parts are not intended for locomotion...
  9. Just looked it up, and I've been using the term wrong for a while. Gravity assists are unpowered maneuvers. Oberth maneuver is what was done. Regardless of whether SOI or N-body. Thanks for the correction.
  10. Isn't a gravity assist just using the gravity well of any intermediary body to aid transfer to a third? The SOI hierarchies in KSP don't really matter, I think, but I may have the terminology wrong.
  11. I mean dropping from Gilly's orbit to slingshot by Eve. Eve will still provide some assist from its own high orbit. Just managed this low equatorial Moho orbit from Eve with around 4km/s total deltaV cost. Definitely competitive for a brute-force direct transfer without a high-quality transfer window calculator or waiting for optimum ascending/descending nodes. Capture into circular orbit was around 2km/s, which by my notes is ~20% easier than when done direct from Kerbin. And Gilly allows surface refueling of single-stage 0.05 TWR monstrosities like this.
  12. Definitely something to be said for stopping at Eve on the way, especially for complex mothership/lander/return missions. 1: If you have a Gilly ISRU mine, a refuelable transfer/insertion tug can be topped off there. 2: Gilly --> Eve gravity assists can be a bit simpler than interplanetary assists. 3: It takes some of the edge off of every single component of the deltaV requirements.
  13. Well hot diggety, you're right! I wonder when that was implemented. I know I can't be the only one who tried when commnet was implemented and was disappointed that you would fly right through them.
  14. I just wish the other DSN stations had colliders and could explode.
  15. This thread sure is a time capsule to before Unity bungled joysticks.
  16. This is why V(target)(surface relative) and V(target)(orbit relative) should be manually selectable. While the error is barely visible on high-orbit tidally-locked moons, it makes sense for the game to coddle people during landings on Minmus and other non-locked moons.
  17. Using navball retrograde markers for surface rendezvous it auto-switches between orbit, surface, target/orbit and target/surface in a somewhat unintuitive and uncontrollable way. I still find myself sighting down the rocket body towards the HUD target marker rather than using the navball when doing precision landings on bodies that rotate with any speed.
  18. Having to choose between ridiculous but pedantically correct and wrong is a personal choice. And at the end of the day, KSP is not exactly a simulator of anything but orbital physics.
  19. All biomes have life. All KSP bodies have biomes. Therefore all KSP bodies have life. This is a basic syllogism -- it's not really a contentious statement.
  20. I remember when wheels did mostly work. Everything else was worse. For now, the tradeoff is worth it.
  21. It's beautiful, whatever it is. I want to swim in it.
  22. This was a spurious camera feed broadcast for a just a few frames. Tank view? Trippy screensaver?
  23. Bring on the cheap geostationary launches.
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