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  1. It's generally considered to be a mistake made by developers who don't know much about biology. But at the same time, the mistake has been there long enough I consider it canon. Just assume everything in the system is made from mystery goo.
  2. If you look closely in the R&D building, the game claims there is life on every body. All biomes contain life, and every body contains biomes. It's probably not the same sort of life that we are familiar with -- even anaerobic Earth bacteria would struggle on Moho and Eeloo.
  3. Only use one engine. Don't even attempt to have a reasonable TWR. Don't even try to insert to or transfer from LEO. Transfer from 300-500km orbit instead. A less-efficient transfer is acceptable with an Isp of 4000. Even 300km up, you'll want to split the transfer into two or three burns, but it's still better than trying to do a split burn to Moho from 70km orbit with a TWR of 0.05.
  4. Large space stations, mines, even filled 5m fuel depots can all be put into orbit without vector clusters. Their corresponding 4km/sec+ dV interplanetary stages can as well, separately. Sometimes finesse is more enjoyable than brute force.
  5. I'm saying that allowing it to stack / mount to 1.25m tanks is cheaty. Its TWR and size is supposed to take into account that it will always be attached to some giant 2.5m+ hunk of mounting hardware. Either way, it's the one engine that is not on a single craft I've built, because it still feels tacky.
  6. They are only cheaty if you don't apply the honor system to their intended use when building. To actually code them to only work with engine plates and mounts would probably be more difficult than it's worth.
  7. Fun for Eve / Moho probes because the solar panels become exponentially more effective as you approach the sun.
  8. To be fair, an easter egg that was badly modeled and blows up nearby ships wasn't that great of a feature.
  9. Definitely true. The 200km orbit is a side effect of an ascent profile capable of achieving reliable orbit in a behemoth with an insertion/transfer stage TWR below 0.1.
  10. Skyrim and KSP are similarly buggy games. Skyrim has a massive support system on how to navigate/correct frustrating bugs via the console. KSP has the menu.
  11. Two ways to send a gigantic mine/base off to Jool. Ten minute burn with nuke cluster from a 200km orbit, or 90 second burn with a rhino from a 75km orbit. Both valid. Similar cost.
  12. What will cause a vesselID to change while on rails? Having a problem specifically with transfer window alarms + "attach to current vessel" option. It's a spurious bug -- maybe 1/20 transfer window alarms are affected -- so I haven't been able to pin down whether something is actually changing the vesselID or if it's a KAC bug. It doesn't seem to happen with other types of alarms.
  13. You could make a ScanSat slope map and use secant values of every pixel mapped on a numerical scale to make it more fair to wrinkled bodies like Bop and Gilly. If you're in the mood to do something utterly asinine, that is.
  14. Reverse alphabetical order as the game progresses through the tech tree and mission duration. That way the newest crafts with the most advanced parts are at the top. Worthless SciSat --> Terrible Relay --> Shi**y Lander --> Pitiful Base --> Mediocre Plane --> Inferior Depot --> ... --> Dismal Manned Interplanetary --> Crap STOL --> Acceptable Deepspace Ion
  15. Any time a long and complex mission to fulfill a contract fails to trigger contract completion due to glitches. The cheat menu is just not as fulfilling as the little blinking notification icon. On the other hand, looking through here, a lot of these bugs would be fair game for the cheat menu. Playing KSP without the cheat menu to correct glitches would be like playing skyrim without dealing with bugs using the console.
  16. I feel like this issue is new in the past release, I remember this working properly before... No math is being done to LiquidFuel on switching. LF-->LFO switch: Proper Ox calculated. LF Remains same LFO--LF switch: LiquidFuel amount carries over from LFO tank value. Can anyone else recreate this? Thought Tweakscale may have been messing with it, but verified without TS. Edit: Verified on pure stock.
  17. With the work that went into buoyancy, I wish there were more reasons to build boats. Capsule recovery is one. Also, if you use the hardest comm settings, a floating ocean-based relay station just over the horizon from KSC makes some sense if your probe core comms can't reach geostationary orbit satellites. That's by far the most dangerous dead zone.
  18. I'm on linux. Performance and stability are more important than features, and those are night-and-day better than 1.0. I'd rather voluntarily close the game after an hour due to bad GC and leaks than have it crash every 15 minutes. Still not great, and every update seems to break one thing or another, but there are far fewer crashes and completely unplayable situations now. Also, when stock fairings were released, they didn't block aero drag at all. That was a pretty big QAQC oversight.
  19. It's an orbital physics game. Every reference to biology in stock KSP is more flagrantly impossible than Spore. The tracking center claiming there is life on Moho and Eeloo is probably more egregious than a Kerbal being stuffed in a tube for decades.
  20. The Unity engine upgrade was huge. Sure there were some content changes, but we forget quickly that the version of Unity KSP used a few years back was a steaming pile of trash.
  21. I took a long-distance manned exploration contract called the Eve 6. Obviously the craft had to be named the "Rendezvous Then I'm Through With You".
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