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  1. No you misunderstood: the only thing that doesn't work in the STOCK version (and in RO as well) is the RCS translation (rotates fine) in the LEM. The rest is RO specific.
  2. Did some quick tests. The only real issue is that the CM RCS just won't work at all. Also for some reason the LM landing legs just starts deployed no matter how hard you try and you have to retract them ingame (and it works only if the electricity in the lem descent stage works). Same for the CM-SM umbilical. Other than that might I ask you why you removed the J-mission lm descent stage (it's just a copy paste of the cfg from the h missions after all) and the S-IVB-LM interstage separator? BTW almost forgot: even without RO, the translation (h and n keys) in the lunar module RCS just
  3. In the name of every loyal RSS player I deeply thank you. Glory to DECQ god of 3d modeling of real rockets BTW if my last exam for this summer session goes well I wont have to study all august and I'll be more than happy to write the ro configs (but till the 16 i'm gonna be grounded for my exams)
  4. Due this is just a m a z i n g! Few modders ever reached this level of details :Q__
  5. Why such a low consideration of your own mods? I look at it and i see the most amazingly looking Saturn V mod ever made. The only one getting textures and small details such as pipes and other 100% correctly
  6. Btw in case anyone is wondering: here at this page https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/95407-saturn-v-by-decq-version-11/ you can download the older version of this mod which works almost fine as of 1.3.1 with ro. It does not have a csm or lem but it comes with working RO configs. The only issues are that the F1 have no sound or smoke (but they works just fine anyway) and, most importantly, the interstages' colliders are just screwed up. I highly suggest you to use FASA interstages instead and tweak them a bit to avoid kraken. You'll need FASA anyway to use it
  7. Quick question: why when I set the argument of periapsis in the initial state and I close, when I reopen it the value returns 0 and the true anomaly gets set to the value I set for the argument of pe?
  8. Absolutely no offense to bluedog (which I do use since fasa is getting broekener and broekener) but as bluedog himself said his saturn v, as well as the entire package, is more of a "stockalike" version of the saturn v which has nothing wrong with it if someone likes the style; simply some users like me wanted something closer to the real one in terms of look.
  9. For "nothin" you mean also the Saturn V? That's what I'm not getting XS
  10. Do you mean there won't be updates on your other projects or that you won't release the saturn V mod (I know you're russian but your english is super broken XD)?
  11. *raikkonen mode on* bwoah then it's your choice no problem. Looking forward for dragon01 to finish that mastodontic iva
  12. Take your time. Still I'd suggest you to don't release an RO config alongside it to save some time. I'm sure that many experienced players would be glad to do them for you (I'd do them myself if it wasn't for university exams )
  13. Rumors has in it, it will come with the lunar rover. Can you confirm that?
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