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  1. Kerbal Train Discussion

    Hi everyone ! Hope this is the right place, I downloaded RobForest's Train Part pack, but I'm not quite sure how I"m supposed to lay out tracks and make vehicles 'stick' to them. Documentation is sparse unfortunately. Anybody know ? Parts Pack
  2. [1.0.4] Maritime Pack - 0.1.4

    Thanks so much! I will try this asap
  3. Ok first of all you are apologizing WAY too much You're doing US the favor my friend So thank you ever so much for continuing to tackle these issues and again if you want help ask I love scripting I just haven't gotten an excuse to get into kerbal modding yet. Is the Maritime/Submarine pack going 1.0.5 though ? Last I heard the author wasn't sure anymore
  4. [1.0.4] Maritime Pack - 0.1.4

    Look I completely understand your position not to mention the fact that you're not exactly getting paid to do this, it's out of your own volition which already is quite admirable. Would you mind if I took over ? If you can just give me some mild guidance on what you've got so far I can push it further. The first step would be to simply remove the buoyancy slider from every part and then I will test to see what it looks like. Eventually I'll fall into the same boat as you (haw haw) but for now I find I still have it in me to contribute something. It would be a real shame to let a mod with such potential go down the drain you've put a lot of work here. The credit can all be yours I really don't care you deserve it.
  5. [1.0.4] Maritime Pack - 0.1.4

    Well everything seems okay in the editing end though, the only errors I'm seeing being spammed are these: [ERR 19:36:51.063] WheelCollider requires an attached Rigidbody to function. [EXC 21:29:35.048] MissingFieldException: Field '.PartBuoyancy.buoyancyForce' not found. The WheelCollider probably doesn't have anything to do with maritime but the buyancy does with maritime/submarine pack. That exception is spamming like hell and lagging the hell out of me, you might be getting the same thing if you load and ship that has a buoyancy option but I don't know enough about the code yet to make that assessment. I'm only recently starting to study up on it because I don't want to wait on the modders
  6. [1.0.4] Maritime Pack - 0.1.4

    Heavy - Those red decouplers I forgot what they're called don't work they just fart out dust (lol) - Engine doesn't work in atmosphere anymore so it can't push you to sea on your wheels, either you're going to have to live with 1m/s until you get to sea or make a crane - SCANSat doesn't work for those who use - Astronomer's pack + skyboxes ....ed - Kolonisation seems okay although haven't tested recycling in 1.0.5 - Skill tree changed I think, so I had to re-paste my backed up gamedata on top of the existing, didn't change much though KIS/KAS all the good stuff seems 'okay' but I'd wait for their updates. Very sad Let this be a lesson to make offline installs and wait before upgrading sigh. I'm going to have to wait weeks before playing again
  7. Hi everyone ! How's it going. I have few questions and I don't mind making the changes myself if I have to but I've been at this for hours upon hours on end so finally I decided to come here and ask for help. 1) Boat Navigation plugin. I noticed a few replies above someone fixed it by creating a directory (WhitecatIndustries) and placing the plugin in. This resolves the white box issue as obviously now the script knows where to find the info. So that resolved that. However: - Does the boat navigation plugin know to avoid land on its own ? The longitude seems off. I noticed one of the author's threads in the plugin help section a while ago noticing that factor, and although they say it's just a different way of representing the longi the ship heads on a completely different heading when you autopilot. - How exactly do you use the boat navigation feature ? Do you switch to space center before it picks up speed and warp ? - Is there another way to input coordinates ? 2) Maritime pack buoy mission. - How do you know you've entered an area ? I use SCAN to narrow it down as close as I can but even though I deploy a buoy and the contract notices a buoy is deployed, it doesn't acknowledge it's in the right area. - The buoy mission in the south peninsula states to drop 4 buoys on sites A B C D but only A is visible. Looking at your cfg files I notice B C D are just random waypoints minimum 100 m away. Does that mean I can dump them anywhere so long as it's 100m away but within 10 km? - I attach the buoys on the deck of my ship and eject them with decouplers like depth charges into the water, then I travel 150m and drop another. Contract noticed all 4 buoys deployed but not in their respective areas. Am I doing this right ? 3) Sea Deployment I clicked on SET PORT then SET SEA LAUNCH in the VAB. Then I click on red LAUNCH button on the top right (stock button) and it still launches me on the runway although it says launching in KSC shore. Am I doing something wrong ? Let me know please because I stream and it's bloody embarrassing I'm willing to make whatever modifications necessary and publish it for you if you don't have time. Amazing work though, I see how tedious this .... is, when it's complete one day this is going to be one hell of an addition already it's so fun.