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  1. Feel free to use it as a forum signature. I definitely wouldn't mind being well known on these forums I plan on getting a more involved in the KSP community. I would put it on my own sig but that would just make me look pompous. - - - Updated - - - I had heard there was supposed to be A LOT of moons so I didn't think it would be much to ask to name one after me although I was being sarcastic when I mentioned it but sarcasm doesn't translate well through text. I also wanted to swing by an idea of having "one" of the moons actually being 3 smaller moons orbiting close together and naming the
  2. You don't pilot rockets in KSP my dear sir. You glue your balls to the seats and pray to God that the Kraken doesn't decide to throw your Heavy Launch Vehicle through the old interplanetary wood chipper along with your nice new shiny space station sections.
  3. I use to think I was bad at math, then I met a teacher who told me no one was "Bad" at math they just hadn't figured out a system that worked for them. After a few sessions with my teacher after class in which we didn't even do any math problems she just showed me several different ways to learn math I figured out the best way for me to learn. I started making straights A's after every exam after I started my new way of studying. Most people try to memorize the rules and operations and for many people that works, however in my case I am a more abstract and creative person. Like I said many peo
  4. I am new to the forum but is there really that many people posting an open letter thread only to complain about the game?
  5. Its says your a KSP Dev under your name so that must mean my message really did make it to the Devs as I had hoped. I am so glad you guys got to read it and that you now know that you aren't just making a game but your giving people hope and an escape. People keep trying to say that video games are art and they are but they can be so much more. They devs probably just set out to create a game that was fun. But now its being used as an educational tool and I read somewhere that even NASA is looking into the game. KSP has become so more than a game where you launch goofy green guys into spac
  6. If anyone knows how I want to write a thank you letter or email to the KSP developers. If anyone knows an address for email it would be appreciated heck even if its just for fan mail. What ever it takes to make sure this story and my message makes it to them. I know this sounds stupid but this game means far more to me than anyone can possibly imagine to me KSP isn't just a game it has given me so much more than I could have ever thought possible. Ever since I was a small boy I loved space, stars, planets everything in the heavens thanks to a book I read that had the planets all NINE of t
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