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  1. This farm is looking really good, honestly, you should see the panphlets they gave me.
  2. Not a staff member surely? Bring my pitchfork! I must dispense some discipline! Oh. Nevermind.
  3. Holy ****. I love it. I'm taking and printing that over my dog's house. Not even kidding. <3
  4. I literally love you, what a nice way of tying it all up. We try, but it's either of Kasper (as stated before, literally the devil) censoring my beautiful, yet mayhaps foul languaged poems; or they are just not that funny and who wants boring poems about our dogs.
  5. I wrote a poem this week, Alas Kasper (literally the devil) censored me to keep things clean. Nothing was left, not even a peek! Granted, it was not PG13. :c
  6. Odin, you're up. Essentially, and vaguely, yeah! At last! I missed this! *Grabs own pitchfork, pointing menacingly at Kasper*
  7. So close, @A because he´s the first one on the list and why not.
  8. I agree! Don't dissapoint me Kasper...*sharpens trident* Well made. Achievements are not strongly the norm, they are a part of the certification process, as in if you don't have them you cannot sell on their digital storefronts. Also, it gave Dan an excuse to come up with some pretty nice and new 4k assets
  9. Will probably go into it a bit further in tomorrow's devnotes, but today we have the official E for Everyone rating on the ESRB! This will help out a lot for the PEGI case. And no, we would never change the game just to fit a certain rating. It's more of a, "I mean it, Kids are learning a lot with this and we will not change it. Please don't make their parents think twice about this product!" kind of scenario. I love all of you guys arguments. Very interesting!
  10. Well I was going for a Tesla Model X to test around in Squad HQ, but your idea sounds much more plausible!
  11. A unique version of the "guideline" one. But essentially, yes indeed.
  12. I'm not sure what you mean here, but a dead files drive sounds like the perfect name for my band.
  13. If it never hurts, why am I wincing? Lack of sleep? Morning double espresso with an empty stomach? Nah. Quite a bit more than a couple days off...
  14. The idea is to actively avoid that scenario. That's why we pushed it back. And also, what Softweir said below... Exactly. Riding an extremely productive wave right now, and the size of Unity 5 challenges meant (and still mean) that an arbitrary break of the workflow would ultimately do more harm than good. Up unto a certain point of course. Gotta balance it all out in the end. Fun times. I miss my pitchfork :c
  15. Security! Escort him faster. Development for PC is extremely flexible and agile, builds change and evolve in beautiful flexible ways. Development for consoles is not so flexible, there are rules, norms, timelines and several different filters and QA certification processes to strictly adhere to. In very general terms, main development keeps trudging on forward like a giant, and console can sometimes struggle to keep up due to the nature of it's (tiny legs) enviroment . Damn, they're unto us guys. Leave no witnesses.
  16. If anything, it's the other way around.
  17. Pitchforks AND bait?! What a fantastic week this is turning out to be! *Pokes while eating - happy*
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