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  1. I figured as much....thanks.. Was hoping there was something I was overlooking. I'll check this out. Thanks for the pointer.
  2. I was running into this often when going to Minimus. I found it happens when my encounter was after apoapse. On later flights, I change my flight to encounter Minimus before apoapse and no issue. I haven't tried all the fixes here, but the ones I've tried I haven't had much success with. So I've been shooting for earlier encounters and shorter transfers at the expense of ~80 dv.
  3. Hi All, is there setting somewhere that mutes KSP when it's in the background or minimized? I checked both main menu settings and in-game settings and no joy.
  4. Thanks for that! I had a save just before re-entry, but couldn't get it to land instead of splashdown, but it makes sense, because of the contracts specific to splash down. So fussy with the contracts.
  5. Is there a way Those Jerkfaces at Winter Owl say I didn't land my ore on Kerbin. I say I did. And they don't know the trouble I went through to get it there. I had to send a rescue and recovery ship to pick up Jeb, Bob and the ore. I'm not doing a third trip. No way. What are they expecting here?? Can I go to arbitration? Or, is there a way to complete the contract in the save files?
  6. Cool approach. Do you have a screenshot or example of that kind of rover? Rovers on Minimus have been more frustrating than helpful for me.
  7. For those who are using refuelling ships and hopping Mun/Minimus, what kind of orbit are you using for the refueller? I've been starting out in a polar orbit so that if I wait long enough, the lander can match inclination easily from biomes that are further away from the equator. After the last or second last refuelling, I put that ship in an equatorial orbit, so that it's easier to rendezvous when I send more fuel from Kerbin. I've been wondering if that's worth the hassle and if I should just work from an equatorial orbit from the beginning.
  8. ClamBoy

    Where are my Canadian brethren and how do you use KSP

    Vancouver Island here. Alberta before that. Mostly career mode rocketry around Kerbin's SOI. Watching the clock tick until some transfer windows open. Can't bear to warp time, gotta play it through. Not much into the plane/space plane stuff. Would like to play more but work and farm stuff gets in the way. Funny that..
  9. ClamBoy

    Your Unusual Tricks of the Trade

    Having an existing orbit overlaying my launch is an easy visual reference. I haven't found a way to get that by directly targeting Minimus or at least somethign that doesn't involve a lot of zooming out. As for setting an alam where AN or DN intercepts with Minimus as a target, haven't tried that.
  10. ClamBoy

    Your Unusual Tricks of the Trade

    Here's a new-to-me thing that I like. I used to hate messing around with inclination changes on the way to minimus. This career I've put up a little satellite ~100K above Kerbin matching Minimus inclination. I put my Minimus launch on the pad, set the satellite as target and set an alarm on KAC for when the ascending or descending node is intercepted. After launch, I can tweak path so that I have little or no inclination to correct for. Makes Minimus travel much more straightforward for me. Not sure if this method will work with bodies that orbit around Kerbol. I'll be firing up a satellite to see if I can do the same for Duna.
  11. Thanks. I've been lurking the forum for a long time. Only recently started posting. Steam says I've got 1302 hours into KSP so far, admittedly, much of that time the game is on pause (sometimes overnight), but I've been getting along just fine. Looking forward to my first interplanetary trip. I had one last career, but my Duna ship mysteriously asploded (kraken). I didn't have a previous save I wanted to go to, so RP'd it by saying the lone scientist on board went mad and scuttled the mission. Hopefully it doesn't happen next trip... just grinding contracts and science to get the gravioli detector before the transfer window.
  12. Stock: No. Question answered. Now I know I'm not missing a buried setting somewhere. Thanks for those mod recommendations. RPM looks like fun. I'll be trying that out for sure. As for AGX, I have a problem that's a little nail, and AGX looks like a sledgehammer. A fine sledgehammer, but overkill for what I'm looking for. Of course I say that now...
  13. Hi All! Is there a way to view custom action group bindings in flight? I don't always remember how I've set them up or have them set up differently for different ships, then end up not using them. This seems like a simple question, but I cannot find the answer. If not, how do you manage your action group bindings?
  14. ClamBoy

    So what did you name your space program?

    Gus Named after one of our dogs.