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  1. Why are people against mods?

    So many have said it, haters gonna hate. My mods list isn't long (Holy Kerbol, over two hundred active mods?! Wow), but I like the extra challenge Tac Life gives, and I'd be LOST without Kerbal Alarm Clock. People want to play stock, good on them, but me, I'm gonna find KER every single update, download Waypoint Manager, and groove to ScanSat's builds. Play your way, and above all, HAVE FUN. That's literally the only thing that matters, are you the player having fun. If not, find some way to do so.
  2. What planets have you made it to?

    I have the far too common practice of starting a game, getting probes to Mun and Minmus, then sending others out towards Duna or Eve and then a new big patch coming out. I've managed to land Kerbals on Mun and return them alive, and land Kerbals on Minmus, though they managed to get stranded in orbit on the way home, 1.3 million kilometers from home at best, and then they got slingshot out by a Mun near miss out to deep Kerbol space.
  3. [1.3.x] Kerbal Alarm Clock v3.8.5.0 (May 30)

    Love this little plugin, I consider it a requirement now. Just as a heads-up, Curse doesn't have the version active yet, only 3.7.1, I was able to get it via github. Thank you so much for making this!
  4. An Honest Debate

    I honestly haven't used MJ before, so can't speak to all it's functionality. I got into KSP watching Let's Plays from various well known YouTube personalities, and several of them use MJ for dV and A.S.S. purposes during their videos, and for that, it looks rather nice. But for me personally, and this is 110% personal opinion, I prefer KER. Everything I'd personally want to get from MJ is the dV calculations in the hanger and during flight, and I also enjoy the quick targeting for rendezvous or orbital alignments, which I can get from KER without any automation options. The interface looks a bit more clunky in MJ in the videos I've seen, but that is a) second hand experience AT BEST, and b) a matter of aesthetics. It is entirely possibly (and from some comments I've seen in this thread, is the case) that the MJ interface can be customized to an extent, so even that argument is almost a wash. So, for me, I prefer KER, not because it is superior, but because it simply does what I need, and nothing extra. That said, I also think BOTH are brilliant in the fact that they give you dV in the hanger, and as one of many informational options in flight. I believe that SOME sort of dV calculator really needs to be in the hanger in stock, something that can be disabled for those who prefer to hand calculate (more power to ya!), but available in stock. Thank you BOTH, creators of these two interesting, and supremely useful mods.
  5. I work graveyard, and was really hoping to be able to put an hour or two of crashing Jeb into the Mun in before bed today... Sigh. As for the DLC question, I've got to say that it would HAVE to be something we the consumers couldn't get from some modder. I love mods, but it's a one-or-the-other situation. If the DLC is stuff you can get from mods, the producing company HAS to turn off modding, or the consumer will go there and get it for free, and modders will pretty quickly make free versions of whatever it is the company is trying to sell. But on the flip side of that, if it is something absolutely unique, but unnecessary to gameplay, something that no modder could do alone, or even as a small team, then the producers have a valuable something and should get a value for it. For games like Elder Scrolls, that typically comes in the form of some new location or quest line that is several hours long and covers vast reaches of territory. For KSP though? Interstellar parts/flights? I can't personally think of anything else that really isn't just a mod for the core game, and could be created (and may have been created already) by some modder working in their spare hours between the real world and having some KSP fun. And if it's just a mod, in a game that allows anyone to make mods as long as they are free access, that should include mods made by the devs themselves. TL;DR; If it's unique and unrecreatable by an team of modders, and is something I don't NEED to be able to play the core game, I can see it as payable DLC. Anything else, it's a mod, and mods have an established history of being free for this game. DLC that is required to do something I should be able to do inherently is evile, and shouldn't even be contemplated. ETA: "Better" versions of standard parts as DLC also counts as evile, since it effectively adds a pay to win aspect and feel to the game.
  6. I can confirm the issue on my install, bloody Space Station One, and it's not exclusive to 64 bit (accidentally opened 32 bit a couple times). I have SCANSat, RemoteTech, KER, WaypointManager, KAlarmClock, and of course KSP-AVC. Those are quite literally the ONLY mods I'm using. I think Mad Wulfus may have hit the nail on the head though, there may be a bug in 1.1.x that is affecting specific mod types. The most commonalities seem to be in SCANsat and RT, maybe something they are both touching?
  7. Hello and Welcome!

    New to the forums, enjoying mucking about in KSP. Figured I'd say hello world.
  8. Compatible Mods for 1.05 thread

    Has anyone else had trouble with ScanSat after upgrading to 1.0.5? I've still got the parts but they don't actually scan, animate, act like they are even clickable, etc.