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  1. There is one aspect of the Science JR. question that would be solved by a 2.5m version. Where is the Science Sr.? I'm not entirely flippant (a little, but not entirely), there really should be something larger than the 1.25m Sci-Jr that does something similar, but is larger. Perhaps it just has Material Bay experiments, exactly like the Jr, but has multiple instances, so that covering a biome only takes one Sr. to get ALL the Material Bay science. Or it only gets one instance, locks just like the Jr, but still actually gets all the MatBay science.
  2. [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    So I *AM* using the sifter correctly, I just have no way to actually get dirt onto my base yet. That does raise the question, how is one supposed to get dirt onto the base without a drill? I've not even gotten L3 R&D building yet on this play through, but I can access all the Ranger, Duna, and Tundra parts well before the drills become available. I'd been suspecting I needed a Klaw to get the nodes, but it is good to have confirmation, thank you. I'll take a look at OSE Workshop, it's compatible with USI-suite, I assume? Thanks muchly.
  3. Eclipses!

    Munar eclipses happen exactly as often as Kerbol eclipses. Just no Blue Blood Super Mun eclipses, since it's in a perfectly circular orbit.
  4. [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    I've been having a problem with processing materials via the Regolith Sifter. I haven't yet unlocked any of the actual drills at the 550 tech level, and I've used the surface scanner on my base on the Mun, and I know dirt is in the immediate area. But nothing I've done thus far has gotten any dirt sifted. I've made sure I have storage for various output materials, storage for dirt itself and still no joy. I've also moved Resource Lodes within a meter of the component, and it doesn't seem to like anything I have done thus far. How do I get those to process? Do I * need * to have a drill attached, and if so, what's the point of having the Ranger industrial parts so early on the tech tree? Or am I doing something wrong? (Much more likely that) As a corollary question, is it possible to craft new components locally on colonies, for expansion and using the colony as a new starting site? Or do I need to send a DIY kit from Ground Construction each time I want to make new components locally?
  5. Eclipses!

    This^^^ They may not always happen over the KSC, but because the Mun is in a perfectly circular orbit, beautiful eclipses happen on a very regular basis. They may not have all the scattering effects that some mods add in, but that Munar shadow does cover the ground, and has a pretty big footprint when it does. I don't have any graphical mods installed, and I've seen dozens of full eclipses, some have been rather annoyingly timed and killed kerbals, but the OPs video could easily be from vanilla, graphically.
  6. Landing gear for bouyancy control?

    I can confirm that service bays can have the same effect. Splashed down after a mission, and my craft was sinking too fast to recover. Open the service bay to try I can't remember what, and I started ascending again. No change in mass, obviously, but it may be that the bounding box of the object isn't based on the skin, but instead based on corners? Also displacement is based on the bounding box? I think !!SCIENCE!! will need to be done by someone with a much beefier system than mine.
  7. [1.3.1] Ground Construction

    No bugs to report, but a suggestion. The SpaceCrane is pretty over-powered for its current science outlay. Currently it's sitting at 45 science, and has multiple aspects that are more suited for the 550 tier. 2000EC, built in and very strong RCS thrusters, a built in fuel-cell, the fuel storage to run said fuel-cell, perfect node control, the list goes on. I like the part, in and of itself, it's just unbalanced as placed.
  8. Life Support Mods

    After going back into my save, the part I was seeing isn't USI directly. Like @bigcalm said, it's part of GroundConstruction. But GroundConstruction IS bundled with MKS, which is the source of my confusion. Meh. I don't like a part, I don't have to use that one part until later, if ever. I think I'll make a recommendation in the mods' specific forum for a shifting of the part into a higher science tier.
  9. Life Support Mods

    Not the SkyCrane, that one unlocks with 160 Sci (not in front of my KSPing computer, can't be 100% of SkyCrane's tier), it's a different unit. SkyCrane actually makes a lot of sense, both in design and when it appears. Built in RCS, 150 EC, probe core with full autopilot, a built in LF/Ox tank of decent size, fuel cell, four mounts for engines, and all unlocking at the 45 Sci line. I'll have to get home and pull the thing up, but it's got to be somewhere from USI, that's the only mod set I have except KER and ScanSat that add any parts. I'll report back once I get off work.
  10. Your craft nomenclature?

    Nothing fancy. My current "stable" of regularly used ships has Tourbitor 2 Guided (a Mk1 Crew Cabin, OCTO, heat shield, and enough 'chutes to land, with a lifter capable of 100km orbit), Tourbitor 4 Hitch (a single hitchhiker, heatshield, OCTO, chutes, and lifter package for 100km orbit), Tourbitor 8 (2 Hitchhikers, etc). I also have an "IntraKerbinSattCore" a basic unmanned satellite core package with about a total 7k dV that I can strap whatever the contract needs, and then rename it to "[Contractor][OrbitType][SciPackage]", no spaces, camelcase. When I name a specialty ship (landing somewhere, or heading outside Kerbin SOI), it invariably gets some name that is exactly what it does. MunMannedLander. MinmusSciStation. DunaOrbiter[Relay or Sci package loaded]. That kind of thing. If I have a major revision to a make, like going from OX-STAT panels to OX-4L or SP-L, or going from OCTO to HECS, it gets a Mk(x), with the original having an inherent MkI. Minor changes, I don't bother with altering the name. It can get ugly at times, but it (usually) works for me.
  11. Life Support Mods

    Another USI suite user here. I started with TAC as my first foray into a LS mod, and when I had a pair of science stations in orbit of Mun that could basically last next to forever (5 years without resupply) and 4 scientists in each ship, I thought it was a bit too easy for my tastes. TAC's recyclers are a touch too efficient imo. I looked around, and Snacks! is even easier, and Kerbalism is a bit too likely to have random failures, USI just kind of fit in the mid-range. The fact that USI also has the MKS suite of features helped clench the deal for me. Admittedly, some of the USI parts are a bit OP for when they unlock (lookin' at you SpaceCrane!), but I just don't use those parts until I feel they are in the correct unlock period for my Career game. The fact that you can't effectively make a space craft, especially a mobile space craft, that can perfectly self resupply, but CAN make one that has years of potential recycling (big, heavy parts, mostly in the 3.75m range, great for Jool/Eeloo missions, unnecessary for Duna/Eve/HKO) was pretty much the final nail in the coffin of my resistance. That, and I was looking for a good mod for kolonizing, and USI just integrates into that seamlessly.
  12. Why are people against mods?

    So many have said it, haters gonna hate. My mods list isn't long (Holy Kerbol, over two hundred active mods?! Wow), but I like the extra challenge Tac Life gives, and I'd be LOST without Kerbal Alarm Clock. People want to play stock, good on them, but me, I'm gonna find KER every single update, download Waypoint Manager, and groove to ScanSat's builds. Play your way, and above all, HAVE FUN. That's literally the only thing that matters, are you the player having fun. If not, find some way to do so.
  13. What planets have you made it to?

    I have the far too common practice of starting a game, getting probes to Mun and Minmus, then sending others out towards Duna or Eve and then a new big patch coming out. I've managed to land Kerbals on Mun and return them alive, and land Kerbals on Minmus, though they managed to get stranded in orbit on the way home, 1.3 million kilometers from home at best, and then they got slingshot out by a Mun near miss out to deep Kerbol space.
  14. [1.3.x] Kerbal Alarm Clock v3.8.5.0 (May 30)

    Love this little plugin, I consider it a requirement now. Just as a heads-up, Curse doesn't have the version active yet, only 3.7.1, I was able to get it via github. Thank you so much for making this!
  15. An Honest Debate

    I honestly haven't used MJ before, so can't speak to all it's functionality. I got into KSP watching Let's Plays from various well known YouTube personalities, and several of them use MJ for dV and A.S.S. purposes during their videos, and for that, it looks rather nice. But for me personally, and this is 110% personal opinion, I prefer KER. Everything I'd personally want to get from MJ is the dV calculations in the hanger and during flight, and I also enjoy the quick targeting for rendezvous or orbital alignments, which I can get from KER without any automation options. The interface looks a bit more clunky in MJ in the videos I've seen, but that is a) second hand experience AT BEST, and b) a matter of aesthetics. It is entirely possibly (and from some comments I've seen in this thread, is the case) that the MJ interface can be customized to an extent, so even that argument is almost a wash. So, for me, I prefer KER, not because it is superior, but because it simply does what I need, and nothing extra. That said, I also think BOTH are brilliant in the fact that they give you dV in the hanger, and as one of many informational options in flight. I believe that SOME sort of dV calculator really needs to be in the hanger in stock, something that can be disabled for those who prefer to hand calculate (more power to ya!), but available in stock. Thank you BOTH, creators of these two interesting, and supremely useful mods.