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  1. Cool. So, as I'm understanding, it CAN be more efficient to direct launch, but the timing and ascent profile has to be fairly narrow (a few minutes and degrees of angle for Mun/Minmus, potentially seconds and arc seconds for things outside Kerbin SOI) to pull it all off with a dV neutrality, and even tighter to get a dV savings. Cool! It's probably best if I circularize for my Duna shots, just for timing and the fact that the optimal window for Duna isn't great for three dozen or so direct launches, but now I don't feel as weird about my never ending "Bang! Zoom! Straight to th' Mun, Alice!" launches.
  2. Okay, so from surface to Jool timing is hecka hard, but from KSC to Mun or Minmus, you basically have a pretty decent launch window on a daily basis. Is it more dV efficient to ALWAYS circularize at a LKO altitude and then Hohmann up, or is better to just wait until the paths align, launch on a more vertical path, and go straight into an SOI encounter? Circularizing at 100km, on a stock Kerbin is about a 4500m/s prospect, depending on aerodynamic cross-section, getting that perfect gravity turn done, not fighting aerodynamic drag from over-thrusting in low atmosphere, etc. Add in about 1080m/s to orbit the Mun, 5580m/s all told, plus landing (I frankly ignore the dV map for that. I can NEVER manage it with minimum fuel.) But can it be more efficient to just wait for the Mun to be in a specific phase with the KSC, hold a 45 degree ascent straight through all burns, and just keep burning until you get an encounter? Generalizing the question, is it more efficient to circularize at 100km and Hohmann to ANY orbit, or just pitch down to 45, hold that until you reach target altitude apoapsis, and then circularize at altitude? I'm not good enough of a pilot to brute force the question through dozens of flights, I can't manage to get a consistent launch profile twice in a row, much less dozens.
  3. Mine are painfully named. [Body][Contractor][Orbit/Rover][Antenna] where the body is the body to be orbited (except Kerbin itself), the contractor is whoever commissioned the mission in the Command Center, whatever special orbit information applies like being polar or retrograde or Keosynchronous or if it's a lander/rover it gets that tag instead. The last bit is the antenna, direct or relay that the unit has on it. So, I end up with the ever so slightly dull, MunJebPolarRelay, or DunaProboRetroDirect. Exceptions are for my USI-MKS supply or base ships, which get a [Body][Component] tag, and since 90% of my recent MKS efforts have been to Minmus, most of them look like MinmusMatKitDelivery or MinmusLogiBase. Boring, I know, but effective in keeping track of my constellation of repositionable relay and package ships.
  4. Onigato

    What was your first KSP easter egg that you found?

    Huh. I could at that. I first flew past it in 1.1 or 1.2.
  5. Onigato

    What was your first KSP easter egg that you found?

    My second, since the monolith doesn't really count as "discovered", is deep in the heart of the mountains west of the KSC. I was doing a low fly-over through one of the passes headed for the desert, in a single Juno airplane which explains the lack of altitude, and got a little alert saying I'd found something. Intrigued, I circled and never really spotted it directly, and never really managed to land nearby. Three major aircraft crashes later, I just gave up trying to find it properly.
  6. Onigato

    [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    And that would be my derp. Thanks, I've got a Duna Logistics en-route now, 5 Kerdays to intercept with Minmus, and about 2500 dV on the transfer stage, and another 1500 in the "landing" stage. I *may* have over-engineered it just a little bit. Maybe. But that transfer craft can move a 2.5m cargo Kontainer full of Machinery or MatKits with a few hundred spare dV on landing and a direct from ground to Minmus launch. *shrug*
  7. Onigato

    [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    Need a bit of assistance. I've got a basic base on Minmus, with a Duna Pioneer, and Duna Agriculture modules, a few Ranger hab and agricultural module, and a BUNCH of storage. All the storage is set to Planetary Warehouse, but nothing is pushing to PL. Three two-star Engineers, one three-star Scientist, and one two-star Pilot are on the base. What am I missing to be able to push product out to PL? I know to pull I need a logistics module, but I thought pushing was universally accessible. As a secondary concern, on saving and reloading any resource lodes blow up, regardless of how much they had left on saving. I can attach one on to the base, and save immediately, then exit, reload in, and the lode will just explode as if it had all been used up. It won't have processed the materials, unless I'm in physics range. I'm still testing but it is possible that the effect also occurs if I leave physics range and let time run. It's exploding and not processing the catch-up first.
  8. Onigato

    New Messages update 1.4.2

    Honestly, the spam would just go away if Squad reverted the alerts back to the older "only if all conditions are met" completion. This feels like either a debug feature that got left active in production, or a "feature" that didn't get tested at all.
  9. The shadow to land only works if you are landing in sunlight too. Darkside, no shadows. Now, I personally love KER, and always have it sitting somewhere with an "Altitude above Terrain" HUD somewhere, but it's technically stock accessible.
  10. Onigato

    New Messages update 1.4.2

    So, when does 1.4.3 drop to fix that?
  11. Onigato

    New Messages update 1.4.2

    Thirded. It's not every contract, it's not every check-mark, but it is happening for things like "Place a satellite in orbit of Mun", and then triggering "Be stable for 10 seconds!" on my rover. On the ground. 20Km from the KSC.
  12. But the radar altimeter is available inside the Mk-I Command Pod, from the moment you start a career. We're doing SPACE!, a certain level of base technology is assumed. Heck, without some serious finagling, every aeroplane made is a jet, well past the WWII tech level. All we're asking for is the ability to see radar altimetry outside of IVA. I can understand having an unlock or at least a component for probes to have radar altimeters, but anything Kerballed already has it, from launch 0.
  13. Thirded. Radar altimetry as a toggle-able, manned OR probed would be of great use, especially if it automatically switched from MSL to AGL (or AGL to MSL if you're going upwards) at 1000m. The functionality is already part of the stock ships, but like the OP stated, inconvenient to see sometimes.
  14. Onigato

    [1.4.5] Global Construction

    May you gain the use of Skuld's bug-hammer in tracking this thing down. I'll have to try launching the original copy back at the runway and hyperediting it into place. C'est le vie.
  15. Onigato

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Fully Automated Landing Capable Orbital Nexus. It ain't funny, but it is a pretty good backronym.