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  1. On a Jool mission I noticed some odd behaviour with the sun, as I timewarped through the system it should be moving across my cvew in a constant, smooth motion, right? Well it seems to 'update' its position every x distance traveled. Is this a bug, or by design, and is there a mod to improve this?
  2. In my game the procedural wings just don't work, they have no lift and the menu doesn't pop up when I press 'j' while pointing at the wing, I don't have FAR installed, so could that be a cause?
  3. Hey I just wanted to say that the .50 cal turret seems to be overwhelmingly op compared to other guns in the mod, the Abrams turret does nothing to structural panels no matter how much you shoot them, but a single hit from the .50 cal turret obliterates it without thought. Is there any chance the mod will be updated and balanced anytime soon?