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  1. You have to click on two different parts, the second one will became the new root. I do not understand it eithier, but this bu.. feature is in the game as long as i rember.
  2. It will. But mechjeb throttle to 0 and then make correction for atmospheric loss, so it is cheating too;-) It is hard to do what you want only by adjusting direction during flight. The rocket will get a certain velocity, after a set time. The rocket could be too low for sane orbit;-) If you get to the 80x0 orbit at altitude 40km you spend quite a lot time in the atmosphere. You can wait with staging, but it is hard (I think) to do automatically. The better idea for getting to orbit with periapsis around 0 is to reduce TRW of (at least) the second stage. My test rocket with AG set to turn shape = 16deg and 80km get periapsis around -250km, and after setting thrust limiter to 70%, periapsis was -4km, circularization burn <100m/s, so doable for "small shuttle engines". A bit more tinkering and you get 0km. But you have to manipulate with not only turn shape but also with the rocket itself, at least with thrust limiters, so the burn is longer.
  3. Use scripting module: Set up ascending guidance in your favorite configuration, check "skip circularization". Add to the script: -modules->ascending autopilot (it will use parameter you set in the ascending guidance panel) -trajectory-> maneuver (change periapsis to 0 at apoapsis) -trajectory-> execute node. The autopilot will disengage at the edge of the atmosphere, the node will be created and executed. You can also add -staging/engines-> staging -trajectory-> maneuver (change periapsis /circularize _after a fixed time of 1s_) -trajectory-> execute node. and automate the whole thing.
  4. The rendezvous planner is quite far in the tech tree ;-) I also used SASS in surf->surf mode as an ascending guide, manipulating pitch. This isn't big deal. For catching kerbals and going back to the station the script in 'live' version works fine (although I have to insert 1sec timer between executing a node and creating the next one. Sometimes the new one was created while the engine was still running and breaks the next node). But one has to be quite careful when using it because the planner from scripts works differently (ignores all other nodes) than the manual one. I tried to look at the code to look for that difference, but I put too little time to understand anything;-) Maybe the new operation trajectory->remove nodes would be useful. Also, stopping the script does not stops executing a node created and called by the script. Is that intentional? "Oh, something seems wrong, I just hit stop... Why my engines still running?! Where is stop execution?! Why I closed maneuver planner?!" ;-) On the other hand, a script can have nothing to do with a node.
  5. Is there a way in the scripting module to create a maneuver node after existing one? To run a script that creates a plan. Now the operation trajectory -> maneuver ignore other nodes, both my and the ones created by a script. A simple example would be increasing an orbit. -increase Ap at Pe. -Circularize at Ap. Or, what i really was trying to do, the trajectory to catch a lost Kerbal: -increase/decrease Ap at Pe. -Circularize at Ap. -match plane -Hohmann to target -fine tune closest approach -match velocity The "manual" maneuver planner has a option create a new node/change the last node, scripting one seems to place a new node on old orbit ignoring existing nodes. As a workaround, I can always execute node and create a new one after that in the script, as it is intended.
  6. Hi. I probably have found a small bug/'feature'. The option "do not use RCS for rotation" works for manual control and stock SAS, but seems to be ignored by smart A.S.S and maneuver executer. Tested on a fresh KSP installation (1.3.1, gog, linux) with mechjeb . I'm quite sure it is an overkill in this case, but rules are rules;) log: savefile:
  7. Does not work on linux. On a new kerbal instalation It doesn't create ships and freezes. In the log: [WRN 20:11:21.678] File 'GameData\KerbalKommander\Assets\ships\mothership.craft' does not exist [ERR 20:11:21.678] File 'GameData\KerbalKommander\Assets\ships\mothership.craft' not found! [WRN 20:11:21.678] File 'GameData\KerbalKommander\Assets\ships\mothership.craft' does not exist [EXC 20:11:21.679] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object (and the same for other files). The file exist, but... slash in in wrong direction;-) It should look like that (from the beginning of the log): [LOG 20:09:51.371] Load(Audio): Squad/Sounds/sound_tab_extend [LOG 20:09:51.373] Load(Audio): Squad/Sounds/sound_tab_retreat [LOG 20:09:51.375] Load(Texture): KerbalKommander/Assets/KerbalPortrait [LOG 20:09:51.392] Load(Texture): KerbalKommander/Assets/KerbalePortrait Here kerbalkommandert uses the proper slash. All mods (I use... let's say "a few") are doing this conversion automatically, I'm not sure what is happening during craft loading. Edit: Following advice from here : I run ckan with this option MONO_IOMAP=all mono ckan.exe and it seems to work.
  8. I have similar effects in 1.2.0 (for some reason ckan in my 1.2.0 version claim TACLS is up to 1.2.1, but when I run ckan for KSP1.2.1,there is no TACLS). In space center->menu->settings->TACLS everything looks OK, in build mode too, but during mission there is no TACLS button and resources (oxygen, food, water) are not consumed. TACLS spams in log: [EXC 23:27:01.008] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object Tac.LifeSupportController.FixedUpdate () The whole log (almost 4MB) TACLS's setting menu in space center and during a mission.
  9. It looks like this mod do not contain "control panel". Everything works after installing SolarSailNavigator. Edit: Oh, so it is intentional. Do you plan to include it in this mod? I think it would be nice to add it here.
  10. ElWanderer have said that before. Sub-surface resources does not scale as L^3. Our civilization get resources only from very thin layer, at most a couple of km. And, what is important, our estimation about how much resources we have and when they run out, is based on amount of minerals in this tiny layer. So ~L^2. As you said, we can run out of Nickel before 2100. But 1.8% of Earth is nickel! We can run out of nickel only because we can't dig (more precisely, swim in lava and then molded metals:) to the 'volume'. Even for mini-Kerbin, as we assumed geologic content is the sama as on Earth, the amount of resources _accessible_ for 1950-2015 civilization is almost the same per surface unit.
  11. Yes, we know. It is more complex. Many mods has "Max KSP version" 1.0.4 and are 'compatible' according to CKAN. Edit: At first I did not recognize you. Your mods are great!
  12. It looks like this mod diapered from CKAN. All maculator's mods did. Edit: they are there, changing filter option is enough. Somebody (author?) change its status to "incompatible".