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  1. just tested in 1.7.1 and forced dx11 (using textures unlimited dll)....... ok well , triangles are still glitched , but all panels apart from 1x1 textures seem fine , domes and tubes are also fine you can just use the 4x4 panel and tweakscale it anyway lol , i'd say this mod officialy works in 1.7.1 and im happy for it
  2. not sure if this is the correct place but , when stacking warp drives the first drive you place is normaly the controling drive, however ive noticed a bug where if you lose focus or target away from your craft or reload it /come back to it the controling drive stops being the controling drive and it moves to a random other drive as the controlling drive. ps, thank you for one of my fav mods
  3. this mod has replaced my long lost beloved glow strips which doesnt look like its comming back ( if just for the slime lights , only thing sorely missing is a tweakscale config (i dont understand how to make one) to save on parts when i want to make a nice long strip of lights , im always thinking while building .. "dam if only i could scale this" lol , thanks for the mod love the slime lights
  4. is this mod still going ? i truely hope so , glass looks invisible in dx11 mode , and triangles are still broke and the tweakscale doesnt find it anymore
  5. i need this mod like i need to breathe so i felt compelled to help , simple really make sure you have the latest toolbar controller and click through blocker and HEE v. go into all of their version .cfg files (open with wordpad if you need to) and edit all the ksp version numbers to : current 1.6.1 min = 1.6.0 max = 1.6.9 (or 99). if the mod icon still isnt showing then you may need to make a fresh game and go to options and ckeck "use blizzy toolbar if availible" i dont use ckan and always remove avc dlls just so you know i prefer to do my mods manually , hope this helps :)
  6. ok this is driving me nuts all i am using is a LANTR and as we know it produces waste heat , on kerbin when i disengage the engine the waste heat drains out of the folding raidiators as it should ......... untill i cheat the craft into orbit for testing . Now the LANTR continues to start producing waste heat from nowhere even disengaging the engine , tried all radiators same thing , how is the engine magicaly producing waste heat for no reason the second i load it into orbit ? im going to try with hyper edit today and see if i get the same strange result , again thanks for this mod and i appre
  7. can confirm this works thank you kuroyokia you fixed my game , also for dx11 players this also fixes the gold texture bug on the hecs2 probe yay ! :D
  8. really wish glow strips would come back , slime lights is ok i guess but they dont glow or tweakscale or look as good as the old glow strips
  9. im confused which one do i download for ksp v1.5.1 ? the one i got was in a warp plugin folder ?
  10. wow ready for my uk morning ! thank you for this and the speed of upload too thank you greatly :)
  11. yeah ive been watching that thread too hehe, is a good idea but if THIS idea gets cracked ? omg will make my internal deck areas on my ships usable !!!!! no more floating around between rooms ! the real thiiiiiiing ! even if it cant be done while moving ? im happy to be able to walk around my ship in orbit ! this together with KSPIE = my life is complete !
  12. yeah i tried the magnetic boots pointless you cant move with one foot stuck to the ground , a centrifuge is a nice idea , but im still stuck on hoping for true ability to walk around inside my stationary ships :P
  13. in forced dx11 mode you will get blue-ghosted icons (google this) there is a temp fix which brings back part icon textures but ruins the colour options on PW = black wings. (you can still use normal force dx11 and the colours on PW are fine (but thoose blue part icons ewwww) in forceopenglcore mode everything is fine but the colours on PW wont work = black wings. in default dx9 mode everything is fine , if you like more mem usage and laggy frames (harmfull to potato pc users lol) hope this cleared it up for you and the people having problems with black wings and colours not
  14. Hello , I hope this is the correct place to post , ive just been deep in testing with 1.20.3 somthing is wrong , when i go to warp my craft starts darting around all over the place and my navball is going haywire , i don't understand, it wasnt doing this in 1.20.2 and ive not changed anything on my test build which is just the positron reactor-thermal generator-small warp drive, i removed the mod and tested both versions its definately somthing inside 1.20.3, i hope you can help , thank you for a great mod ksp version 1.4.5 no other mods installed. update : just tested with wa
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