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  1. Could you please tell us if SETI Rebalance Mod will appear on CKAN again? I'd appreciate it very much. If so then will it be closer to 2 weeks since now or rather 2 months from now? I've stopped playing KSP some time ago. No when 64 bit version popped, I'd be happy to return but SETI is must be for me in its hugest setup. But as I can see on spacedock, SETI is still in 1.0.5 built. Is it why it's not on CKAN yet? Best regards, kjub.
  2. Noted. This first launch contract fulfillment is not a rule. For example, I've done some fresh games now and even in first attempt I couldn't get pass this contract. When I remove all Contract Packs I have, problem vanishes - this is main reason why I am posting in this thread. It doesn't mean that this problem is strictly related to Contract Configurator. It could be any compatibility issue with my other mods but my lack of knowledge brought me here for which I apologize if I made wrong suspicion. My actual contract packs: AnomalySurveyor, CC-CP-SCANSat, FieldResearch, KerbinSpaceStation, RemoteTech, Tourism. I've started new game now without any contract packs, I've passed first launch and added contract packs again. This is not a solution though but merely poor workaround. Yet it must be enough for me right now. Noone else is getting this problem?
  3. I've contacted Malah, repaired QuickRevert mod structure (missing folder) and it didn't help in first contract issue.. Furthermore, I've removed QuickRevert from my mod list and performed test without it. Here is log file: I know, that probably this is not directly related to Configurator (maybe contract packs themeselves?), but maybe something will catch your eye. I'd appreciate any help with this issue.
  4. Should I notify him in his thread? Or do you have some contact with him? Or this fresh new smart forum will somehow notify Malah, by itself? Edit: Also, as I am looking at the log right now I see for first launch: [LOG 20:10:50.827] [00:00:00]: Liftoff!! [LOG 20:10:51.362] Added 1.999999 (2) reputation: 'Progression'. [LOG 20:10:51.963] [Progress Node Reached]: FirstLaunch [LOG 20:10:51.965] [Progress Node Complete]: FirstLaunch [LOG 20:10:51.967] Awarding 3816.51369094849 funds to player for contract completion [LOG 20:10:51.968] Awarding 1 science to player for contract completion [LOG 20:10:51.969] Awarding 1.09 reputation to player for contract completion [LOG 20:10:51.970] Added 1.089935 (1.09) reputation: 'ContractReward'. [LOG 20:10:51.975] [INFO] ContractConfigurator.ConfiguredContract: Generated contract: CONTRACT_TYPE [AS_Kerbin_IslandAirfield] [LOG 20:10:52.314] Contract (Launch our first vessel!): A very nominal launch! We couldn't have asked for more! Well, we could've, and we will at some point. <b><#8BED8B>Completion Rewards:</></> <#B4D455>£3,817 </> <#6DCFF6>©1 </> <#E0D503>¡1 </> [LOG 20:10:52.843] Added 1.999999 (2) reputation: 'Progression'. [LOG 20:10:55.458] Added 1.999999 (2) reputation: 'Progression'. [LOG 20:10:55.573] Added 1.999999 (2) reputation: 'Progression'. [LOG 20:10:57.010] [SCANsat] Height Map Of [Kerbin] Completed... [LOG 20:10:57.052] [SCANsat] All Height Maps Generated It looks as I mentioned: contract fullfilled (progres node complete). Strange thing which I do not understand is this part about SCANsat (Height Map of [Kerbin] Completed). But I don't need to understand everything.. Second launch though looks like this: [LOG 20:12:23.341] [00:00:04]: Liftoff!! [LOG 20:12:23.882] Added 1.999999 (2) reputation: 'Progression'. [LOG 20:12:24.734] Added 1.999999 (2) reputation: 'Progression'. [LOG 20:12:27.100] Added 1.999999 (2) reputation: 'Progression'. [LOG 20:12:27.225] Added 1.999999 (2) reputation: 'Progression'. [LOG 20:12:31.438] Added 1.999999 (2) reputation: 'Progression'. [LOG 20:12:33.326] [INFO] ContractConfigurator.BiomeTracker: Completed background load of Eve biome data. [LOG 20:12:33.327] [INFO] ContractConfigurator.BiomeTracker: Starting background load of Laythe biome data. And it seems like it omitted contract all together. Achievements are match in both cases (progressions). Also in this case I don't understand why BiomeTracker is looking at Eve or Laythe though. ;]
  5. Dude. You are Good Samaritan here. It is so hard to find someone like you these days... Good for you! Of course I can. Here it is: Funny thing is that in this game first launch actually fulfilled this contract which made me very happy. Sadly next launches (after revert) weren't so successful. In fact, most times first launch fails to fulfill this contract too.
  6. Good evening nightingale, I have a little problem and it looks like it is related to contract packs. I am using AnomalySurveyor, CC-CP-SCANSat, FieldResearch, RemoteTech and Tourism. If I start new game with these packs loaded, I cannot complete 'Launch our first vessel' stock contract. If I remove any of these packs, nothing improves. But if I remove all of them, stock 'Launch our first vessel' contract can be fullfilled. I haven't check this with other one-time-stock-contracts yet. It is not a blocker, but it took me some time to aim the issue. Of course the problem weren't there with KSP 1.0.4. It appeared with 1.0.5. All mods are up to date (Configurator, Contract Packs, related mods such as RemoteTech and SCANSat). qb.
  7. Have you resolved this issue yet? Cause I'm having this one too. It is not related to girder, it is not related to EVA. Even with Mk1 Pod and Flea only I cannot fulfill this contract. Also if you try to complete it via debug window, it comes back to Mission Control.
  8. [quote name='Malah']Sorry, and it seems that it only needs a compilation ;)[/QUOTE] o.O It was just cruel! ;) But honest, thank you Malah very much. :) You've made my day (well, technically, evening)
  9. [quote name='kjub']Thank you very much for a reply! I am following you on kerbalstuff now and surely get back to QuickRevert as soon as it is life again. ;][/QUOTE] ;.;;.;;.;;.;;.;;.;;.;;.;;.;;.;;.;;.;;.;;.;;.;;.;;.;;.;;.;;.;;.;;.;;.;;.;;.;;.;;.;;.;;.;;.;;.;;.;;.;;.;;.;;.;;.;;.;;.;;.;;.;;.;;.;;.;;.;;.;;.;;.;;.;;.;;.;;.;;.;;.;;.;;.;;.;;.;;.;;.;;.;;.;;.;;.;;.;;.;;.;;.;;.; (Malah, are you soften up? Does hordes of crying kerbals make you feel sorry? :P) Close to two weeks without KSP... Addiction hunger is glancing at me. ;] Just to be clear - I'm not rushing you, just fighting with my own addiction and this post seems to help a little bit :D. I've screwed up one long mission without QuickRevert and I'll have to start my career from the beginning which I don't want to do without QuickRevert for obvious reasons. So I hope you'll understand me here! ;)
  10. I support this question. XF sadly doesn't work anymore after update of RT to be 1.0.5 compatible.
  11. Thank you very much for a reply! I am following you on kerbalstuff now and surely get back to QuickRevert as soon as it is life again. ;]
  12. Malah, do you plan to update your mods for 1.0.5? I am using Quick Revert and Quick Scroll. Second one doesn't seem to make any problems (yet). But the first one is not working anymore. Would be great if you do. ;] For now I had to remove Quick Revert from KSP because it prevented me from reverting at all.
  13. I could and I would. But as I've written in second update in my previous post, after updating Contract Configurator (and to be completely honest - reinstalling all RemoteTech related mods) the problem seems to vanish from my save. Probably it won't do any good for you right now. After all reinstalling done, I've come to conclusion that maybe after update, RemoteTech FX small mod was a problem. I haven't installed it this time. And all seem to work.
  14. I am using RemoteTech downloaded today, but I might have started this game before an update of RemoteTech. I'll start again and see if it helps. Beside of above, here is a screenshot: Update edit: Ok. I've launched new game. I haven't fly anywhere yet, but the same thing pops up in VAB already. I think that there should be 'Situation: Orbiting' or something like that... 2nd update edit: I've installed Contract Configurator update which have just come, and in VAB contract info is correct with defined "Situation: Orbit" thing. I have no time right now to fly this contract though. I'll check it later.