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  1. Thank you so much for your advice. I had no idea about the RWD/FWS being such a bad combo. I'll bear that in mind for this and my future rover projects. I was just going by common real world practice. But then, this is KSP we're talking about, so I probably should have known better. I'll adjust things as you suggested and try again. You're right about what I was talking about with "Service" or "Stock"; they each have those color settings, otherwise the hubs are invisible, only the tires show. It's possible I've got it installed incorrectly, but I can't see how; all I did was drop the GameDa
  2. Sorry for coming so late to the party, but I just wanted to make sure if I'm doing something wrong with this mod. I'm just coming back to KSP (1.4.5, the latest version) after a bit of a hiatus, and since I've been following the development of this mod I thought I'd give it a try. First project was a simple shuttle bus, nothing fancy and not too big. I have to admit though, it took me a fair bit of time to figure out the construction method used here; chassis, then platform bits, then load carrying parts on top. Also the no attachment points for wheels thing threw me, as did the wheels tryi
  3. Finally got around to trying out the latest beta release, and I was disappointed to find that the old bug where the engine sounds continue even before the engine is actually started persists into this version. I don't mean to criticize, but I might have thought that would be the first thing to be fixed as it was one of the few things actually wrong with the original. Also, I see what you mean about updating the engine's performance. Using my testbed stock-built biplane, weighing in at about 6.7 tons without an engine, the original D25 Radial would get it into the air at about 55m/s and woul
  4. @SpannerMonkey: I am so thrilled to hear that the superb performance of the original engines has been maintained, though I confess to a slight bit of trepidation at hearing that they've been "improved"; personally, I'm not hugely concerned about "going slow", in fact I'd rather thought that was the point of these prop engines, for them to be cheaper but slower than jets. Actually, that's my other big problem with Airplane Plus is that those engines that aren't too weedy and underpowered to even get a plane off the ground are almost always so overpowered that they send the same plane shooting o
  5. Magnificent work, SpannerMonkey. Of course, we're all sad to see Keptin let go, but I'm so thrilled to see this wonderful mod, one of the first I ever used, being taken over, maintained, and even expanded. Bravo, sir. Bravo. Brief question, just for confirmation: Will the original engines still work in essentially the same way as before? I ask mostly due to my frankly disappointing experiences with the rival Airplane Plus mod. No disrespect to blackheart, she does fine work, but I've tried the engines from that mod on a plane I built with this mod in mind and no matter what I tried, it simp
  6. Looks fantastic, sir. Well done. Eagerly looking forward to this update. Couple questions, if I may: 1. The one I recall irritates you to no end, but someone will inevitably ask, so let's just get it out of the way now: That body-mounted rear fan. Is that going to be available only as a rear-end part, or will we also see a mid-body version as well? 2. Slightly less obvious question: We'll probably find out the hard way when it's released and we test it, but what is the handling like with these hover rotors? One of my biggest issues with the Kerbal Foundation anti-grav pads was always h
  7. Will these rotors work over water as well as land? Also, what sort of fuel system do they use, liquid fuel or electric, or are they switchable between the two like in the Mk.4 Spaceplane mod?
  8. It's been quite awhile and no word from Keptin, nor any word of anyone else taking up this mod's torch. I dearly hope this won't be consigned to the Isle of Forgotten Mods as I still consider it the best propeller engine mod around; all respect to Blackheart and the Airplane Plus set, but I just cannot for the life of me design a plane that actually flies using those engines, whereas most any design I've tried with a KAX prop on the nose takes off like a dream. All we need is for someone to fix the sound bug. Most of this mod is still solid and probably doesn't need altering at all. Please,
  9. Excellent looking update, sir. I look forward to trying it out next time I reinstall KSP. Quick question/slight request, and believe me I hesitate to bring this up given your recent hard work and well deserved rest, but it's been on my mind since I saw the first screenshots of how buoyant these parts are and tested it for myself: What are the possibilities of possibly seeing a part for waterborn propulsion? Like, maybe a rear part with a built-in impeller, like a jet ski engine? I've tried equipping rovers (built using both your parts and the WildBlue Buffalo/Bison systems) with small
  10. And we're certainly glad to have any thread back to support this wonderful mod. Are you still working on this mod at all, keptin? Keeping it up to date, fixing that engine noise even when engines are not active issue?
  11. Thank goodness this is back. I was really worried when my link to this mod's thread stopped working. I thought something horrible may have happened to one of my all-time favorite mods. I'm glad I was mistaken and that it is still alive and well, or at least merely dormant rather than dead.
  12. Rather nice looking mod. Looks very much of Angel-125's "Buffalo" rover system. Overall, I congratulate you on the looks of this mod, particularly the level of detail you've put into your parts, especially the IVA's. Everything looks very sharp. Well done, sir. I look forward to giving it a test run. Speaking of Angel's "Buffalo", he's been wrestling for some time with how to do flexible connections for his mod with only limited success. Might I humbly suggest that you two perhaps get together and exchange information? Likewise, is there any possibility of a future development of this rover
  13. Huh. That's weird. It's the command cab (on the right in your pic, to be specific) that's lacking the IVA. That's very strange. I thought I'd installed everything properly, extracted everything to their proper places. And every time there's an update, I'm sure to delete my old Buffalo folder before installing the new one to ensure no conflicts or corruption. I'd be happy to send you some logs. Forgive my noobishness, but where might I find them?
  14. Sorry to bring this up again, but there's still no interior view for the cockpit/cab portion, and hasn't been for a couple versions now. Is this something that's being worked on, or is it some sort of bug? I wouldn't make too big a fuss about it except I can't select any of my kerbals that are in that part; it's like they're not there even though I know I put them in prior to launch and I still have full control of the vehicle.
  15. Thanks so much, sir. I did this and now everything works fantastically! I shall apply this process to the cargo elevator and other envelop parts.
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