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  1. Im sure its been asked before, but do you need to start a new game to use Karbonite Plus. Thanks
  2. Rocket88

    [1.6] Monthly Budgets 4.8 (01/01/2019)

    I was curious of how you set the funds penalties slider when using above set up.
  3. Rocket88

    [1.6] Monthly Budgets 4.8 (01/01/2019)

    @severedsolo Thanks for quick reply and this answers my question.Thanks again for awesome Mod. Makes career a lot more fun and less grindy on higher difficulty settings
  4. Rocket88

    [1.6] Monthly Budgets 4.8 (01/01/2019)

    @severedsolo On New Career Difficulty setting Hard and MB Setting Default. If I Click on "Allow Other Launch Sites" in Game Settings Current Cost in MB goes from $42000 to $122000. Game Difficulty sliders and MB "Base Cost For Other Facilities (non Stock)" Slider will not change Current Cost. I also changed MB cfg. and cost remained at $122000. Only after clicking off "Allow Other Launch Sites" does it revert back to $42000 Is this intentional or bug, Thanks for awesome mod
  5. @RealGecko First of all let me say thanks for awesome mod I really appreciate all your hard work. Is there a way to disable biom info when in the map view? I have not scanned the planet for biom info and it feels like I am cheating being able to wave the mouse around and gain the info. If not I will refrain from using until I scan, No big deal. Thanks again
  6. nixeagle, Probus Thanks for the feedback
  7. Any suggestions for setting science percent slider if useing ETT and dmagics Orbital Science?
  8. Thats all it was, and thanks for quick response. Thanks DStaal and dboi88
  9. I have a problem with the akita wheels just spinning on the runway and the rover will not move, I tried disabling auto friction still not working. Only mod running on clean install Construction Version 0.1.8 from CKAN I also had problem before I uninstalled it, With MKS/OKS Duna Modules legs being extended suddenly on launch on runway causing module to fly in the air .They were retracted before launch in SPH. Not sure if related. I'm sure its isolated problem on my end. Thanks for your help.
  10. Rocket88

    [1.6.X] Orbital Survey Plus v2.3.6

    Wheffle, Was wandering what your thoughts were about adding contracts for scanning planets. Awesome mod, Thanks for all your work
  11. Thanks, TheNerdMobile easy fix
  12. @Probus Confirming Antenna problem also shows up on fresh save. I Then used spacebaby fix above and was able to use stock antenna in VAB but not antennas from MODS Dmagic Orbital Science, SEP, Or Karbonite. Not sure if this helps. Thanks for all your hard work on this awesome tech tree. edit: spacebaby fix caused me to lose a lot of other researched tech nodes,rolled back to previous save
  13. @Probus Thanks for awesome tech tree and all your hard work, I have found typo in advanced landing title. Just thought i would share. Thanks again id = advancedLandingGear nodepart = advancedLandingGear title = Advaned Landing Gear
  14. First of all l like say this tech tree is really fun to play, I like the fact you can choose your own path. And thinks for all the work you put into the mod. I was wandering if you ever thought about adding ocean exploration branch to tech tree? I think it would add even more "depth" to an all ready great mod. Thanks again!
  15. I was wandering recommended Science and Funds % settings with SETIctt for 1.0.5 , Using Orbital Science and ScanSat.