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  1. Replace Wan Hu with Wan Kerman, and have at it!
  2. Meh, precise node it a bit much. Really all the stock game needs is a way to incrementally adjust node position (that isn't drag and drop). Node values can easily be adjusted with a mouse wheel. Although sometimes it seems I can just click and hold and he node will move forward along the orbit, slowly. No way to adjust the other direction that I've found.
  3. I think you use the alt key to force node-only attachment in the vab. Looks like that may be your issue in the first pic? It wont "pick up" the node and just tries to attach radially?
  4. Does Kerbin synchronous orbit altitude need to be adjusted? Looks like it's leftover from older versions? Current wiki states ~2863.3km, vs the map indicating 2868km
  5. This is easily remedied by targeting the docking port, instead of the ship itself. Right click when your close enough to see it, and select "set target"
  6. Considering I was docking two ship's in orbit with no RCS this weekend, I'm going to say 3/10
  7. The spread angle maybe refers to the angle of the runners to the chute? So a smaller angle means the chute opens less?
  8. I encountered an issue with a probe last night, wondering if anyone else has experienced it. I haven't played around yet to understand how repeatable the issue is. I had a probe on a fly-by of Mun, where it lost comms on the back side of the Mun. I time warped past this, and when comms came back, I stll had no control over the probe. (Comm's showed full signal, etc). Returning to tracking station, and reloading the craft fixed the problem. I encountered this again when trying to land the probe, time warping through the entering Atmo I passed through a ground station comm blackout spot, once in the atmo I had no control again, and the game wouldn't let me return to tracking station (without reverting to last save), and the probe crashed. Anyone else experienced this? Is this a known bug with the new comm system? My install is mostly stock (KER, Automated Science Sampler, Better Burn Time, MM (no scripts))
  9. The tilting off launch is because your not moving fast enough for the aero parts to stabilize you. Think of it like trying to stand a pin on it's head. Rockets are stable in flight with higher drag at the back, but with the higher mass at the front. This is the opposite that's needed for very low speed stability. Most use SAS to mainstain stability during this part of flight (until reaching 50-100kph). You could possibly trying a quick burning, high thrust booster stage to get you to an aerodynamically stable speed quickly. I haven't done this, it's just a wild idea I'm throwing out there. Is your goal really "no sas" or is it minimal steering (true gravity turn)? If the later you might consider just this small use of SAS.
  10. Sorry, I think my pop culture reference went over your head. That wasn't a serious answer. I was looking at the loading "hint" and referring back to this:'s_Guide_to_the_Galaxy_characters#Deep_Thought
  11. Check that you have "Reset experiments clicked" and also check they you have "discard duplicate experiments". I've noticed it seems to re-run experiments multiple times even if you can't store it. Especially after boarding from an EVA.
  12. Well, that is a question that took Deep Thought about 7.5 million year's to answer. How powerful is your computer?
  13. Oh. I installed your utilities to see if they worked, must have added that one and thought it was part of the ASS mod. I'll fool with it again this evening, and post a log if it's not working. Edit: Just in case I pulled the latest file from your website (this is also where I originally got it). Seems to be working now. Not sure what was going on exactly. Also installed the latest MM, not sure if that impacts this mod though.
  14. Seems to be broken for official 1.2 release. The toolbar works, other utilities work, the icon shows up but right or left clicking it does nothing. KER only other mod installed on first attempt to use. Edit: sorry, forgot to add it seems to partially work. A menu will appear if clicking the icon in the KSC view. Menu for purchasing/converting science?