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  1. Also, the current/old IR gantry rails do kind of lack a rework model, just like the sliders...
  2. If you can prove to have brought so many astroids to it I would like to see that. So... what you did to poor Dres? All those Astroids would weigh more than the little one!
  3. and, since I showed this as ReadPanda was streaming, a little sneakpeak to the actual SpaceHulk - you only see less than a half, maybe only a third of the ship! (still working on details - 554 parts atm, missing one essential one and possibly a few dozen lights)
  4. Phase 3 - Still hauling Resources to space - a 75 red rokomax was by far not enough. Then the supply station blew up - with our brave engineer luckily outside - so the new setup was smaller in parts count - who needs 12 solar panels per transport when a full side mounted battery is enough to bring the thing to the deployment place 2.3 km from the end of the runway? about 900000 Material kits and 160000 specialized parts were gathered to be brought to orbit, where storage for said 900000 Material kits already was present and those storeages for the other materials in construction... but even an extended, 90 red rokomax fuel transport only was able to shoot at best a third into orbit... well, rinse and repeat, isn't that the core of KSP? meanwhile the Technicans think about what other storeages will have to be brought up... the solution: actually none, because between finalizing the ship and releasing it, it can be filled up... But we will do so anyway - safer than storing 80k nuclear fuel on the ground, and we need to bring supplies to keep the Kerbals working. Still hauling materials to the re-setup ground base (yea, those things tend to blow up at times....) and then up... at least 'up' stores about most of the needed materials up to now...
  5. I have problems with the scanners for stock and K+/Karbonite materials...
  6. Phase 2 - I did set up the KPS network by now (and forgot photos of how I did it - daaaam)... Phase 3 - ..but now I never loose connection anymore when delivering a cargo up to the station, if I don't forget to switch on the larger antenna on the transports. But after about a dozen of increazingly weighted cargos (2500 Material Kits+2500 Specialized parts -> 5000 Material Kits -> 7500 Material Kits), I began to phase out rocket-transports. Why? I set up a ground base next to KSC and the USI logistics nodes on the ground and the space station handle the rest - the only problem is getting enough fuel to the ground base. A fuel rover Mk1 is sufficient for only 5000 Material kits, and up there I need 60k to build a 320k storeage to allow a break-free construction of the SH "Dres". Comes time, comes efficiency, right? Why do I use a ground base at all? The larger containers are near impossible top get up into orbit, especially the 160k ones. But bringing them to the ground base on wheels with only a 100k load per container and shooting the stuff up with the USI Module (and loads of LF-O) is much easier. Still, it is a PITA to get enough LF-O to the station. So the obvious solution: Bigger fuel rover Mk2 (75x red Rokomax tanks!). Like REALLY big. And a factory, just to test the item we will need on dres... Well, once we are in orbit there, we'll have to develop a skycrane landing stage... Dres has an atmosphere, right? Well, at least we don't plan to forget Mark Kerman (#15) there...
  7. Ok, Updating a few mods (USI stuff) resulted in my spacedock disappearing because of suddenly illegal parts...I still extracted the designs and hacked the craft file of the Hulk to remove the now invalid parts (the 4 stucturally required parts I replaced with non-illegal ones so I could replace them during Phase 0) and started anew! Totally Fresh! This time, I try to do more photos... So.... Phase 0 - fixing the messed up Space Hulk - took some hours to fix the ship, but with the updated mod, the thing got a bit nicer and more tidy. But yet no photos for security of this TOP SECRET project! A Security leakage however told that about 403.8 tons of materials and 101 tons of specialized parts would be needed to construct the cargo-tail and that this piece alone would weigh 504.8 tons and would carry more than 10 kilotons of materials to Dres. Including its cargo (which makes up almost the whole price) it costs an astonishing 1.8*10^8 Credits. The rest of the layout remains a mystery, but it is said, that more than 500 parts would make up the single ship, about 200 struts might be in use, and that the final assembly took about 10 to 15 attempts to add or move component groups to the right positions and strut them up. That a ship of these dimensions has to be built in orbit is obvious, even if 90% of its mass is comes from the cargo of its Kontainers. Phase 1 - Launch a Spacedock. As the old dock became impossible, a totally new (USI) design was mandatory, and this time I have to transport 2 different types of materieals to construct the ships - Materials Kits and Specialized Parts - or the raw resources. To faciliate easier resupplying, a general change in the transport design is planned - instead of transporting hundreds of small containers, all transportation should be done in 5m Kontainers, the same ones that make up the CargoTail that leaked. To keep the station small, any subequent parts should be docked to a structural array, branching out. To ease docking and allow to move shipments from the rear end to an other dock, a pair of robo-arms is added - and already a relief mission is on the weay with the crew that forgot to get their bus to the launch platform, some RCS fuel and an emervency generator as well as food, so the Kerbals don't freeze as they work on the project...
  8. Ok, hours or rearranging (and adding Scaled up Kickbacks in size 3) brought the transport into a stable orbit, even if it is almost deprived of fuel. At least they are safe while the sattelite network had started to move out of their positions... REscue Mission with extra Fuel is in design...
  9. CURSE IT! Something corrupted the savefile and all vessels were gone! BUT! The shiplist was still there... So... New try - tomorrow... Extracting ship files... Retcon that - Found a backup in the folder as I was looking for the ship files! YAY!
  10. Ok, got it started... at least somewhat:
  11. In the Dres Awarenes I proposed a Space Hulk mission. The original Proposal: To get this done, I use a pretty long Modlist, which at times results in extreme slowness, the inability to launch more than one ship in succession and spontanous crashing: So, Back to the mission. Or rather it's missian proposal paper in a nicely refined sketch: As of now, I am during the Phase 5 - supplying the shipyard. Docking there is really a PITA by now. Step 1: Getting a Factory ship into any orbit, then driving it to a circular a position where it can deploy the sattelites for the permanent communication array. Sadly... Started via CKan and not Steam, so no pics... Step 2-4: Design the sattelites was pretty easy: command module, batteries, big sattelite dish, omnidirectional antenna, batteries and a resource scanner for the looks. Building them in situ was no problem at all, so deploying them on the final orbits with just a tiny ammount of xenon to correct courses was the most efficient way I could think of. To get to the next position of the 7, the apoapsis was changed to 3000 km for 2 orbits. Next maneuver is another circularisation, then the next sattelite is set free again. Phase 2: no pics Phase 3: unspectacular retrograde burns of Ar-Ion engines. Phase 4: No pics again, but fairly unspectacular... Step 5: Supply missions - these take the longest. The more parts already make up the station, the longer the docking takes, as loading times go down. While the first 6 missions were sent up with a variant of the original rocket that brought up the main factory, the last 3 use a different setup, replacing the argon engines for the transfer burn with liquid fuel ones and a cockpit that does not return to earth. On the other hand, the sideways docking on these missions forces searching for a good angle before engaging the docking pilot. Also: Always use only one type of RCS only - attempts with mixed setups of 5-way and extra strong 2-way RCS enforced aborting one missionduring docking - it ran out of RCS in an angle and I had to revert to construction. Stuck here for now, as the redesign of the ship always crashes my game during launch or I loose tanks in a collision - Getting up a payload of 3 pilots and 40 Kerbals together with 80k rocket parts and supplies for a year is hard, and splitting it down to even MORE missions makes the station FAR bigger... While I lack starting pics (I curse myself!, but HUGE ammounts of tanks tend to make the game crash... and I can't seem to press screenshot often enough) I have quite some of the docking, of the successes docking. Still working on getting 10 & 11 to fly.... EDIT: As the brackets and the imigur gallery adding do not work, the links... Edit: Fixed pictures
  12. Proposal: Send up a factory ship to KEO Use it to set up an array of 7 KEO-stationary sattelites Send Tons of supply missions to deliver Rocket parts to build a Hulk Send more missions with Lithium and Liquid Hydrogen, food and other stuff to stock up the Hulk "Dres" Send to Dres. Go into DEO. Build a scansat in Orbit, meanwhile do a basic scan for Kethane, Karbonite, Ore and other minerals. Scan for Kethane with the scansat on DPO. Construct a landing craft in orbit as we wait for the scan to conclude. Land a mining operation. To be determined. HOWEVER, my modlist is long (besides KIS/KAS/Alarm)... So I send that in for reviewing.
  13. I found a quite nice way to use Rotatrons to do actual science in combination with any onboard cam! Create a straight line of n structural parts with a known length l - Robo-Truss-Pro 5m are recommended. Add a rotatron snapping to each end Turn both of them so they are 90° to the truss Turn them, so their 0 is both pointing to the middle Invert the rotation of one of them, this is b, the other is a Engage limits on both, -90 to 90 Add a structral part to each of them (I like to use the Astroid Day IR Camera) Add an external camera at the same height on both, facing inward Build a structural beam sideways and then add the Triangonometric truss to it Add a right-angle inverse mounted rotatron to the ship - Direction connect another right-angle inverse mounted rotatron to Direction - The Elevation, invert it Congrats, you designed a triangulation machine! To use enter IVA, choose "external camera" on your screens, zoom in, turn the rotatrons to focus on the same position! Use Direction and Elevation rotatrons to get the right spot into the camera. To get the distance: D=n*l*(sin(a)*sin(b)/sin(a+b)) In my picture stream I did a little trick: I set one of the rotatrons to 90 in aiming at the upper right corner of the VAB's roof access (and mislabeled the elevation as Azimuth...) 10m*sin(b)/sin(90+b) with b=89.1 results in that being D=639.567 m away with an elevation of 8.74. For higher Precision take a more beams to seperate the rotatrons. Or take seperated pods and take the base distance between them and make sure they look straight at each other. Or amp that up to 11 and build an Interferrometer - several pods, all with a common 0 (notth) placed in some kilometer distance and aiming up to the sky, measuring the angles of the different stars.. Though... We need to be able to make the rotatrons scaleable to 2.5m diameter, so they look cooler when aiming large (radio) telescope constructions up to the sky!
  14. Cool idea, but.... couldn't you ask one of the pros to do the CKan file for you? Pretty Please?