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  1. After messing with Scatterer configs, I think I've found something I like. I simply edited Spectra's atmo.cfg for Kerbin and replaced the values from 0 m to 25000 m with the default Scatterer values for those altitudes, and now Kerbin looks great from the ground and in space! Now I can officially declare Spectra the best visual pack for KSP .
  2. I'm really loving Spectra, but one thing that seems off to me is Kerbin's atmosphere/horizon. It looks too dark in the daytime. The mountains seem too bright in comparison to the rest of the horizon, and it look even stranger from even just a couple thousand meters up. Is there any way to brighten the horizon and atmosphere in general? I've tried other configs but they end up making Kerbin really hazy from space. Is there some sort of compromise?
  3. Thanks for making this! I haven't actually tested it out as I'm waiting for all my chroma stuff to arrive, but I imagine it will be an amazing light show when it's all up and running.
  4. Once you get the download, go into the Texturereplacer file in Windowshine and drop the config into Texturereplacer. Then go into the default and drop the squad folder into the default in Texturereplacer. That's all I did and it seems to work perfectly.
  5. I'm on Mac and it works fine, and I just went and dropped the files inside the texturereplacer folder into texture replacer.
  6. I can't seem to get to the download. It says I'm unauthorized when I click on the link and I can't find it on SpaceDock via a search.
  7. Do you think you could change the main download link to spacedock? I really want to download this mod but the download doesn't exist anymore.
  8. By the way, you may want to move your kerbalstuff download to spacedock, as kerbalstuff no longer exists.
  9. This community is amazing. Many others would just panic but this one keeps calm and tries to fix it almost immediately, and I love that. I know it's a bit early to start suggesting new features, but I feel it'd be nice to have a commenting system at some point on the website. Thank you so much for doing this for us!
  10. I love this mod, especially with the mk 1 inline cockpit because now it looks more like a window rather than a blue blob. I'm just wondering though, is it a bug that lights don't work on the cockpits with this mod?
  11. I love this mod a lot! Only one problem, though. When I'm using the KSC++, it shows up in flight view but not on the KSC view that the game loads into when you load a save. Is there any way to fix this?
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