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  1. Uhhhhh, moving on from Yeet_TheDinosaur....... Newfoundland, Canada
  2. Peri Peri Chicken. Thanks Nandos!
  3. Wargames. The best movie about a hacker before "Hackers" hit the screens, especially during a time where the fate of the world hanged in the balance.
  4. One of my country's (Canada's) greatest bands of all time, Rush. Listened to them since I first heard their song "Tom Sawyer" during an episode of Futurama when I was about 10. Got to see them in 2015 during their R40 tour in Vancouver. Was a great show. I never play KSP without putting Rush into my playlist, especially their song "Countdown" from their album "Signals."
  5. The quick brown fox jumped over three sluggish dogs! There goes L, Z, then Y too.
  6. A title that refers to the current subject, which can be a noun, adjective, verb, or any combination of grammatical devices. Examples include: The Dog (Noun) The Moving (Verb) The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (Adjectives) Limelight
  7. I strip away the old debris, that hides a shiny car! A brilliant Red Barchetta from another vanished time! Rush - Red Barchetta
  8. Granted. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus/Pro now implements the Galaxy Fold's design, and with it comes the broken screen flaw. I wish that the Epic Games Store would SHUT! DOWN! AND! NOT! POACH! ANY! MORE! GAMES!
  9. Spread the good word about the best Canadian rock band of all time, Rush. I'd even buy a plane that drops leaflets with my profile pic (The Starman) on them as it plays Rush music continuously, especially Tom Sawyer.
  10. Malicious Deceased Malicious Deceased 3: Battalion of the Shadows Commencement (*Ship Horn!*) Creatures Ltd. Absolute Memory A Handful of Pounds Journey for a Source of Heat Sword Sprinter Crimson Sunrise High Firearm Phobias in Nevada Battalion To Assassinate a man named Will Recreational Warfare And now for some John Housebuilder Movies: The Entity Black Sun Offensive on Station 31 All Hallows' Eve Getaway from Manhattan Getaway from Southern California The Shadow Royalty
  11. If you guys watched, and/or read "The Martian", you'll get a kick out of this fine piece of toilet humor. FECES: Field Emergency Crop Enrichment Substance
  12. The Avro CF-105 Arrow. For it's time in 1958, it was the world's most advanced fighter jet that was not made by either Cold War superpower. Even the USAF had interest in acquiring some Avro Arrows. It was originally designed for the Royal Canadian Air Force to intercept and destroy incoming Soviet bombers flying over the North Pole. Unfortunately the project was canned on Feb 20. 1959 when Prime Minister John Diefenbaker's government ruled that the Arrow has no place in the burgeoning age of nuclear missiles, which was a sad day for the Canadian aerospace industry as many of the Avro Canada workers went on to work with Boeing, Lockheed, and even NASA to work on the spacecraft used for the Gemini and Apollo programs.
  13. Nice, I remember having a smaller scale Saturn V, plus the Apollo LCM, and Lander from an earlier set from my childhood around 2004 to 2005.