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  1. Talk about feature drift! A relatively simple single-hulled VTOL supply factory turned in this 400 ton monster!
  2. Prototype VTOL Greenhouse Supply factory about to make a landing at Minmus base. It is a mixture of SSTU, DSEV, MKS and SpaceY parts. (Its missing some important parts, like solar panels...)
  3. I've been attaching KRE grid fins (with buffed drag values) on my reentry vehicles. While preparing for de-orbit, I let MechJeb calculate the descent with grid fins deployed, which usually results in a short trajectory. Then, I manually stow the grid fins during the descent, which stretches the trajectory past the intended target. Once the target is in visual range, I manually open/close the brakes until I land near the target. I can usually land near the VAB using this method. Also, I've seen that a steeper descent (such as from a direct 500km orbit) results in a more pinpoint landing (although fiery and terrifying) than a more gradual descent from a 80km orbit.
  4. Pinpoint single launch to orbital rendezvous thanks to Throttle Controlled Avionics!
  5. Hi @RoverDude, I am able to repro the Karibou strut problem with a clean install and USITools I cleared the GameData folder of everything except for the Squad folder, reinstalled Constellation_2017.03.17.zip from Github, and updated USI Tools to
  6. @RoverDude, thanks for your reply! I am using v0.8.18.0 of the USI Tools. I do not remember seeing the Karibou struts behave this way a month or so ago. I tried quickly uninstalling some recently updated mods in case there was a conflict, but couldn't find the cause. The interesting thing is that although the Karibou cockpit has struts too, the problem doesn't occur. Just the other Karibou parts seem to exhibit the problem. I will try to continue deleting mods and report back my findings.
  7. Has anyone noticed a problem with the Karibou support struts extending by themselves after a scene change? Also, the "Deploy" and "Retract" buttons are appearing at the same time.
  8. Do you have enough Machinery? The Refineries need Machinery onboard in order to operate.
  9. SSTU has some optional patches that delete stock parts in the ¥SSTU-OptionalPatches folder. Did you install that? I'm not sure about what is causing the landing legs though...
  10. Setting up an orbital base in Moho
  11. I've found that if my ships have KRE grid fins, I need to deploy them before pressing the Land at Target button. It seems that MechJeb needs to have all aero devices in deployed position in order to make an accurate landing calc. MechJeb will usually land the ship a little short, so I manually open/close the grid fins to adjust the landing point.
  12. Thanks for the info. I confirm that the Fuel Cell Array CFG is missing a "ModuleLogisticsConsumer" entry needed to enable power distribution. Once added with a MM patch, it started working I will see if I can figure out how to do a Pull Request.
  13. I wonder if someone could check to see if their PDU power distribution is working? I have a Tundra PDU with both Microwave Power Tranceiver and Power Coupler attached, and with an engineer onboard. I have a Karibou parked about 10m next to the PDU with a Fuel Cell Array, but "No PDUs in range" appears when I right click the fuel cell. (No nullrefs, etc appearing in log)
  14. Sorry for the delay. I finally updated to 10.12.3, and tried launching the same MK1 Command Pod as before into orbit, but didn't see any crashes...
  15. Thank you very much for the quick response! It seems there is one more nullref with 0.8.15: If you have more than one field repair resource (for example both Machinery and EnrichedUranium) in a single USI_ModuleResourceWarehouse container, a nullref will occur if an auto repair is attempted. This situation would not happen with a default MKS install because as far as I know there aren't any default containers configured with multiple field repair resources, but someone might encounter the same nullref with a custom CFG or welded part, so I am leaving this nullref report as a FYI.