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  1. Angstinator

    [1.3] Kerbal Joint Reinforcement v3.3.3 7/24/17

    You're gonna be performing re-entry all right.
  2. You're not gonna get FAR Continued because of snowflake licenses.
  3. Angstinator

    [1.3] Kerbal Joint Reinforcement v3.3.3 7/24/17

    You know what they say about the choice of girth and length.
  4. Angstinator

    [1.6.1-1 + Backports] Kopernicus & KittopiaTech

    I put that to the test. Removed every mod I knew was using Kopernicus (which was pretty much only Kerbol Origins and Rescale) and the problem persists, despite the fact I didn't get my version via CKAN but downloaded it from the Kopernicus Git.
  5. Angstinator

    [1.6.1-1 + Backports] Kopernicus & KittopiaTech

    I downloaded and installed that, and it told me not to open my savegames. I do, however, recall someone saying this is just the mod's built-in safeties being a bit overzealous. Can anybody confirm?
  6. Don't bother with Google Translate, use DeepL instead. This thing takes any language (or so it says) but it's particularly good with German, French and Spanish.
  7. Angstinator

    [1.6.1-1 + Backports] Kopernicus & KittopiaTech

    Wait, wait, what? FAR needs a simple recompile to be 1.4-compatible?
  8. "We"? I don't think those reactions were sensible.
  9. So lemme get this straight, the big problem's been fixed but a replacement mod is being developed anyway. What else is wrong with RPM, then?
  10. Angstinator

    [1.5.1] Probe Control Room Recontrolled

    I just read that and now I am unhappy. What the hell, Squad.
  11. The largest dish this mod has,. the Gargantuan one.
  12. Just to clarify, does this patch also remedy the problem of the large dish lacking an extend/retract command?
  13. Given that the HE-KV kinda-sorta works in the beta, is there any way to enable the RCS guidance type for the modular missile guidance unit?
  14. Then I have some sad news for you: even though it should, it doesn't.