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  1. Angstinator

    [1.3.1] Probe Control Room Recontrolled

    I just read that and now I am unhappy. What the hell, Squad.
  2. The largest dish this mod has,. the Gargantuan one.
  3. Just to clarify, does this patch also remedy the problem of the large dish lacking an extend/retract command?
  4. Given that the HE-KV kinda-sorta works in the beta, is there any way to enable the RCS guidance type for the modular missile guidance unit?
  5. Then I have some sad news for you: even though it should, it doesn't.
  6. Yeah, I've already solved the problem myself. A force of 10 was enough, the default seems to have been 0.1. Now my sounding rockets can finally get to orbit in a halfway efficient manner.
  7. I wonder if I'm the only one who considers the stageable fairings to be too weak. They take forever to clear the craft they're staged from.
  8. The Genie's tri-service designation is AIR-2. The A stands for Aircraft-launched, I for Intercept-aerial, R for unguided rocket. It is not meant to track targets, thus your problem isn't.
  9. It seems like the GSh-23 has trouble determining when it should stop firing - even merely tapping the left mouse (or equivalent fire-hold) button causes it to fire continuously. Furthermore it appears to consume ammunition without actually spawning projectiles. I haven't experienced this with any stock beta-BDA autocannon or the MalFunc Phalanx, so I'm fairly certain this is unique to that part.
  10. Well, it turns out that indeed it isn't. The factor used is slightly less than 10, and I still can't figure out why the atmosphere was scaled the way it was. @jsimmons, if you're reading this, please advise.
  11. Angstinator

    [WIP] Space Opera

    Air-breather that uses reactor heat to rapidly expand intake air, thus producing thrust. In space it becomes a plasma propulsion engine by controlled venting of its reactor core.
  12. Angstinator

    [WIP] Space Opera

    I gotta say I would like some space fighter-size components so I can build me an X-Wing or maybe just a Viper. An absurdly overpowered heatsink should probably also be included for sustainable hypersonic flight, though.