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  1. Is there a best practice for adjusting SRB throttle in the VAB and letting GTc calculate new parameters when designing a mostly solid-fuelled rocket (think Vega-like) that only has a small liquid-fuelled upper stage for circularisation and manoeuvering?
  2. I figured as much from my experience with GravityTurn. Kind of a shame, of course, but unpowered ballistic guidance and gauging the launch zone indicator for range to target after setting a heading manually seems to be an acceptable substitute.
  3. Thank you, this got everything working well enough. I mean, a missile guidance module obviously doesn't like unguided bombs and doesn't provide a bombsight, but it works well enough.
  4. That's a shame, but quite understandable. Good luck with whatever is taking up your time.
  5. Well, I'd disagree here: in practice it means that it hasn't yet been updated and that the chance of it being updated is low, not that it is most certainly not going to be updated in the future. I'd already assumed that much, of course, but I'd much rather have a definite answer from the author whether or not my assumptions have any factual basis; thus I'm asking in this thread as opposed to writing a PM so that the answer is visible to everyone else who might have a similar question. With that in mind, I'll have a ton of time next week and might look at this mod more closely. Maybe there's something I can do.
  6. With that in mind, I would like to respectfully note that it's been two years without updates, and I'm not quite sure what this means in practice.
  7. Wasn't there an add-on with parts specifically designed for modular missiles? I can't seem to find it anymore, and I'd really like to try and build a Disney bomb (for which I'll need a warhead, obviously.)
  8. Two years with Kramax later I don't know what made me switch away from this. Not that Kramax is all bad, but PID tuning is unpleasant and so the only thing I find it useful for is the glideslope/flight plan thing enabling autolanding and slightly smoother take-off. This, on the other hand, actually lets me fly.
  9. I do have two pairs of ullage motors igniting 0.3 seconds after booster flameout, but further experiments have shown things that don't quite fit: The motors cannot prevent ignition failure despite being staged to burn for three seconds before main engine ignition. Propellant stability snaps to 25% or 0%, depending on circumstances I do not yet understand, on stage jettison instead of booster flameout. When the main engine is staged to ignite together with the boosters vapour formation and flame-out occurs the moment the boosters are jettisoned despite the engine operating at up to 50% power.
  10. Is propellant stability degrading to 25% after staging a normal occurence or did my install go wrong somewhere?
  11. Is it possible to plan out gravity-assists, powered or not, with this tool? I don't recall seeing such in the manoeuvre planner.
  12. I wouldn't exactly call Hall thrusters something that needs "short" bursts. Several-minute-long burns aren't all too uncommon, particularly for long-range (e.g. Joolbound) probes.
  13. Nothing's stopping those same people from re-releasing on another site, though. Besides, with a mod author who quit, presumably permanently, what's the point of not opening up all his mods? It's like that kid who'd rather toss his cookies than share them when he's full.