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  1. Haha, sorry. I just love KSP too much (despite its cons).
  2. Running on low graphical settings? I'm sorry, but its not a random stream on Twitch. Those are promotional videos. Haven't fully implemented all the systems yet? The release is in a month. The early access as per dev's words is meant to get the mechanics and stuff polished. Not to refactor and/or finish implementing the core stuff. It is either implemented in the core of the game or we're screwed. 3D artists either had time to create little stones for surfaces or it isn't supported yet with that scale ('we want the surface to not be boring' or something like that) we've been shown. Moreover, those screenshots we've been getting in the last few weeks have weird (quite obsolete?) water and atmospheric scattering. The surface looks very deserted - nothing to play with just like in KSP 1. I see two possible reasons: either their marketing and community management do epic fails again and again not paying attention neither to FPS and graphics quality, nor to YouTube video titles*, or we're screwed. I doubt mr. Simpson would ever read this though. * the forums would not allow me to paste the video title saying 'The value entered includes a character that is not allowed such as an Emoji'. The title was (and still is) 'Maybe maybe maybe [two emojis that do not render correctly in YouTube and Chrome]'.
  3. Any actual stones and scattered objects on surfaces please? The terrain looks quite flat. So flat as if somebody has shaven it. Ok it looks like Minmus, lets assume it should be flat. What about Kerbin, Mun? AFAIR there was a show-n-tell episode that teased us with beautiful rocks on surfaces. Are they gone now? Further more, there's almost no detail on the surface. It is quite different from what was shown in show-n-tell episodes. I hope its just bad marketing and poor place on Minmus' surface. Please may it be so.
  4. Thank you sir for your great support. Kraken bless you and live long and prosper!
  5. Just a reminder: the article is not on the official site yet (although I'd expect it to appear there).
  6. Does it affect RCS too? (I'd also mention that in the OP.)
  7. I would like this to be an update post but... Its been a long time since I wanted to make PAWRB capable of also buffing the inventory distance. Got no time to implement this... until now. It seems its either overcomplicated or not possible at all. The ModuleInventoryPart.allowedEvaDistance variable does not affect the inventory range. In fact, it is deprecated. It suggests to use GameSettings.EVA_INVENTORY_RANGE but can you modify it at runtime? Unfortunately not. Moreover, when you change GameSettings.EVA_INVENTORY_RANGE to anything higher, the PAW bugs. See the first screenshot. You can't scroll through this at all. Even if the first kerbonaut's inventory is hidden, the PAW still bugs (second screenshot). *sigh*
  8. That is correct. Sorry for disturbance. Sometimes investigating stuff over night is not good at all.
  9. @FreeThinker, firstly, many thanks to you for this great mod. Reporting a possible bug. It's probably only related to CKAN but FYI I'm also reporting it here. When installing the latest version from CKAN, Interstellar_Redist.dll is correctly installed into the root of GameData. When updating from previous versions, it is not.
  10. When SCREENSHOT_SUPERSIZE is set to greater than zero, the game disables the UI when taking screenshots with F1 (then enables back). So screenshots appear without UI. As far as I understand and as its not mentioned in the changelog, I presume this is a Unity thing. We need UI in screenshots.
  11. Hey, dear Private Division! Just got my preorder cancelled because they don't ship to Russia. Thats a disaster. I really, really want that coin very much. KSP changed so many lives and brought so much joy to us. Come on! Will we be able to order the merch with delivery to Russia some time in the future?
  12. On behalf of one of the biggest russian kerbal communities, THANK YOU SQUAD for creating the best game ever. And congratulations on reaching the finish line! We will play it till KSP 2 releases. We will remember.
  13. Should be working with 1.11 without any problems and recompilation.
  14. Привет, Кербонавт! Мы будем рады тебе в, пожалуй, крупнейшем (ну или одном из крупнейших) активном русскоязычном сообществе KSP & KSP 2. Ссылки ниже, а пока - что у нас есть для тебя: крупный FAQ по игре, кропотливо скрафченный игроком для игроков. Ты новичок? Или уже наиграл сотню часов? Глянь, вдруг найдешь что-то полезное для себя! вопросница в социальной сети ВКонтакте и #ksp-help в Discord. Первая насчитывает свыше 1,000 страниц сообщений и это при ручной фильтрации оффтопа! Игра не так проста, но наше сообщество с радостью поможет. посты от пользователей коммьюнити. Черт, пожалуй, это - одна из самых крутых вещей, что у нас есть! Игра жива, а скоро грядет и вторая часть. А без вас и нас бы не было. Спасибо, что вы с нами! стримы. Регулярные стримы на канале Kouston на YouTube и Twitch. Два ведущих, две параллельных карьеры, несколько стримов в неделю; Discord, собственно. Ну, а чем мы хуже. Сообщество ведут на голову больные игрой люди. Сообществу уже много лет - мы и забыли, когда оно родилось. В 2012, наверное? Немного о стримах. Сейчас на стриме двое ведущих: я (@atomontage) и FlipBard ( @Malcolm ). Стримим стабильно несколько раз в неделю уже несколько месяцев. Активные карьеры: 1) JNSQ с сотней модов. Близится мид-гейм. (atomontage) 2) Полный сток, почти самый конец. Близится новая карьера с модами и GPP. (FlipBard) Также завершена карьера atomontage - сток с мелкими модами на графику и инструментарий, а также плэнет паком JNSQ (он шикарен!). Дочитал? Тогда позволь рассказать о самом классном, что у нас есть: ламповая и дружественная атмосфера. Ты новичок? Примем с удовольствием, расскажем, покажем всякое. Поможем и направим. Ты бывалый, готов сесть на Муну с закрытыми глазами в 3 часа ночи, внезапно проснувшись? Тем более, давай к нам! Видишь ли, мы считаем, что эта игра офигительна. Мы любим космос, а KSP является первой в своем роде. Мы любим ее уже много лет и никак не насытимся ей. Насыщение придет рано или поздно, конечно, но там нас подхватит KSP 2. Бобрище пожаловать: https://vk.com/kerbalspaceprogram https://discord.gg/8VjSDe8 Вещание канала Kouston: https://twitch.tv/Kouston https://youtube.com/Kouston ######################### DISCLAIMER: Мы никак не связаны ни с Take-Two Interactive, ни с Private Division, ни со Squad, ни с официальными форумами KSP, ни со SpaceDock. Но мы связаны страстью к игре. Мы ничего не продаем. Мы категорически против пиратства KSP & KSP 2. ######################### Пост опубликован с разрешения модератора @Kerbal101
  15. Hey dear Galileo Team! Where is Kraken? Sorry if it has already been asked before (and I'm pretty sure it was). You know, as a kerbonaut, I wish to make piligrimage to Kraken the Greatest. The swallower of ships, the destroyer of worlds. The guardian of the Kerbol system, the creator of the Universe. Thank you for JNSQ and GPP. They are damn awesome - I've had great times playing both! When we arrived at Bop, we received a mysterious transmission of unknown source. After days of decoding, it finally read: THERE IS NO KRAKEN. The crew went all denial. Some tell they saw himself wandering in deep space. Others tell tales.
  16. Happy anniversary everyone! Thank you Squad for creating the best game ever! But why is it today? I mean the closest event to 9 years was the Alpha release - 24th of June 2011. Anyways, this is a special and great day! Thank you all! This community is the best I've ever seen!
  17. 0.2.3 recompile for KSP 1.10; (As always, please give CKAN a few hours to notice the new version.)
  18. Damn! I've just messed around with the new parts from v20.0. They are soooo beautiful and all awesome! Thanks DMagic and Nertea and anyone else who took part in the preparing the new update!
  19. Well, I fixed that in 0.2.1 too after your comment here. However, it seems CKAN caches releases as well as their version compatibility information. CKAN info has been updated. I'll probably look into that tomorrow. For existing users, there is the 0.2.2 update available so it should not be a huge problem (I hope). Anyways, there are not many yet. And I do not expect the download count to get much higher any time soon as this mod is mostly for end-game players or TweakScale users that like to adjust part sizes often.
  20. 0.2.2 separate pre-1.8.0 source from 1.8+ (no changes for end-users); update the formula so it does not change the range if it thinks it is already sufficient; fix the max ksp version supported You are absolutely correct. This could've been a typo. I probably meant to specify 1.9.99 to support all future patch releases. This has been fixed in the latest release - now 1.9.1 is specified for the sake of purity. Perhaps, in the future it'll become 1.9.99 when I play with the mod more. Thank you for pointing that out!
  21. Published a pre-1.8.0 build directly to the root of the repo (see OP). Its not on CKAN, its MiniAVC support is disabled but it should work on all versions from 1.4.5 to 1.7.3. (Edit: MiniAVC support should be okay now as of 0.2.2+ for pre-1.8.0 versions as well.)
  22. @HebaruSan, is there an option to wildcard the $kref property in a netkan file? I got a few requests to produce a pre-1.8.0 version. I've prepared the binaries and the repo locally, split the necessary files, etc. I can distribute the same mod version with two archives in a single release: one for pre-1.8.0 KSP, the second one for 1.8.0+. I would prefer the following format: {MODNAME}_vX.X.X-1.7.3-.zip and {MODNAME}_vX.X.X-1.8.0+.zip respectively. So is it possible to wildcard an archive download link like *-1.7.3-.zip without breaking the mod versioning and creating additional repositories? If it is, then I'll be able to create two separate distributions that lead to the same GitHub repo but different archives. When pre-1.8.0 support is dropped, I'll just file a pull-request to remove the obsolete .netkan file and update the current one. Thank you!
  23. Actually no. After reading this, I've tested the issue in question. Unfortunately, the minimum supported version is now 1.8.0 due to Unity and 3rd-party library dependencies. I'd be ashamed if it was not my first KSP mod. Well, nevermind - I still am. Fortunately, I've discovered it now and not a few days later after. Anyways, thank you sir for both asking this and for your pull-request! Much appreciated! UPD: forgot to mention that I also discovered a few annoying bugs. Fixes are rolled out now. So double thanks!
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