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  1. If y'all play with frame rates limited for smoother experience but want loading times unaffected, normally I'd recommend FPSLimiter from Small Utilities: Alas, I'm 90% sure it's not compatible with the latest KSP. With 1.11.x I'm using a personal, trimmed (no GUI) version of FPSLimiter, hardcoded to 30 FPS but perhaps some of you know of a more user-friendly alternative we could use?
  2. First experimental download now available - https://github.com/Zorbaq/SVAS/releases/tag/v0.1.7788
  3. Inspired by the great works of our most prominent KSP modders, for the last few weeks I've been semi-secretly toiling away at a bunch of parts of my own. With enough content (and courage) to warrant a development thread, I present this mod under the working title of Some Very Alien Stuff (SVAS). Not surprisingly, the focus of this add-on is kerbalkind's discovery and utilization of various bits and bobs of alien origin. As of now, it is planned to depend on Angel-125's magnificent "Blueshift", as it reuses some of its assets, resources and anomaly spawning mechanics. Presen
  4. I'd love to! However the idea grew a little bit beyond the controllable vessel and now I have a small collection of alien parts under development. Expect a development thread sometime soon.
  5. Pretty moveable, I had one attached for the same purposes for a while.
  6. I've seen entries in my log indicating that during high time warp tetrahedrons can crash into neighboring bodies, especially in dense systems.
  7. However, a layman's cursory glance over the code reveals the following in KerbalKonstructs.cs: internal static string newInstancePath { get { return HighLogic.CurrentGame.Parameters.CustomParams<KKCustomParameters1>().newInstancePath; } set { HighLogic.CurrentGame.Parameters.CustomParams<KKCustomParameters1>().newInstancePath = value; } } Perhaps it is only a matter of appending HighLogic.GameSaveFolder to the path to have separate instances tied to each savegame? Looks straightforward enough but there might be more to it than it seems.
  8. Is it possible to have groups and instances of statics sperate per savegame rather than being global and shared between games? KK settings point to a folder holding the instance database but I assume this setting is also global and there is no way of having a different value in each savegame?
  9. Can I suggest something? Would it be possible to introduce individualized whitelists for the PrintShop module (as an editable .cfg property with a list of allowed part names, for example)? This way we can have custom, specialized printers with a selection of parts narrowed down to a predefined set.
  10. Blueshift uses Nertea's Waterfall for its visual effects. The WaterfallFX module state can be linked to (among other things) the throttle value of the vessel. I don't how how your other mod handles FTL velocity but if it's tied to throttle then it should be doable.
  11. Something's indeed afoot: [LOG 15:29:10.563] Unpacking Monty Kerman [WRN 15:29:11.108] [EFX] Unpack: kerbalEVAFuture (Monty Kerman) [LOG 15:29:11.108] [EFX] Contains() [ERR 15:29:11.109] Exception handling event onPartUnpack in class EvaController:System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at MSD.EvaFollower.EvaContainer.Load (KerbalEVA eva) [0x00030] in <0e87f5b31a7e43afa0664eb60835ba4b>:0 at MSD.EvaFollower.EvaController.Load (Vessel vessel) [0x0003a] in <0e87f5b31a7e43afa0664eb60835ba4b>:0 at MSD.EvaFollower.EvaController.OnPa
  12. A quick question: can a custom controller be hooked up to an animation module? The scenario is: waterfall effects on an active drill part.
  13. Alas, the article is a bit vague on the specifics of the positive energy bubble and the original paper is behind a paywall
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