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  1. If y'all play with frame rates limited for smoother experience but want loading times unaffected, normally I'd recommend FPSLimiter from Small Utilities: Alas, I'm 90% sure it's not compatible with the latest KSP. With 1.11.x I'm using a personal, trimmed (no GUI) version of FPSLimiter, hardcoded to 30 FPS but perhaps some of you know of a more user-friendly alternative we could use?
  2. First experimental download now available - https://github.com/Zorbaq/SVAS/releases/tag/v0.1.7788
  3. Inspired by the great works of our most prominent KSP modders, for the last few weeks I've been semi-secretly toiling away at a bunch of parts of my own. With enough content (and courage) to warrant a development thread, I present this mod under the working title of Some Very Alien Stuff (SVAS). Not surprisingly, the focus of this add-on is kerbalkind's discovery and utilization of various bits and bobs of alien origin. As of now, it is planned to depend on Angel-125's magnificent "Blueshift", as it reuses some of its assets, resources and anomaly spawning mechanics. Present Status of Mod is: Highly Experimental FULL ALBUM Currently available: Tetrahedron Scout Ship A variation of the Blueshift's Tetrahedron Anomaly; a two-seat, all-in-one part, controllable alien scout vessel. No IVA model. Uses WaterfallFX for its visuals (hull glow and exhaust). Powered by Blueshift's Graviolium (attitude control) and Electroplasma (very efficient non-atmospheric reaction engine). No RCS thrusters. Spawns as a rare class A space object/anomaly on a fly-by trajectory around a random body. Seize it while you can. There's not much else to it though, as this was a proof of concept intended to gauge my ability to get anything done in Blender and Unity. IMPORTANT: Dock with the anomaly (via a claw or a manually attached docking port of your choice) before boarding to convert it from a SpaceObject into a standard vessel lest the Kraken may disapprove! Alien Scout orbiting Kerbin More images of the scout: https://imgur.com/a/6cidRE6 Alien Excavator A surface attached alien drill. Small, light and efficient (200%/300%/300%), neither affected by heat nor generates any. Its planetary harvester runs on Graviolium and Electroplasma but comet and asteroid modules are (afaik) hard-coded to Electric Charge. Best mounted on an extendable arm. Beam and funnel made with Waterfall. Beam-based drill Alien Powercell A surface attached infinite source of Electroplasma to power the various alien gizmos. The hotter the surroundings, the higher its efficiency. Features a cliche animation (nothing says 'alien' more than a set of rotating rings) and a glowing blob of Waterfall effects. A powercell on a floating pedestal Tetrahedron Modular Ship An extension of the scout concept, this one has bits of mesh sliced off as separate parts for user customization. On a side note, aligning surface nodes on a triangular pyramid is not fun if you hate math. Modular Scout Ship with active Excavator Pylon Alien Pylons Attachable parts for the modular core: Blueshift FTL drive, Powercell, Antigravity generator, Excavator. There are also some other experimental/debug parts included but they should be hidden from view by default. In the works: Alien Fabricator An automated part printer. Requires one of the mods allowing for in-situ part creation (Simple Construction, Sandcastle soon and potentially OSE). The only way to produce new alien parts. Alien Tractor Beam Functions as a standard grappling claw but spurts Waterfall visuals. Alternate Chassis for the modular core: The result of "You discover Blender tutorials. Your blending skill increases by 2.3%". Plans, ideas and general direction: intended as overpowered endgame content for crazy fun and/or storytelling part names, prices, tech and resource requirements are far from intended values and subject to change alien parts should not be available in vab/sph, the only way to obtain them is through exploration and salvage (leveraging Blueshift's Anomaly Spawning system) or the Alien Fabricator ordinary (non-alien) parts should not be attachable to alien vessels add moar parts (isru, thrusters, alien death/heat ray, toggleable forcefield/collider, aerodynamic shell generator, alien themed fluff/fun props) and vessels! IVAs for the vessels rather unlikely? I'm relatively new to KSP modding (had a short stint in '16 but didn't progress very far). I have some coding and modelling experience but only as a hobbyist. Your constructive criticism is welcome and encouraged. Currently struggling at texturing to the point of passionately hating it. Hopefully for now, you will accept all materials as passable placeholders. Also if you happen to know a good tool for procedural textures with emphasis on hard surfaces - let me know. Generally I need something to cover for my utter lack of graphical sense and partial color blindness . And if you'd be willing to detail your workflows, that'd make me additionally happy. Just keep in mind that "I hand paint all my materials in mspaint.exe" is advice too exotic for me to follow. Downloads: Releases: https://github.com/Zorbaq/SVAS/releases Source: https://github.com/Zorbaq/SVAS Dependencies: Blueshift, Waterfall, Module Manager
  4. I'd love to! However the idea grew a little bit beyond the controllable vessel and now I have a small collection of alien parts under development. Expect a development thread sometime soon.
  5. Pretty moveable, I had one attached for the same purposes for a while.
  6. I've seen entries in my log indicating that during high time warp tetrahedrons can crash into neighboring bodies, especially in dense systems.
  7. However, a layman's cursory glance over the code reveals the following in KerbalKonstructs.cs: internal static string newInstancePath { get { return HighLogic.CurrentGame.Parameters.CustomParams<KKCustomParameters1>().newInstancePath; } set { HighLogic.CurrentGame.Parameters.CustomParams<KKCustomParameters1>().newInstancePath = value; } } Perhaps it is only a matter of appending HighLogic.GameSaveFolder to the path to have separate instances tied to each savegame? Looks straightforward enough but there might be more to it than it seems.
  8. Is it possible to have groups and instances of statics sperate per savegame rather than being global and shared between games? KK settings point to a folder holding the instance database but I assume this setting is also global and there is no way of having a different value in each savegame?
  9. Can I suggest something? Would it be possible to introduce individualized whitelists for the PrintShop module (as an editable .cfg property with a list of allowed part names, for example)? This way we can have custom, specialized printers with a selection of parts narrowed down to a predefined set.
  10. Blueshift uses Nertea's Waterfall for its visual effects. The WaterfallFX module state can be linked to (among other things) the throttle value of the vessel. I don't how how your other mod handles FTL velocity but if it's tied to throttle then it should be doable.
  11. Something's indeed afoot: [LOG 15:29:10.563] Unpacking Monty Kerman [WRN 15:29:11.108] [EFX] Unpack: kerbalEVAFuture (Monty Kerman) [LOG 15:29:11.108] [EFX] Contains() [ERR 15:29:11.109] Exception handling event onPartUnpack in class EvaController:System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at MSD.EvaFollower.EvaContainer.Load (KerbalEVA eva) [0x00030] in <0e87f5b31a7e43afa0664eb60835ba4b>:0 at MSD.EvaFollower.EvaController.Load (Vessel vessel) [0x0003a] in <0e87f5b31a7e43afa0664eb60835ba4b>:0 at MSD.EvaFollower.EvaController.OnPartUnpack (Part part) [0x0002a] in <0e87f5b31a7e43afa0664eb60835ba4b>:0 at EventData`1[T].Fire (T data) [0x000b0] in <06f13185617646e5bc801baeab53ab75>:0 [EXC 15:29:11.111] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object MSD.EvaFollower.EvaContainer.Load (KerbalEVA eva) (at <0e87f5b31a7e43afa0664eb60835ba4b>:0) MSD.EvaFollower.EvaController.Load (Vessel vessel) (at <0e87f5b31a7e43afa0664eb60835ba4b>:0) MSD.EvaFollower.EvaController.OnPartUnpack (Part part) (at <0e87f5b31a7e43afa0664eb60835ba4b>:0) EventData`1[T].Fire (T data) (at <06f13185617646e5bc801baeab53ab75>:0) UnityEngine.DebugLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object) ModuleManager.UnityLogHandle.InterceptLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object) UnityEngine.Debug:LogException(Exception) EventData`1:Fire(Part) Part:Unpack() Vessel:GoOffRails() OrbitPhysicsManager:LateUpdate() I'm on KSP 1.11.2
  12. A quick question: can a custom controller be hooked up to an animation module? The scenario is: waterfall effects on an active drill part.
  13. Alas, the article is a bit vague on the specifics of the positive energy bubble and the original paper is behind a paywall
  14. I made a thing. It's a controllable ship inspired by the awesome Tetrahedron Anomaly! The aliens are coming (soon™)! (currently figuring out how to use massless Graviolium in a reaction engine without introducing a new type of resource) Full album: https://imgur.com/a/6cidRE6
  15. Apologies if this isn't the right thread to ask, but how would I go about changing the color of terrain grass (i.e. outside of KSC) on Kerbin using Kopernicus? I see other mods are supplying their own grass texture for custom bodies or Kerbin overhauls but they are all grayscale maps. Which value of the Material node sets the diffuse color?
  16. Hold up, how did you do this? Which class handles the look of the cargo part on a Kerbal? Don't all parts other than the jetpack and the parachute end up looking like a science experiment?
  17. After updating to the latest version, I'm noticing a steady rise of the number of A and B-class unknown objects in orbit of all planetary bodies (even Minmus). Currently at 129 and counting. Anyone else seeing this? My log says its the Tets and Jumpgates spawning en masse. So, an alien invasion? [LOG 07:14:30.099] [WBISpaceAnomaly] - vesselNode: { pid = 80d16cf63a51490eaba68660ad4bcd75 name = UNK-IEP-480 type = SpaceObject persistentId = 3543396830 sit = ORBITING landed = False skipGroundPositioning = False vesselSpawning = True landedAt = splashed = False alt = 413116960.28770608 lat = 0.00017861327102679491 lon = -22.63297229347187 hgt = -1 nrm = 0,1,0 rot = 0.0303219482,-0.630748272,-0.714377999,0.301498264 met = 216832764.49311778 lct = 216832764.49311778 root = 0 PQSMin = 0 PQSMax = 0 altDispState = DEFAULT ORBIT { SMA = 413413728 ECC = 0.00031389080686494708 INC = 0.00031247449805960059 LPE = 0.99978029727935791 LAN = 1.0003602504730225 MNA = 1.0003031492233276 EPH = 1.0003986358642578 REF = 30 } PART { name = wbiAlienJumpGate uid = 0 mid = 0 persistentId = 4082632836 parent = 0 position = 0,0,0 rotation = 0,0,0,1 mirror = 1,1,1 srfN = None, -1 connected = True attached = True state = 0 temp = -1 mass = 250 expt = 1 RESOURCE { name = ElectricCharge amount = 50 maxAmount = 50 flowState = True isTweakable = True hideFlow = False isVisible = True flowMode = Both } } ACTIONGROUPS { } DISCOVERY { state = 1 lastObservedTime = 216832764.49311778 lifetime = 1.7976931348623157E+308 refTime = 1.7976931348623157E+308 size = 1 } } [LOG 07:14:30.104] [WBISpaceAnomaly] - vesselNode: { pid = 48c1716e197842c69910cf3b77bbe8f3 name = UNK-RQX-161 type = SpaceObject persistentId = 2267031599 sit = ORBITING landed = False skipGroundPositioning = False vesselSpawning = True landedAt = splashed = False alt = 494022.44716924743 lat = -0.00043266740022041423 lon = -171.04327410936264 hgt = -1 nrm = 0,1,0 rot = -0.501748383,-0.483019412,0.644273937,0.315993547 met = 216832764.49311778 lct = 216832764.49311778 root = 0 PQSMin = 0 PQSMax = 0 altDispState = DEFAULT ORBIT { SMA = 795032.4375 ECC = 0.0022895303554832935 INC = 0.00052558589959517121 LPE = 1.0005099773406982 LAN = 1.0003840923309326 MNA = 1.0005109310150146 EPH = 0.99932634830474854 REF = 10 } PART { name = wbiTet uid = 0 mid = 0 persistentId = 1535625452 parent = 0 position = 0,0,0 rotation = 0,0,0,1 mirror = 1,1,1 srfN = None, -1 connected = True attached = True state = 0 temp = -1 mass = 324.100006 expt = 1 } ACTIONGROUPS { } DISCOVERY { state = 1 lastObservedTime = 216832764.49311778 lifetime = 86400 refTime = 1728000 size = 0 } } [LOG 07:14:30.400] [WBISpaceAnomaly] - vesselNode: { pid = af8d9273e62c409cb2712301b18b2486 name = UNK-ESY-550 type = SpaceObject persistentId = 2891627930 sit = ORBITING landed = False skipGroundPositioning = False vesselSpawning = True landedAt = splashed = False alt = 380997.8631302719 lat = -5.5442470004779666E-05 lon = -118.67372170457413 hgt = -1 nrm = 0,1,0 rot = -0.319021791,-0.830423415,-0.0557543039,0.453335851 met = 216833064.49311778 lct = 216833064.49311778 root = 0 PQSMin = 0 PQSMax = 0 altDispState = DEFAULT ORBIT { SMA = 439901.96875 ECC = 0.0025777893606573343 INC = -0.00023156753741204739 LPE = 1.0001161098480225 LAN = 1.0009503364562988 MNA = 1.0007261037826538 EPH = 0.99952298402786255 REF = 3 } PART { name = wbiTet uid = 0 mid = 0 persistentId = 3965997832 parent = 0 position = 0,0,0 rotation = 0,0,0,1 mirror = 1,1,1 srfN = None, -1 connected = True attached = True state = 0 temp = -1 mass = 324.100006 expt = 1 } ACTIONGROUPS { } DISCOVERY { state = 1 lastObservedTime = 216833064.49311778 lifetime = 86400 refTime = 1728000 size = 0 } } [WRN 07:14:30.635] [F: 51000]: Vessel UNK-ULF-666 crashed through terrain on Vall. [LOG 07:14:30.635] [Vessel UNK-ULF-666]: Vessel was destroyed. I'm running OPM and suspect this might be of some importance. Plock is looking particularly interesting
  18. Jump engines are probably instantaneous, with limited range and/or tied to jump gates.
  19. Is the direction of warp determined by the orientation of the root part? My vessel moves in reverse during warp while all visual effects are correctly aligned, regardless how I connect the warp engine. Is there a way to work around this?
  20. Actually I made it above OPM's Sarnus. Sarnus' atmosphere starts ends at 580 km and I finally started scooping LqdDeut at around 495 km.
  21. Drag you say? Looks like the vessel was simply missing a top hat to safely delve deeper. Mission accomplished. Congratulations to all parties involved! I'm full of LqdDeuterium and ready to burn it.
  22. [snip] *puts on a miner's cap* Joolian deep diving has its charm.
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