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  1. Day 19 of Coronavacation: Distance learning started yesterday, and I’ve been dumped with tons of Calculus work that I barely have any idea how to do. This seal now supports my dwindling sanity. 


  2. Someone with the Coronavirus quarantined themselves at my local hospital. No other cases from an actual resident have been confirmed (that guy was from a neighboring state). 

    So naturally, my school district, in its infinite wisdom, has cancelled all field trips and after school activities. They are forbidding us on the VEX Robotics team from going to the Regionals competition, meaning we’re going to be the only Regionals-qualified school in the state not going. No Regionals means we’re automatically not getting to the Worlds competition, which ruins my chance of actually seeing it in person; same for every other senior on the team. 

    1. GDJ


      That sucks. Yeah we're dealing with the same crap up here in the Great White North. Everybody is in panic mode.

    2. ProtoJeb21


      Oh it gets worse. They cancelled the school play that was supposed to be in a few weeks, and other schools in the state have panicked and banned their teams from Regionals. 

      Typical. They act out of panic and take the easiest, worst option. You can’t contain a virus nobody has. 

  3. I can’t wait to see the Internet explode this weekend with the release of The Rise of Skywalker and Cats. While I did like TRoS and would not consider it a bad movie, it’s going to send the fan base into a frenzy, for better AND for worse. 

    Cats is apparently just as much of an abomination as expected. 

  4. Most or all of Matt Lowne’s KSP videos have been copyright claimed for a song that is supposed to be free to use. There’s a dangerous chance his channel could be terminated and his struggles could go unnoticed because it’s so small in the grand scheme of things. However, if the Reddit post about it gets enough upvotes, it might reach r/all and bring this to the attention of the Reddit community. 


  5. Someone please explain how I somehow missed news of KSP 1.5...for ten days.

  6. Hurricane Michael may be a Category 5 hurricane based on aircraft reconnaissance data. 


    To everyone in Florida, may you and your loved ones stay safe, and remember: as bad as this is, don’t panic, as fear may kill you in this situation. 

    1. electricpants


      ...i don't really know how to respond to stuff like that in an appropriate way. :/

      i don't live in florida but still, i do want to kinda be respectful about news like this

    2. HansonKerman


      Oh-oh (Arial = serious). I didn't even know about this until Thursday, a friend told me. 


      Stay safe.


      i don't live in florida but still, i do want to kinda be respectful about news like this

      It's fine :) 

      (BTW I'm New England)

  7. I’m finally doing something productive in Kerbal Space Program again! Today I got my Hermes III probe into Moho orbit, launched Jeb, Bill, and Val to Dina aboard Ausra II, and sent Hera II to Jool. I’ll do a larger post on these missions later. 

  8. Exactly one year ago from this very moment, totality arrived in Colombia, South Carolina. 

  9. First Gliese 1132 was found to have three planets; now LHS 1140 joins the three-planet system club with an inner Earth-mass planet and an outer Neptune-like planet.


  10. I asked this a few weeks ago, but didn't get a response: will my KSP 1.3.1 science mode save work with KSP 1.4.3? I have tested some of my old sandbox saves and they seem to be working okay (even with craft that have outdated part designs), but I just need to be 100% sure before continuing my science save. I don't want to accidentally glitch it out or break it.

    1. ProtoJeb21


      Another question: What happened to KSP x64 bit?

    2. HansonKerman


      Now that is a question I can say yes to.

  11. *excited screeching*

    There may be TWO extra planets around GJ 1132! One of which orbits near the habitable zone!


    1. Spaceception


      I hope we see transits, if they were able to even somewhat measure the atmosphere for GJ 1132 b, It'd be awesome to see data for c as well.

    2. ProtoJeb21


      Unfortunately, they could not find any transits of GJ 1132 c with the Spitzer telescope. I'm under the assumption that c's orbit is only a few degrees more inclined than b's, which would mean its actual mass would be closer to about 3 times that of Earth. It could be an ocean world, as GJ 1132 b appears to have a LOT of water in its atmosphere. GJ 1132 c might have even more, which could prevent it from becoming a Super-Venus (highly reflective cloud layer and low amounts of carbon dioxide would cool the "surface" and prevent all the water from evaporating).

      Some online news article published last April about GJ 1132b's atmosphere used one of my Space Engine renditions of the planet I made (and released) around the same time. If you happen to get any not-Forum-appropriate ads...sorry.


  12. I need to get back into KSP soon (if time permits) so I need to ask a question I’ve been meaning to ask for months: 

    Will my old 1.3.something save work with KSP 1.4.3?

  13. There's this typical Hot Jupiter called Kepler-503b that was part of that giant 1,284 valdidated planets haul from May 10th 2016. Except one problem:


    Apparently it's a tiny star. Whoops.

  14. TRAPPIST-1e continues to get more and more Earth-like the more it’s studied. A new scientific paper was just released on arXiv, further detailing the planet’s composition. It has a large iron core containing about 42% of its mass with a 99.96% confidence. For comparison, Earth’s iron core takes up about a third of its mass. 


    1. NSEP


      I hope that indicates it has a strong enough magnetic field!

    2. HansonKerman
  15. I have no idea why I changed my profile picture to this.

  16. Guess what: IT’S SNOWING. On April 17th. And there are Spring Peeper tree frogs chirping like crazy outside. 

    Please stop

    1. Atlas2342


      I’ve never experienced snow so I guess I can’t hate it lol

    2. HansonKerman


      The snow's already gone over here!

  17. Today marks the 13th year since the dwarf planet Makemake was first found. It was first spotted on April 3rd, 2005, two days after Easter of that year (which was also on April Fool’s Day).

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. SAS123


      Indeed! It is prounced Ma-Ke-Ma-Ke for those who didn't know before or like me used to call it make-make XD

    3. Kerbalwerks


      Sounds Hawaiian

    4. ProtoJeb21


      Close. It’s Polynesian.

  18. Umm.....we have a problem...


    Kepler-452b may not even exist.

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    2. SAS123


      Oh that is a bummer :/. I hope TESS when it launches can confirm the planet's existence.

    3. ProtoJeb21


      That’s going to be impossible with TESS, because it has a 20-something day observation window for its fields and only looks at bright stars. Even if Kepler-452b were to transit its star when TESS was looking at it, the star Kepler-452 is too dim. 

    4. Spaceception


      Well that effing sucks :(

  19. Here’s an interesting new Kepler planet: Kepler-1655b, a gaseous Mini-Neptune that is one of very few planets its size to have a mass measurement. It is 2.2 times the radius of Earth and 5 times the mass, and gets about 147 times more sunlight than Earth. Because the planet orbits so close to the region where atmospheric loss will take hold, it is an interesting target for further study.


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. ProtoJeb21


      Maybe in the future.

    3. UranianBlue


      Could it have a burning-ice surface like Gliese 436b?

    4. ProtoJeb21


      I’m not too sure. In my opinion, this is likely a Mini-Neptune and not a Mini-GJ 436b because of the low metal (heavy element) content of the host star. 

  20. 1980: I bet in 2018 there will be flying cars and a cure for cancer. 



    1. Cabbink


      ah yes, mrbeast, the abomination beauty of the internet

  21. WASP-18b and WASP-33b may actually be the first transiting exoplanets ever found, thanks to the Hipparcos spacecraft.


  22. The more I scour K2 data for signs of transiting exoplanets, the more horrors of the Universe I stumble across. My shortest-period object I had ever found was known as EPIC 248793536.01, a likely planet candidate orbiting an orange dwarf around 60-65% the size of the Sun. This nearly impossible object was over twice the size of Earth and took only 0.303595 days to orbit its star. That's only 7.29 hours! I thought that there would be no way I would find anything in a shorter orbital period than that.

    Fast forward to today, and I'm proven wrong, with an eclipsing binary that orbits every...THREE HOURS.


  23. Sorry I haven’t been very active this last week or so. While I have been doing a lot of 1.4 stuff that I will soon get around to posting, I’ve been mainly involved with some Reddit/Star Wars stuff. 

    1. NSEP


      No problem pal!

    2. ProtoJeb21


      Once I get the time, I will post about my first successful self-sustaining “everywhere vessel” and the excruciatingly painful hour of failed rescue missions that followed. 

  24. I’m actually enjoying KSP 1.4 more than I thought I would, but now I don’t have Kerbal Enginner to help with building efficient missions, and I had to send a rescue mission to rescue a rescue mission for a craft I stranded on the MUN of all places. And there’s still one more Kerbal in need of rescuing as well....

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