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  1. Is there anyone with really good Scatterer experience that can help me out? I'm trying to get Scatterer ocean effects for Iona (EPIC 212525618 b), Eve, Kerbin, and Laythe, atmospheric effects for Iona, Eve, Duna, Kerbin, Laythe, and Jool. and sun flare effects for Kerbol and EPIC 212525618. However, no effects would load, and my game began acting very weird. Half of Iona was lit by its star while the other half was illuminated by Kerbol. Then, out of the blue, the game started lagging VERY bad and I had to force-quit it. Anyone know how to fix this? (Send me a PM if you can help)


    In other news, I just found out that India and Vietnam are likely to get hit with Category 5 super typhoons next week. Damn.

    1. AndrewDraws


      Would help you, but I have little time. Why did I decide to take APUSH...

      As for the typhoon, it's remarkable that people out there continue to deny that climate change is occuring and is at large caused by greenhouse gases being spewed into the atmosphere by humans. 

      I'd like climate change deniers to explain to me how Venus has a higher temperature than Mercury despite being further away from the Sun...

    2. Cabbink


      Ask gameslinx.

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