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  1. Man. I sure love it when people host on their own server, instead of on kerbalstuff or what have you. It's just awesome, downloading things at one fifth of dialup. Waiting hours and hours to play KSP. You know, if you quit CKAN mid-download it can mess all sorts of things up, so you can't just say "screw it, I'll play with the old version" without a great deal of risk. If you'd like some higher speed hosting, I'll give you a gig on one of my 1Gb/s boxes. Shoot me a PM. Edit: Oops, your server timed out on me, causing an exception in CKAN and all of the updates to revert to the old ver
  2. Can you please, please, please find a new host for the releases? Anything other than spacedock? The download speeds are atrocious because spacedock's network speed is atrocious and the KSPI binary is enormous relative to the speed of the host. Or maybe just also release a 'diff' upgrade, something where if the user has the previous version they need only download the .diff and use gnu patch? I dunno, it seems like a lot of work compared to finding a new host with an upload speed faster than 100kb/s I have a server with a 1Gb/s upload speed, if you would like free hosting. It would be pre
  3. Excellent! Thank you so much! Any plan on whipping up a quick .ckan entry?
  4. Yes, MJ can do that as well. SURF -> SURF. I usually launch rockets by starting at 90/90 and pressing the "minus" key to subtract 1 from the pitch, slowly executing my gravity turn. It is far, far superior to RT's flight computer. Can be seen in the bottom right in this screenshot:
  5. Could you post your output_log.txt? It's inside the "KSP_Data" or "KSP_x64_Data" folder, depending on which version of KSP you are running. Try to post everything after you load the launch pad or runway scene if you can, but ideally upload the whole log. Just as a tip, wheels in KSP 1.1.x do not work very well at all; the updated wheel physics in 1.1 improved things but it's still a sad situation. The "Stock Bug Fix Modules & Stock Plus" mod by Claw (one of the KSP developers) does a pretty good job at getting wheels to sort of work well enough to be usable; I recommend you install it a
  6. He said that Protractor is more or less working in build 01532, without mentioning 1.2 at all. Not trying to offend or anything, it's just really irritating to watch two people misunderstand each other when you can see exactly what the misunderstanding was lol
  7. You say you are still having problems when people try to connect; what exactly is the problem? Do they get a "timeout" error, or a "connection refused" error, or something else? If the first, it means they literally *cannot connect* to your computer. If the latter, it means that they *can* connect, but that the connection is getting refused. If you set up port forwarding on your router, then the connection is probably getting refused at your *computer*. (In keeping with the "ocean port" analogy above, if you are the President and you go out to Ellis Island and say "anybody coming from France s
  8. Only if the specific port you are opening is associated with an application which is vulnerable. For instance, if you open port 80 (to let apache or nginx or some such serve webpages), and then run, say, Wordpress, then it is possible that some exploit exists for the current version of Wordpress which allows people to get into your system.
  9. Hey, so... [x] science is bringing me out of warp on biome change whether or not I have science to collect and whether or not the Here and Now window is open. Is this behavior intended? It makes it a poodle to navigate kerbin, or any science-depleted system, as there seems to be no way to turn off the dewarping functionality.
  10. I have a question. What is everyone else using for fuel tanks for nuclear engine propellants? I find the Interstellar Liquid Fuel Tanks aren't quite varied enough to meet my needs... what I'd really like is the ability to put, say, hydrogen, into a Procedural Tank. Is there any way to do that?
  11. Is there really even a functional difference between RCS versus an engine? With the lesser RCS thrusters and the low-sensitivity control setting, I can also easily get my orbital periods within 1/1000th of a second of where I want them. Example: https://i.sli.mg/eEpS33.jpg And it's way easier than mucking about with the thrust limiter on an engine.
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