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  1. Stock plane with propeller powered by electricity. Max speed over 40-50 m/s. Mass: 9.99 t. Take-off: 1) Press stage 2) Activate SAS 3)Switch to propeller with ‘[’ or ‘]’ key 4)Hold Alt + E until roll indicator not reach right edge. 5)Switch back to aircraft with ‘[’ or ‘]’ key Don`t forget to rise landing gears. After 4 step plane will take-off automatically. You can also fly manually (without SAS or any stabilization) for it press 1 to disable reaction wheels and press T to disable SAS (if enabled). Screenshots: Download: KerbalX
  2. Max speed: 55 m/s Max alt: 8000 m Parts: 725 Screenshots: Download: KerbalX
  3. Screenshots: Download: KerbalX: C-3
  4. [URL="http://radikal.ru/big/ebfc651f0ba1415691e53e0b249aa453"][IMG]http://s50.radikal.ru/i130/1511/5d/5da58db1b7f2.png[/IMG][/URL] Part count: 188. It can land and takeoff from water. [URL="http://radikal.ru/big/fc4dd5e83f5b4dc9b7ef9938334d1789"][IMG]http://s020.radikal.ru/i708/1511/29/60d7d8fda9c5.png[/IMG][/URL] [URL="http://radikal.ru/big/0a09fe3cff9549d29fc5ed750f2ba3d6"][IMG]http://i024.radikal.ru/1511/1e/788f3e9eddf6.png[/IMG][/URL] Takeoff from water: [video=youtube;5pLHZRxtGhM]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pLHZRxtGhM[/video]
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